Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bill Ayers: “Distinguished” Unrepentant Domestic Terrorist?

As a Viet Nam Veteran who was away from America during the active time of the Weatherman Underground movement, first for 18 months in Viet Nam followed by 3 years in Germany with the U.S. Army, I missed out on a lot of the news of the activities of this radical leftist group. What little word leaked to us wasn’t paid much attention to, as we were busy with more important matters at the time.

By the time of my return to the United States in March 1974, much of their goals accomplished, ending American involvement in keeping innocent South Vietnamese free, there was scant mention of them in the news.

So it was with particular interest that I paid attention when the name of Bill Ayers popped up during the Obama coup d'état of the presidency. Naturally, the leftstream media, in the tank for Homey, poo pooed any involvement between the two and castigated any who tried to confirm the connection. Even Whoopi Goldberg once said she thought Ayers had “rehabilitated himself,” that sentiment shared and echoed by B HO during campaign stumps.

I have to give B HO credit for quick thinking when he distanced himself from Ayers with,

This is a guy who lives in my neighborhood … the notion that somehow as a consequence of me knowing somebody who engaged in detestable acts 40 years ago — when I was 8 years old — somehow reflects on me and my values doesn’t make much sense.”

Ending his month’s long silence, Ayers now comes out with a similar sentiment saying that the GOP attack was a

dishonest narrative ... to demonize me,” adding, “I don’t buy the idea that guilt by association should have any part of our politics. This idea that we need to know more, like there’s some dark, hidden secret, some secret link, it’s a myth thrown up by people who want to exploit the politics of fear.”

I wonder if the name Jack Abramoff rings a bell with Ayers? Of course, since that was a different attempt to steal the presidency, I’m sure such a “luminary” and “distinguished” Domestic Terrorist as Ayers would not need to know of such efforts since no corroborative link between Abramoff and President Bush was established, in spite of strong efforts.

In what I can only assume is an effort to appear “softened” and somewhat “rehabilitated” of his radical bombing domestic terrorist activities that cost the lives of three Weathermen, including Ayers then girl friend, Diana Oughton, he now makes the claim that quotes of him saying, “I don’t regret setting bombs. I wish we’d set more bombs. I don’t think we did enough,” from 2001 around the time of the release of his autobiography, ‘Fugitive Days,’ are

neither my narrative nor my sentiment, but the idea was seized upon by the neocon media machine: I was an unrepentent and violent terrorist.” He added, “I never actually said that I ‘set bombs,’ nor that I wished there were ‘more bombs.’ ... I killed no one, and I harmed no one.”

Did he forget that the bomb that killed his girlfriend in 1970 was a “nail bomb?” Nail bombs are strictly “anti-personnel” bombs, designed only to kill, maim and disfigure humans.

Do you wonder if he ever considers the harm he does to 2.5 million American Citizens who served in the defense of South Viet Nam, including just over 58,000 Brave Souls who paid the ultimate sacrifice, and their families and loved ones when he states,

I didn’t regret for a minute resisting the murderous assault on Viet Nam with every ounce of my being?”

Or, when he says, “History has shown of the Vietnam War that those who opposed it were on the right side?” I imagine a few million Vietnamese people would disagree with that assessment. Hundreds of thousands more might, if they still were alive today.

In yet another recent narrative by Ayers himself, he states the flagrant lie,

The war in Vietnam was an illegal invasion and occupation, much of it conducted as a war of terror against the civilian population. The U.S. military killed millions of Vietnamese in air raids—like the one conducted by McCain—and entire areas of the country were designated free-fire zones, where American pilots indiscriminately dropped surplus ordinance—an immoral enterprise by any measure.”

Lies as this has perpetuated the myth of the deranged Viet Nam Veteran for decades now and he claims he “caused no one harm?”

Of that “neocon media machine” he slurs, his claims were made on September 11, 2001 in the New York Times and the August 2001 edition of Chicago Magazine, to mention just two. Neither are what I would classify as either “neocon” or “rightwinged.”

All during the campaign, mentions of Ayers association with B HO would elicit the response shown above that Barry was only 8 years old when Ayers was committing those detestable acts that Ayers now says he really didn’t commit. I recall no one trying to make the claim that B HO was involved in the Weatherman’s activities long ago, just that he was associating with a known and unrepentant domestic terrorist that made the claim, “Guilty as hell, free as a bird—America is a great country.” Yet, Ayers appreciation of this “great country” is to try to bring about its downfall through Socialist programs that have failed in every Communist Nation they were tried in.

Then again, how does Ayers now claim he really didn’t do anything wrong, but make the claim of his guilt and freedom from prosecution? John Murtagh might just feel a bit different about Ayers not really having done anything wrong, as he recalls the night he woke up at 9 years old to firebombs going off around his home, placed by the Weathermen that Ayers led.

Both Barry and Ayers claim they really had no association, to successfully counter claims made about their association. Ayers claimed the only knew each other “professionally,” yet in the same interview, says that B HO was a “Family Friend.”

In the ABC interview, after identifying Ayers as a “distinguished professor of education at the University of Illinois at Chicago,” reminds us that in a new afterward to “Fugitive Days,” Ayers describes Obama as a “neighbor and family friend.”

Is this why Ayers remained quiet all during the campaign, breaking his silence only after B HO’s coup d'état was complete? To protect him from their association?

Then again, how “rehabilitated” is Ayers that he has maintained several radical ideals and ties to Marxists throughout his professorship? What is the possibility, given that B HO expressed several Marxist ideas throughout the campaign, that they share the idea of Subversion of American Youth, Ayers through education and Barry through his Youth Corps.

Newly appointed White House Chief of Staff for the incoming B HO administration, Rahm Emanuel explains some of the Youth Corps here.

There is no claim and if I recall correctly, Barry says Ayers will not be advising him. But then again, Barry said he was bringing “Change” to Washington D.C. and yet, with his appointments so far, he appears to be building a return to the troubled Clinton Administration. Will the “distinguished” unrepentant domestic terrorist find a way into B HO’s ear anyways? Only time will tell.

Might this subterfuge during the campaign be to further the goal of turning our education system into a radical leftist indoctrination system, as was outlined and read into the 1963 Congressional Record by Florida Democrat Congressman, A.S. Herlong?

Interesting yet scary times we live in when a radical like Bill Ayers is regarded as a “distinguished” anything, instead of serving time in prison, where he belongs.

How absolutely hypocritical that Ayers, who expresses and has shown such hatred towards a Capitalist America, is still hawking a book for his own profit.

Could it be that like most other Socialists, curtailing of profit is only for you and not them?

Apparently Bob Dylan was wrong all those years ago. Even with a weatherman, many still don’t see which way the wind blows.


Ms Calabaza said...

thanks for calling it a "cout d'etat" because that's exactly what it was.

Here's a good article on the Trojan horse:!?page=1

Take care :~)

LewWaters said...

Thanks for the link. I subscribe to TownHall, but missed that one. Good article.

Angie Lee said...

I am - daily - saddened and disgusted by my sore lack of knowledge regarding history. No matter how deeply I plunge, how frantically I search, I never seem to grasp enough of the basics let alone the gravity of those events in history, bound to repeated: If the content of *MY* knowledge is so substandard, even after years of intense study, reading everything I can get my hands on and looking desperately for more, how atrocious could be that of the "average" American educated in the public school system and lacking the initiative to seek more, their hands on the wheel and foot on the gas, chatting away and missing the *DANGER - BRIDGE OUT AHEAD* signs flying by at 90 miles per hour.

I have an aching pit in the center of my gut, a worrying niggle in the back of my mind, we've overlooked something vital and about to stick our heads inside the yawning maw of the beast. I feel terror at something which I cannot put my finger on, wrenching on a visceral level, constantly in tears trying to figure it out.

A deer in the headlights kind of thing.

LewWaters said...

Fear not, allee. No one knows all of history and most were taught shaded views of it. Still, even though I too fear for the future of America, there is and always has been a segment of society that will fight in whatever way possible people like Ayers and his minions.

As more and more people wake up to what they have been lulled into accepting, the rough road we face will inevitably be smoothed out.

As always, moonbats over play their hand and there is no better example today than Bill Ayers: 9/11 Era Left Behind

Angie Lee said...

It's just weird. A year ago, I'd never heard of this guy Obama. I figured the race would be HRC vs. the Republican, and HRC would lose. I had to get a grip on reality after that (admitting to untold hours of amusement poking fun at HRC and her lookalike wannabe, my Guvnir Granholm) but didn't give it much thought, figuring this country wasn't ready to elect a black man into office. All my life I've been subject to eerily correct intuitions, and I was wrong every step of the way.

I have no delusions about Barry being some sort of all-powerful Sith Lord or anything. In fact, I really don't think the POTUS has near as much "power" as everyone tries to credit him. What has me in panic mode is that frigging Congress! Congress is where the power lies, but they're half-baked and I have low expectations of them.

Generally speaking.

Something is bugging the tar out of me, some little bitty thing we're overlooking that will send us flying over a cliff. Like my brief flirt with accounting. $3 million errors didn't faze me one bit, easy to spot and correct. What drove me to throwing my accounting books into the trash bin and walking into a career in healthcare was THREE-CENT ERRORS. They hide and take forever to find, nuking the books until you peg them.

Reminds me of a funny story (to me, anyhow). I was in this payroll accounting class years ago, final exam, and I had one of those stupid 3-cent errors. I worked those books for HOURS, last to walk out when class was done... Three pennies tucked inside the books I handed over to the instructor... He was NOT impressed (though he later admitted he laughed, never seen that done before).

So I guess my point is, that lousy 3 cents drove me insane for hours and I never found the problem, eventually scrapping 2-1/2 years of college over something relatively stupid - but which came back to haunt me on my transcript.

LewWaters said...

You're right about presidents not being as powerful as many think. For Obama, I think he is a puppet for the Socialist movement, groomed over many years.

Adding the power of the Socialist Demokratik Politburo currently does instill fear in me too, but then I recall that we still have the Second Amendment and it is not about hunting.

I don't know the full story on Obama or his unbelievable rapid rise to power, but there is an unknown behind him that I too can't put my finger on.

Just remember, 56 million people did not vote for him and he does not have a mandate and if they screw up as bad as I feel they will, by 2010, America will be ready for a Real Change and return Congress to Republicans, hopefully strong conservatives this time that stick to conservatism.

Hang in there, allee, freedom and liberty are strong rights that many feel are worth fighting for.

Ms Calabaza said...

"I don't know the full story on Obama or his unbelievable rapid rise to power, but there is an unknown behind him that I too can't put my finger on. "

Lew and Allee, with time we will find out who is behind the curtain (I say for starters Soros, Geffen, Dubai, Lybia and others) and you're right, there is a segment of society that is ready, alert and willing to defend our country ad we're keeping our powder dry.

Sharpshooter said...

I think by the time "who is behind the curtain is revealed", it might be too late for us. The Demokratic Politburo as you call them, does not inspire me any confidence and are not trustworthy at all. Pelosi's constituency is the most radical and anti-American of all the cities of the USA, with a city full of Marxists, Communists and Socialists. With all the power now in the hands of the Democrats and people like Al Franken there, I see no hope for us. My advice is to keep your powder dry, because you may need it. Be afraid, be very afraid, but most of all be alert. We cannot surrender our God given rights without putting up a good fight.

Gary Fouse said...

Now that the American voters have decided that Barack Obama's ties to former Weather Underground bomber William Ayres was no big deal, I think it is time to put Professor Ayres himself in perspective especially since he has decided to go public after the election with an interview on "Good Morning America".

By now, the American public pretty much knows who Bill Ayres is. Had it not been for Fox News and talk radio, this guy might have sailed completely under the radar with assistance from the mainstream media, who chose to ignore him until they no longer could.

......There was a 1970 bombing in New York at the home of a prosecutor who was involved in the trial of some Black Panthers. Not only was the prosecutor home, but his wife and 9-year-old son were as well. In the early morning hours, three bombs went off, two under the front porch and one under the prosecutor's car, which was parked in the driveway. Fortunately, no one was injured. This bombing was found to be the work of the Weather Underground as well. In addition, three of Ayres' co-conspirators were killed in 1970 when a bomb accidentally went off in a Greenwich Village neighborhood damaging several other residences in the process. One of those killed was Ayres' girlfriend at the time. It was then that Ayres and Dohrn went into hiding.

Eventually, in 1980, Ayres and Dohrn came in and surrendered themselves after several years on the run. Because of the suppression of evidence due to illegal eavesdropping by the FBI, Ayres walked a way a free man, saying, "Guilty as Hell, free as a bird. What a great country."


Dohrn for her part, made a plea deal and was given probation.

So what became of Ayres as he walked away from his legal difficulties? Well, as you might guess, Academia welcomed him with open arms. Ayres and Dohrn went on to get their advanced degrees and became professors in the Chicago area (Ayres is presently a "Distinguished Professor of Education" at the University of Illinois at Chicago while Dohrn teaches law at Northwestern and is director of the Children and Family Justice Center in Chicago.

Since leaving the life of terrorists and bombers in favor of working within the system, neither has shown any remorse for their past acts. On the eve of 9-11, Ayres told a New York Times interviewer that he did not regret his past-only that they "didn't do more". A few years ago, Ayres was photographed by Chicago Magazine standing in an alley, an American flag underfoot.

As for his activities in the field of education, Professor Ayres reportedly has been active in trying to indoctrinate young inner-city youth with the spirit of leftist activism. It was in connection with this goal that he served together with Obama on the Woods Foundation, funneling money to leftist activist groups in the Chicago inner-city. (Both Ayres and Dohrn admit they are still radicals.)

And finally, in the "Good Morning America" interview with Chris Cuomo, Ayres refused to express remorse for his past acts-only saying that they may have crossed the line of "common sense". For Ayres, the real terrorists were the forces of the US Government that was waging the war in Viet Nam. Was he a terrorist? Not at all insists the good professor. The targets of the bombings were always government targets-not innocent civilians.

There is a man named John Murtagh who would disagree. He was the 9-year-old son of that New York prosecutor who was awakened early one morning when 3 bombs went off in front of his residence. He has spoken out lately about how he feels about Ayres and the Weather Underground. What words would Professors William Ayres and Bernadine Dohrn have for John Murtagh? To date-none.

William Ayres and his wife may live the rest of their lives embraced by the academic community. Already there is a petition going around the academic world asking for people to lay off Ayres. I simply hope that everyday Americans remember the names William Ayres and Bernadine Dohrn as they do Jane Fonda. Until they come forth with a sincere public apology to their country and to their victims, they should be shunned by decent society.

posted by Gary Fouse @ 6:08 P