Friday, November 07, 2008

And So It Begins

Within mere hours of announcing the election of Homey, the following took place. For all you sheeple who couldn't be bothered to research any background on your beloved Fürher,


Abel Johnson said...

Lew, I am beginning to think you are a commedy plant masquerading as a Republican. New World Order? This is rich.

As for the people celebrating, yes they were. As for the people mad that Obama won, yes there were those too. Seems that the police were separating the two sides. Your guy decided he wanted to instigate something so they arrested him. Why?

You know in Portland folks were celebrating outside the convention center. On more than one occasion cars with McCain/Palin signs drove by flipping people off and yelling "terrorist". But equally there were people driving by with McCain/Palin stickers honking and waving.

Why can't you just accept the loss with dignity. Everyday over here and elsewhere you on the right are sending the message that you are too immature to have the majority again. I guess keep entertaining us to your own peril.

LewWaters said...

abel, I was inititally not going to allow this little diatribe of yours, but changed my mind to show what hypocrts and assholes you left wingers are.

After 8 years of the crap you moonbats brought up about Bush and Republicans in general, you have the balls to say, "Why can't you just accept the loss with dignity?"

Your smugness wil be short lived, though. Even though the original post of the video may be questionable, the raw footage shows that free speech is not threatened by the election of Homey the Mulatto Prez.

You can act holier than thou, but this choice is going to come back and bite you in the ass as well.

Are you looking forward to his compulsory public service?

Be sure to wash your Brown Shirt first.

Abel Johnson said...

"Homey the Mulatto Prez", now you are letting your racism show. I figured you were as much. You just can't be manely about the whole thing.

I will tell you what. My job is pretty much done here. My whole goal was to be the opposition to your hateful messages. The Democrats won big and your side is completely demoralized. All the in fighting your party will now be involved in will ensure that the GOP will continue to lose seats in the future. And from what I have seen from you and others, that is a good thing.

LewWaters said...

Oh, I am so tickled tha tyou fell for this one, abel. YOu not only show your hate, but your ignorance as well.

mu·lat·to (m‹-l²t“½, -lä“t½, my‹-) n., pl. mu·lat·tos or mu·lat·toes. 1. A person having one white and one Black parent. 2. A person of mixed white and Black ancestry.

There is nothing even inherently racist in that word, but you try to make it out to be such. You just proved what a niggardly person you are, thanks.

As for your job being completed, I always figured you for a plant. But, you commies haven't totally taken over yet.

Notice gun sales this week, son?

Angie Lee said...

That ignorance seems to be a wide streak running right down the middle of every one of these fools. Paralyzed from the neck up, I swear. Meanwhile, I am just sitting back here enjoying my chuckle. It feels pretty good, too. Setting aside my fear of what will be done to tear my country apart, I have learned I must wait. Patience is a virtue, right? I *can* wait. Whether it be 4 years or 4 months or even 4 weeks before realization hits home, I will be here. Waiting. In some ways, I am starting to think this Obama presidency was just the medicine the doctor ordered: To stimulate people into THINKING about what is "wrong" in this country and strip it naked, take it back to its roots, the bases that made this country the greatest in all of history, past, present, and future.

We will survive, we will persevere, and we will realize the REAL dreams of our Fathers.

LewWaters said...

allee, I'm positive the love fest will be short lived. Obamessiah accepted too much money from certain special interst groups, all purporting to be "of the people," while promising whatever an audience wanted to hear.

It is physically impossible to keep every promise and made during his campaign and issure to alienate many as he tries to keep ones he can, most notably is socialistic programs that will bankrupt the country.

Abel hasn't a clue yet just what he helped unleash. I expect and racial discord as minorities discover he sold them out for their vote and they will have to give, in order to get.

Abel claims "Why can't you just accept the loss with dignity" ignoring that they cannot accept a win with dignity. In both 2000 and 2004, we conservatives did not feel the need gloat and rub their noses in the ground that they lost.

Of course, he also ignores that it was primarily the left and the northeast moderate Republicans that selected McCain over more conservative candidates through open primaries. Deliberately, I feel, to give Homey a free ride.

Sarah Palin was a wrench thrown into their works, when she came on scene.

Neither abel nor any other liberal moonbat can actually explain what Homey stands for because they don't know, no one ever looked or asked, just jumped in behind him because of his skin tone.

Little do they realize that they lose just as much as we do.

Angie Lee said...

I think you're right, about all of it. Especially that about those ding-dongs tossing McCain in there. They KNEW it was gonna be a stomping - only they got popped in the nose with Sarah. I'd LOVE to know who decided on her, really. IMO, she's the one who prevented an honest to goodness routing of the Republican party. I hope she's got her hat in the ring in 2010, and I think she'll go far. Having already been "vetted" by the press, she's gonna have a cake walk to the nomination. Same with Hillary - she learned LOTS of lessons during the primaries, she's a viciously intelligent woman, and she won't make the same mistakes again. Plus, after a couple years of press, Obama will have shed some of his glitter.

Seriously, the more I think about it, the more awesome I think it would be, 2012, cross-party ticket CLINTON/PALIN. Can you imagine what two exceptionally intelligent women at the helm could do???? OMG I am having epiphanies!!!!! Two women, both having battled the press and stood strong in the beating, both smart as hell and ambitious, from opposing sides to balance each other out, they would be formidable.

I've decided that's my new goal. I'm gonna get a woman in office. I always said the people would put a black man in office before a woman (of any color), and I was right. His glory will be short-lived, for exactly the reasons you stated, and he won't stand a chance in the next election.

I'm all gooey inside now. LOL

LewWaters said...

allee, as much as I'd like Sarah Palin sitting in the White House, I'm not too sure about Hillary. She's as much a Socialist as Obama.

There are strong conservative women that could easily augment Sarah Palin's conservatism and if they begin soon, could make quite a show come 2012.

Someone like Carly Fiorina would fit in quite well in defeating many Washington Insiders, I think.

Storm'n Norm'n said...

Ref: Abel Johnson said...
"... New World Order? This is rich."

When you have to turn in your dollars for Ameros by the year 2010 you will be poor!

Save this little gem of advice do that you will remember who said it first...actually, I did not say it first, THEY DID!

witchywoman said...

If there is one thing all of this has taught us. These fools don't deserve our support as we watch them turn this country into a dumping grounds.

I have sat back and watched the hypocritcal, seething, hate filled, liberal left leaning. Respect they didn't give, and they now don't deserve in return.

I am sick and tired of being pushed around by democrats and all their pie in the sky activism. I am tired of it, tired of the hand outs to ILLEGAL aliens, tired of being made fun of for standing up for what I know to be right.

I am not a Christian, as many of the idiot democrats think we all are, but I am a Republican, and the gloves are off.

A non hyphenated American and Republican, what of it?????

witchywoman said...

"I will tell you what. My job is pretty much done here. My whole goal was to be the opposition to your hateful messages."

Oh lord, can we get that lucky??
Our hateful messages?? The seething hate coming from you has served to strengthen us. We needed to see just how hypocritically hateful the left is. Okay bye.