Sunday, November 02, 2008

Bush Stood Tall

It has been 2,844 days since President George W. Bush took office, to the scorn and ridicule of all too many Americans. He only has about 72 days left to serve America, much to the happiness of the socialist left of America, who has spewed their hatred of the man for these last 2,844 days.

Even during those tragic days immediately following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, their hate continued as they began seeking ways to blame such a horrendous act upon him instead of the bloodthirsty extremists that caused it.

Calls for his impeachment began almost before he even took office, as false charges of ‘voter fraud’ echoed across the land due to the Republicans winning the court challenges initiated by the Democrats in the 2000 Florida recounts. That independent recounts all showed that he in fact did win that election legitimately was ignored as creative methods of recounting were splashed to show that Al Gore actually won, if all the unlawful and improper votes were included.

From a major hurricane hit to the War on Terror, Bush has been besieged by ridicule and scorn, just for doing his job. Democrats lined up to beat him over the head, joined by all too many Republicans, as Bush held his head high and pushed forward.

For the first time in our history, former President's spoke openly against President Bush, fanning more flames of discontent and trying to destroy the man, to no avail.

Democrat policies that finally caused our economy to tank were ignored as all blame was placed firmly on Bush, even though it is the Legislative branch that actually passes budgets and laws, not the President.

From ‘Shrub’ and being compared to monkeys, to being labeled a bloodthirsty warmonger, the man has endured nothing but ridicule and undermining of his administration, even from many from within his own party.

Labeled a draft dodger by the Democrat candidate in 2004, who actually is a scoundrel of the worst degree and traitor in this Veterans opinion, President Bush endured and retained his values and composure, leading the nation and protecting us all.

That we haven’t been hit by another major terrorist attack is ignored, as calls of he is only stirring them up again cry out. “Revelations” of more pending war are revealed often, even though he has never said a thing about more plans.

Even now, Republican candidates distance themselves from this man who has protected us all and finally faced terror and the nations troubles head on, only to receive more scorn from the left-leaning lamestream media and politico’s.

Dan Eggen, Washington Post Staff Writer tells us that Bush, “faces record-low approval ratings and a presidential campaign focused on his failings” as he labels those of us who appreciate what the President has done as “Loyalists.”

Eggen tells us that many of us believe

Bush's reputation has been unfairly maligned for a series of calamities -- from the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks to the financial crisis -- that were beyond his control and that he handled well.”

He makes no mention of Democrats who fanned the flames of discontent as he reminds us Bush’s approval ratings are at “record lows,” even though the Democrat led Congress has even lower “record low approval ratings.”

Both party’s have made it a point to point fingers at him during this campaign season, even John McCain, who more than once undermined the Bush administration in the Senate.

Democrats promise “no more Bush,” as they continue to demonize the man and ignore their own complicity in the nations current woes. The Socialist agenda is sugar coated to make it appear palatable, when all it is just another push at reforming the failed Soviet Union inside America.

As President Bush prepares to hand over the office to whoever win’s Tuesday night, we need to look back and recall that through it all, President George W. Bush kept America’s best interest’s in his heart, not his own. Unlike predecessor’s, including his own father, he took the fight back to the terrorists, after decades of attacks against our interests.

He has sustained personal attacks on himself and his reputation that would have caused others to explode and lash back. Through it all, he maintained his dignity and stood strong, as I stated back in December as he was selected as America’s Most Admired Man.

Recently, the Iraqi Ambassador to the United Nations, T. Hamid Al-Bayati spoke before a University of South Dakota audience, expressing his thanks to America for liberating Iraq and speaking of the horrors they endured under the Saddam Hussein regime.

When one man stood up and said that President Bush had violated Iraqi sovereignty and brought five-and-a-half years of destruction and loss of life, ending with, “When will it all end,” Al-Bayati replied that,
Saddam had violated Iraqi human rights and stole the nation’s oil. The United States and coalition forces brought freedom to the Iraqi people.”

No personal thanks to President Bush for leading the liberation of Iraq was expressed.

In a couple days we will find out if America continues its slide to Socialism and higher taxes, or if we maintain our liberties and freedoms, depending on which candidate wins the election and provided the American people accept it.

On January 20, 2009, all will meet at the White House for formal ceremonies of handing the reigns of power to whoever wins. I will not be surprised to see protesters in the crowd still chanting “Impeach Bush before it is too late.”

Much to the delight of many and sadness of others, Bush will leave, possibly still facing the scorn and ridicule of Democrats who have sworn to destroy the man or any legacy he may have.

The hatred is so severe for this man that I doubt they ever will leave him alone and will continue to blame him every time the sun doesn’t come up on time.

I will miss the strength of leadership he has shown in so many faces of adversity.

America, you did everything you could to destroy this man, but you never broke him.

As Eggen quoted in his article, recalling a time President Bush met with boyhood friends in Texas,
I want them to know that, you know, even though I had to deal with a lot of tough issues, that I’m still the same person that they knew before and that, you know, I’m wiser, more experienced, but my heart and my values didn’t change.”

President Bush isn’t the greatest President in History, but he is far from the worst. He isn’t the most conservative either, but he stood by his values. Often, even I was at odds with him, wondering just what he was doing. But ultimately, his intent shown through and up until the Democrats seized control of Congress we fared pretty well under him.

He restored a sense of dignity and decorum to the Oval Office that was stripped away by his predecessor.

As President Bush goes off to whatever fate awaits him, I wish him Godspeed and Good Health. I hope he will be able to live out his live in relative peace and quiet on his ranch in Crawford, Texas, enjoying many years of solace and the happiness of potential grandchildren with his wife and family.

He deserves that much. If that makes me a “Loyalist,” so be it. This Viet Nam Veteran will proudly call President Bush my President.

For America, I can only say God Help Us in the days ahead as this time of Politics of Personal Destruction as we fight to retain our freedoms against slick Democrats who would sell us out to Socialism.

Thank you, President Bush, for all you did to protect America.

UPDATE 1: In what I can only view as the ultimate in Journalistic hypocrisy, the New York Times, who has spared no effort in bashing, demonizing and denigrating our President, offered an op-ed today of a medley of writers stating, What I Will Miss About President Bush.

UPDATE 2: The Wall Street Journal has chimed in, now. An article by JEFFREY SCOTT SHAPIRO, who worked with the 2004 Kerry campaign: The Treatment of Bush Has Been a Disgrace, What must our enemies be thinking?

Where were all these kind understanding words over the past 8 years? Why now, once we have succumbed to Socialism?


mommydynx said...

Thank you for this post.

I am ashamed that I stopped vocally supporting Bush around the time that the "Bush Lied" mantra and Katrina were breaking. The feeding frenzy became so thick I couldn't keep track of the facts and take care of our children, so I snuck under my rock, and in retrospect, I and many others played into the hand of the shame/blame game played by the media and Democrats. We shoulda coulda woulda stayed more vocal...

I am thankful to Bush for keeping terrorists off our soil for 7 years!

I am proud that Bush let the Iraqis keep their oil (the same groups that accused Bush of attacking Iraq to steal their oil are whining about their ownership of $79 billion in oil! The hypocrisy is astounding!).

I am thankful that Bush has responded graciously to those who attacked him.

I am thankful that President Bush honored the preciousness of human life by limiting stem cell research to existing lines, thus forcing scientists to discover that adult stem cells, after all, hold equal and likely more promise for research benefits.

I am thankful that Bush did signed Partial Birth Abortion Ban into law--ugh! How could anyone support let alone perform that barbaric practice is beyond me. I dread FOCA, which will make it legal again--how could anyone let this happen?

I am thankful that Bush brought accountability to the table in education. As a former NEA member who observed the NEA protecting incompetent teachers, particularly for kids locked in failing schools (grrrrrr), I am pleased. Everyone hated No Child Left Behind, but the liberal candidate is now talking about accountability and charter schools--Bush paved the way.

I am thankful that Bush pushed for vouchers, which are the most just solution for kids locked in failing schools NOW. The Democrats repelled it (in bed with the NEA), but it is being tried on small scales and working well. I predict they will be back on the table in time, unfortunately not before another generation of urban kids are unprepared to compete in the marketplace (I have taught in a city school, and I know what I'm talking about).

I am thankful that Bush responded with dramatically generous compassion to the AIDS crisis in Africa, while promoting policies that actually reduce AIDS incidence (ABC, which was villified, but it works!). Now the Dems cannot bring themselves to admit that Bush out-compassioned their bleeding hearts, and I've heard a few muse why we're spending so much money overseas (now if Clinton had done this, it would have been trumpeted everywhere as the right thing to do). Now the Dems are planning to almost double Bush's expenditures in Africa for AIDS, Again--Bush paved the way.

I am thankful that Bush promoted abstinence in public schools. I'm sure we'll go back to including birth control education, but at least abstinence is now on the table.

I am thankful that Bush has protected physicians' consciences strongly.

I think history will be a lot kinder to Bush than the MSM or McCain. Thank you for bringing it to light.

LewWaters said...

Moms, thank you for this comment. Eloquently stated and spot on.

We owe bush a lot than we can never repay. Much like many that scorned us Viet Nam veterans upon our return and have woke up to how wrong they were, they thank us today and apologize for letting us down.

It may not happen in our lifetime, but I honestly feel history will vindicate bush in the future as our grandchildren look back and realize all he did was right.

Thank you again for stopping by and leaving your great comment.

AmPowerBlog said...

Nice posting, man!

LewWaters said...

Thank you, Donald. Welcome to the world of "Loyalists."

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

As an Indian I am grateful to President Bush for his leadership of the free world.I am grateful to him for making India a friend of US.I am grateful to him for keeping us safe.I salute him for his visionary leadership.I hate US mainstream Media for belittling this great man.History will place this man in the pantheon of greats.I also salute the First Lady Laura Bush for conducting her role with dignity and for her bold introduction of the President at the GOP convention.My deep gratitude and admiration for Secretary Rice.God bless the President and the great nation of USA.

klatu said...

George W. Bush has been a Great President

Rhubarb said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
LewWaters said...

rhubarb, there are plenty of places for you to exercise your freedom of speech in belitting Bush.

This post is not one of them.

Angie Lee said...

I am guilty of Bush bashing also, until this last couple of years, when I finally got over myself. I saw, in the end, what you did all along... too late.

I often disagreed with his actions and policies and spoke harshly of him; a voice from the past changed my perspective: I may not have voted for him, but he is my President (John Wayne).

I opened my eyes and ears, and I learned to truly WATCH and LISTEN to what was going on around me. I rankled at accusations of stealing the elections. I became furious at every "blame it on Bush."

I may not have voted for him, but he is my President. For that, if for no other reason, he deserves respect.

Truth boldly cries out with the statement that while he may not be the best President in history, he is far from the worst.

He may have low approval ratings now but someday, when time has tempered some of the prejudices and wounds begin to heal, as a whole we will look back on what he did for us and finally give him that long-overdue

"Thank you."

LewWaters said...

Allee, one thing indisputable is that we have not suffered another terrorist attack since he took the fight back to the terrorists.

Through it all, no matter what, he did not waiver, did not whine and did not point fingers elsewhere. He didn't pass the buck along to others, accepting what ever was thrown at him.

He deserves much better than he has received from all of us.

I too had my disagreements and at times, was mad as hell at him, but he stood tall and did not compromise his principles.

In some ways, I imagine he may feel much we Viet Nam Vets did as we used to say, "I am the unappreciated, doing the unnecessary for the ungrateful."

Maybe that is why I relate to him.

I'm confident that history will treat him well, once all this hatred of him has passed.

Abel Johnson said...

Wow Lew, it is quiet over here. The election is half over on in the east and there are no posts on yours or Victoria's blog.

I hear Elizabeth Dole went down in flames. So did Sununu (sp.). Almost every Republican anylyst is saying it is Bush's fault. Any truth to that?

LewWaters said...

"The hatred is so severe for this man that I doubt they ever will leave him alone and will continue to blame him every time the sun doesn’t come up on time."

Abel Johnson said...

Lew! Why are you playing on the internet? Why aren't you calling for your candidates McCain/Palin? Or Dino Rossi?

Just kidding. It is looking rough for Republicans. There is still alot to go before the Dems can declare this thing buttoned up.

LewWaters said...

You keep counting those chickens, abel.

Oh, just so you know, not that is your business, I worked all day while my wife was at the phones calling people.

Shortly, we will go to the party for local candidates.

If Obamessiah wins, you may gloat and puff your chest out all you wish. But, we'll see how great you feel about it two years from now when you are broke and in a soup line.

Should he win before I get back, welcome to the Union of Socialist States of Obamastan.

It didn't take long for the public to become disillussioned with Carter.

Angie Lee said...

Nope, it didn't take long at all, Lew!

In looking at a time line of the office, since Lincoln, I can see strings of Republicans followed by a Democratic hiccup (exception of FDR), not "invited back" a third time... and yet another string of Republicans.

For example (easy, since we have seen it with our own eyes) Jimmy acted out a single term, which was followed by THREE (count 'em, 3!) Republican terms. Billy slid in, memories short about what Dems do, allowed two terms then... BOOM! Another Republican!

HOW DO DEMS GET IN? When people are angry. They want CHANGE and REFORM and HOPE. A scapegoat is easily enough created in a sitting Republican President. Vilify and crucify.

Bush I
Bush II

What do they all have in common?

All Republicans holding office at the time of crisis, all blamed for the ills suffered by millions madder than hell and in search of revenge. All booted (violently) to CARVE out the way for some more Democratic policy. Then people wake up and see what they've done and we hear that BOOM! again...

Whether he is able to buy a second term, we have to wait and see. Regardless, I expect Barry to be booted just as violently, PAVING the way to the White House for the next Republican POTUS (as opposed to violently carving like the Dems do to get in).

LewWaters said...

Allee, every few decades, America learns a hard lesson. They keep repeating this and never learn.

I hope they all recall what they dished out the last 8 years because I intend to return it in spades.

I will never submit to Homey as my president, never.

As they have said for a very long time, "QUESTION AUTHORITY!"

I fully intend to challenge their autority every day of the year that I can.

Viva RevoluciĆ³n!!!!!!

Angie Lee said...

LOL It was nice knowin ya, Lew. They are gonna grind you up into breakfast sausage.

Just kidding. Maybe.

Yeppers, I know what you mean, and I intend to go full bore into the fray as well. I already know we're screwed, but it's no use going down without a fight. I won't let America die in vain. And who knows? Maybe we'll get lucky and they will end up just clobbering each other and get nothing done for the next 4 years and people will see they're just garbage wrapped with a bow.

LewWaters said...

They can try to grind me up, allee. I go down fighting. I will not idly sit back and keep quiet. I've fought too long to allow communism to reign over the country.

I'm currently going at it with my daughter's new found boyfriend, a 39 year old fireman liberal.

He bit off more than he can chew this time. No more Mr. nice-guy.

It may not even be 4 years, either.

2010 Was Not a Good Year to Be President

SEE HOW MUCH OF IT CAME TRUE................................

BHO is elected as he fulfills his promises.


Welcome to Toastmasters, June 13, 2033. That's right: 2033.

Today Rick Campbell, one of our senior members at age 87, is here to reminisce a bit and give us a history lesson. He says he is so old that he learned to drive an internal combustion engine car (remember those) with a manual transmission. He once owned a typewriter. He remembers when bicycles had one speed, phones had two-party lines, and cameras had something called film. As incredible as this may seem, he says that when he was young, it was common for people to smoke in restaurants and public places. He is from a different time; almost a different world.

I'm sure all of us are far too familiar with the tragic events of 2010, so Rick is not going to plow that fertile field again. Instead, he is going to give us a personal look back at the conditions which led up to that fateful year, in a speech titled "2010 Was Not A Good Year To Be President."

"2010 Was Not A Good Year To Be President"

Yes, 2010 was long ago and far away.

As we look back on history, it appears that some Presidents had an easy ride-times of growth and stability. Teddy Roosevelt, Warren G. Harding, Dwight Eisenhower, Bill Clinton come to mind. Those were good years to be President.

Others were elected just when the Republic was facing terrible crises: Abraham Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, George W. Bush. They rose to the occasion, even though they were controversial and widely hated while in office. Not such good years to be President.

Just a few years prior, in 2008, the country began foundering. We were in the sixth year of the Iraqi Occupation, and the economy was flat. The mainstream press clearly wanted a Democrat elected.

Although we didn't know it until some years later, oil producing nations had colluded to secretly buy their own oil on the open market, driving oil prices to shocking levels above the true demand price- reaching a high of $162 a barrel in October, 2008, just before the general elections.

Their purpose was simple: to effect regime change in the United States.

And of course, the U.S. economy was already in a real estate slump and also suffering the curse of stagflation; slow growth and high inflation.

There were a million home foreclosures.

Independent truckers went under by the thousands.

Airlines failed. Airlines with names now long-forgotten: United, Delta, Northwestern, American. All now merged, of course, into the one lone U.S. carrier we love so much: Southwest.

Against this backdrop of weariness of the war on terror, and economic distress, the American people were ripe for a demagogue, and they certainly got one in Barack Hussein Obama.

He and his running mate Kathlene Sibelius inspired them with vague notions of hope and change; of a world in which diplomacy settled all international problems, of free universal health care, of abundant alternative energy, of peace and love.

It was a vision too good to resist.

The Republican nominee, a name you probably haven't heard in years anyone? Yes, it was John McCain, an obscure Senator from Arizona had no clue how to run a national campaign, and a platform nearly as liberal as Obama's.

The selection of Condoleeza Rice as his running mate looked brilliant at first. Unfortunately, black voters viewed her as white, and women voters viewed her as one of the guys.

Even so, the McCain/Rice ticket would have won the election if it weren't for the fact that 16 percent of conservative Republicans voted for anyone remember? That's right, Bob Barr, another name that's a footnote in history.

After Obama's narrow win, thanks to recounts in Broward County, Florida, the country was positively giddy. A Democrat House, Senate, and President. At last an end to gridlock in Washington. Camelot!

When Congress convened in January, 2009, the 44th President of the United States did something unique in history: he made good on his campaign promises.

Certainly most Americans never really thought he was serious during the campaign. But whether because of inexperience, idealism, or simply incompetence, he followed through.

In Obama's first One Hundred Days, the Congress passed his initiatives, and he signed them into law as he said he would.

He repealed the Bush tax cuts, and increased capital gains taxes.

He enacted a windfall profits tax, and instituted price controls on gasoline and diesel fuel.

He passed universal health care, which added an additional 10 percent tax increase on all working Americans. He signed the Immigrant Amnesty bill which created 12 million new citizens instantly, each with entitlements.

He closed the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, and summarily released all the detainees.

He repealed the Patriot Act, and cut funding for espionage, and eliminated all terrorist listening and wiretaps.

Most important, he began the complete and immediate withdrawal of all American troops from Iraq.

He ignored the advice of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who wanted to retain bases in Kuwait and Qatar. Instead, he went with the recommendation of Secretary of Defense Dennis Kucinich, and ordered all troops back to U.S. soil.

Viola! In One Hundred Days, by May of 2009, it was all done, and the vision was complete. He did exactly what he said he would do.

And so it was in the summer of 2009 that things began to unravel for Obama.

Of course, the economy needed a tax cut, not an increase, and unemployment quickly rose to 12 percent. Even attorneys and economists were put in the bread lines. Hard times.

Price controls on gasoline immediately led to shortages and gas lines.

The global cooling trend we have seen for the past 25 years first became obvious in 2009, exposing the CO2 global warming fraud. People were justifiably angry.

Federal deficits increased massively because thousands of baby boomers, facing job loss and much higher taxes, simply gave up and took social security.

Although the superb U.S. health care system was thrown into disarray, the bright spot was the creation of the Federal Department of Health care, and the immediate hiring of 250,000 administrators, inspectors and auditors, the only job growth in any economic sector in 2009.

By February 2010, the U.S. military withdrawal from Iraq was complete. It was a very expensive undertaking.

And then in March, the gradual Shiite insurgencies from Iran turned into a true Iraqi civil war. In May, Iranian tanks crossed the border and quickly took Baghdad. Although the exact number is not know, at least 230,000 Sunni Iraqis died as we stood by.

Iran also quickly moved into undefended Kuwait.

President Obama did exactly what he said he would. He sent Secretary of State Maria Cantwell to Tehran to meet with Iranian President Ahmadinejad.

After two weeks of high level talks, the United States agreed to allow Iran to retain Iraq and Kuwait to create stability in the middle east, with the understanding that Israel would not be disturbed.

Cantwell returned to Washington, and explained the agreement in her famous speech, in which she proudly noted that the Obama administration had finally achieved "peace in our time" in the Middle East.

So there was some surprise at the rocket attacks on Tel Aviv on August 14th.

President Obama said, "This is not the Mahmoud Ahmadinejad I knew."

The Obama administration decided it would be de-stabilizing to take sides in the conflict, and approximately 29,000 Israeli civilians died during the summer and fall.

American Jews were appalled at the inaction. Yes, in 2010 most American
Jews were Democrats, but because of 2010, they are solid Republicans today.

As awkward as it was, everything might have turned out all right for the Obama administration going into the fall mid-term elections of 2010, if it hadn't been for the dirty bomb in the Port of Long Beach.

The administration had cut funding for the inspection of containers, because they felt it showed a "lack of trust" in the international trading community.

It wasn't really a very big bomb, and thank goodness, not a real nuclear device, but nonetheless it contaminated some expensive real estate- Newport Beach, Palos Verdes Estates- and ultimately caused the death of 14,000 Americans. People were especially annoyed that Disneyland had to be closed for decontamination.

And so, in the midterm elections, Republicans regained control of both the House and Senate, and the rest is history.

The impeachment proceedings against President Obama for "failure to protect and defend" were swift and nearly unanimous. Vice President Sibelius resigned. Newly-elected Speaker of the House, J.C. Watts, became the 45th President of the United States.

But you know the rest of the story well.

Republicans finished the war on Islamic fundamentalists, largely by aiming ICBM's at Mecca and Medina.

No Democrat has been elected President since.

Republicans have held both Houses of Congress.

History of Western Civilization and Economics are now taught in all public schools, and in English only.

Marriage is defined as one man and one woman.

And there are border fences, north and south.

We old codgers remember the ancient Confucian curse: "May you live in interesting times."

Well, 2010 was an interesting year, but it was not a good year to be President."

Angie Lee said...

I LOVE IT! Thanks, Lew!

Abel Johnson said...

Lew, I read the posts from several others earlier. Apparently you erased them? Why? It was you that predicted the big Truman style win for McCain. You were wrong. Can't you at least admit that?

As for your "in the year 2525" post, you need to calm down. President Elect Obama is more than likely going to govern from center left. You aren't going to like everything, but neither did progressives when Bush governed. I am not hear to gloat, but more to extend my hand to you. We want you with us. Join us in this new Nation of Obama. At least think about it.

I am inclined to agree with Allee, blog friends will be coming here to grind you up proverbially into breakfast sausage. I think you kind have brought some of that on yourself.

LewWaters said...

As I'm sure you've noticed, abel, I have turned on comment moderation. I will be very selective in what I allow here, now. Deal with it.

Your assessment is faulty, as usual. I merely reminded you that polls are not always correct. Of course, given the shown voter fraud and intimiation from the left, ACORN and Black Panthers, for a couple, this outcome isn't surprising.

You can gloat, but we'll see just how much you gloat in a couple years.

There is nothing "center left" about Homey, he is a Marxist, plain and simple. He now has the willing far leftist radicals, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi at his side to ram through whatever socialist program they like.

Just remember, you wanted it. That's the problem with becoming greedy, abel, all too often, you get what you asked for and end up with much less as the entire country will have to pay dearly, should he keep half of his campaign promises.

Tax cuts for the bottom half? Don't make me laugh. I've heard that too many times from Democrats and not one has ever actually given them, save JFK. With all the programs he's promised, half will bankrupt the nation as they drive the wealthy out of the country.

Just remember, those wealthy you hate so much are the ones who create the jobs, not the government.

As for "grinding me up into breakfast sausage," I'll be here and elsewhere being just as much a thorn in Homey's side as I can possibly be to my last breath, if need be.

Just remember all the crap you spewed about Bush and Republcians. It's coming back in spades. Don't forget, you set the tone, not us.

How gullible you all are as your greed and hate takes over your brains and the country pays for it. But, that is the left, always placing personal interests above the good of the nation.

Every few decades, America teaches itself a hard lesson. Ya'll started another one tonight.

But, allow me to ask. Tonight, at the Hilton downtown, at the Democrats glory fest, they placed a sign outside the door saying, "Tonight America Came Together." Why is it America can only be "Together" when they have control?

The fallacy is that we are "Together." They did not ask us and believe me, we are more divided than ever as we will fight this communist takeover in whatever way we must.

Viva la revoluciĆ³n conservadora

LewWaters said...

Oh, you can take your hand back. I will never submit to the Union of Socialist States of Obamastan.

You'll have to kill me first and I can guarantee you, I'll take as many with me as I can.

Angie Lee said...

@Abel: There is far more "wrong" going on than anything Lew said, INVITED into our lives by our good "friends" with a warm welcome and wide smile; ushered to the seat of honor at the head of the table; a fluffy pillow, the evening paper, and a glass of ice-cold lemonade offered graciously: Socialism dressed in top hat and tails to make it look so durned purty.

BO hasn't CAMPAIGNED from "center left," so what makes you think he will govern from that position? Those of us in the "real world" do not expect to agree with every policy or every position; in fact, that kind of seemed THE POINT I carried away from this particular post. Maybe it would help to hear the entire quote from Mr. Wayne? I didn't vote for him, but he's my President, AND I HOPE HE DOES A GOOD JOB. Doing a GOOD JOB is the key here. I fail to see how that can happen with a plan detailing the deliberate evisceration of all this country has stood so proudly for, fought and DIED FOR, for over 200 years.

With hours and hours of video and reams and reams of transcript documenting every step of the way, every "gaffe," every "slip of the tongue," every provocation, every contradiction, every BLATANT LIE that has escaped the lips of our President Elect... We take every hollow promise, every meaningless call for unity, every reach across the aisle with a grain of salt. Words have meaning, and I haven't much cared for what I have heard.

Measures "for our own good" will be new code for "The Constitution is just a piece of paper," as it is wadded up and used in the W.C. and we watch our Freedoms, Rights and Liberties dissolve like sugar in that glass of cloyingly sweet lemonade.

You DID come here to gloat, and that hand extended is merely a distraction so as not to see the other one holding the knife aimed dead center at Lew's back. You don't want him (or the rest of us) WITH you, but BENEATH you - you need someone to finance all those big socialist dreams, grist for the mill, someone to blame when things go wrong.

And as for using my reference, if you knew anything about me, you might understand what MY point was and the gravity conveyed in that statement. Those of us on the right or in the center, who refuse to compromise our values and bow and scrape to our "savior" will be ground up - and hardly in the proverbial sense. I remember a young plumber being castigated by the media and smeared by the left for daring only to as a question...

We will be hunted and shot as no more than dirty, mangy mutts, and I believe this in my heart.

And you keep telling yourself we brought it on ourselves, if that helps you sleep at night. But when 2010 (and I don't think it will take even that long) comes and our nation and all she stands for is on the brink of implosion, I will be that dirty, mangy mutt standing off to the side, waving a copy of that transcript so you can see who really brought this on ALL OF US.

@Lew: I am sincerely sorry you were forced into having to turn on comment moderation, but I am not surprised. I have closed my site off, in the first open attack upon me and my freedom of speech. We who have stood on the "other side" have been deemed racist and worse, yet it has been we extending a hand in inviting opposing views; hung, drawn and quartered, whipped and boiled and chopped into little bits - until we've had enough - then some more, only to be jumped on; and jumped on some more until they get blisters... or think of something even more unpleasant to do.

This is only the beginning.

Peace be with you, Lew. I pray for you and for all of us, that we have the strength to go on, never giving up in the battle to save our heritage - our legacy - to give our children and grandchildren a future filled with hope and dreams rather than devastation and nightmares, that they will be proud of, understanding the need to preserve AND persevere - to honor those who have sacrificed all to create and defend.

Angie Lee said...

Hey, Lew: Where'd you get this 2033 thingy? May others "borrow" it for posting?

LewWaters said...

allee, it came to me in email weeks ago. I don't know who authoried it, but it seems to be going around.

It's all over the internet, so I'd say use it if you wish.

klatu said...

allee: Somthing I've been Challanging is why Rpublicans get Blamed for an Economic slowdown almost every time they happen. I did this in 2002 and republicans won. This Mortgage crisis is because of Government Regulation gone to far, The Community Reinvestment act--fannie mae freddie mac, ect. President Hoover in 1929 did not cause the Stock Market Crash. His problem was raising taxes soon after as a fix along with the SMOOT-HOLLY act(tax all imports). Matter of fact Hoover Lost in 1932 because of Prohibition over the Depression. Liberal Historians don't want people to know this big fact. THE NEW DEAL was just a KEEP UM COMFORTABLE IN THERE POVERTY scheme. Obama will be trying the same thing "Keep us comfortable in our poverty" NEW DEAL 2.

Angie Lee said...

Jack: Republicans are blamed for the reasons I stated previously: Short memories, complicated misfortunes, and unmitigated anger accompanied by a need not just for CHANGE but an outlet for rage. A scapegoat, one upon whom sins can be piled before banishment into the wilderness. In the wake of tragedy, we grieve: Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance. We need "closure." Many gain closure with acceptance and move on with life. Others, perpetually stuck at anger, need a scapegoat; never reaching acceptance, unable to break free from anger, unable to accept personal responsibility in any form.

The failing is in education, the quality of which is deplorable. Nearly 20 years ago, I graduated from the public school system. Looking back upon it now with a slightly larger lens and far more "life experience," I see that I was seriously wronged - I would even go so far as to say mortally wounded - by that education. I am shocked and appalled - UTTERLY DISGUSTED - by the quality of current-day public education, that which my children now receive WITHIN THE VERY SAME WALLS. They are not just mortally wounded but decapitated, to eliminate all chance of survival.

Many people (seems too few study economics in depth) do not realize, for instance, that economic policy rarely has instantaneous effect, taking DECADES to filter through the system and ultimately effecting a change that perhaps was neither anticipated nor desired. Much like dropping a pebble into a pond, after the splash, little happens - at first. Then, a ripple begins, spreading outward and growing wider it. Throwing in more pebbles (policy changes) creates a "compounding" effect with larger and deeper results: Ripples converge to form a wave, carrying more energy across a greater distance, reaching higher into the air and deeper below the surface, breaking upon the shore and dissipating some of that energy. Erosion then results.

The mortgage crisis is not the "crisis." It is the scapegoat, offered up to divert attention from the actual "crisis," the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 (subverting the Constitution) and the subsequent manipulations of that Act, including repeal of Glass-Steagall in 1999 by DEMOCRATIC President Clinton and his Congress. That single action opened the door for further abuse to be inflicted upon the taxpayers of this country, supported by Republicans and Democrats alike, the effects felt nearly a decade later - devastating not just a nation but THE ENTIRE GLOBAL ECONOMY. Memories being short and a vindictive nature on top of general ignorance (how many people actually paid attention to Bill Clinton signing that law and the ramifications of it???), George Bush had the misfortune of occupying the White House when it caught up to us (much like Hoover). Fearing the truth would be discovered, a scapegoat was created - and who better than an unpopular sitting REPUBLICAN President? Bush had nothing to do with repealing those provisions of Glass-Steagall that protected banks and taxpayers alike; and although it was introduced by a Republican-majority Congress, it was overwhelmingly supported by the Democratic minority and signed into law by a Democrat.

George Bush was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and by golly, he is going to pay for it.

Again, the ONLY time Democrats are voted into office is after a long string of Republicans and ONLY in times of crisis; even then, (with the exception of FDR) they are NOT invited back a third time - consistently. It's history. It's there for all to see - if they choose to open their eyes. As Lew has pointed out, correctly, people learn their lesson THE HARD WAY, but I will go further to say that they fail to learn FROM the lesson. Once again, they have become pissed off (sorry, Lew), vilified and crucified ONE MAN for the sins of a nation, and sacrificed our well-being AS A WHOLE to their rage and inability to accept responsibility, again electing a Democrat on the nebulous promise of CHANGE. Things will change, all right, probably not for the better, and we will feel the effects of CHANGE for decades. Whether he is able to buy a second term (and I care not that others say he won "fair and square," my eyes are wide open) remains to be seen; but I GUARANTEE that even if he does, that party WILL be denied a third term, the effects of the first 4 years becoming apparent by the end of 8, and once again we will find ourselves with a Republican at the helm - trying to clean up the mess of his predecessor. It's history. It's there for all to see - IF ONLY THEY CHOOSE TO OPEN THEIR EYES.

As for Hoover, his inaction was based upon the belief that the market can handle itself; very wise thinking, in fact. "FDR saved us" is more of a stretch than most realize. Programs implemented by FDR, continued and expanded upon by Johnson, resulted in prolonging and deepening the Great Depression and ultimately creating generations of welfare families with an overwhelming sense of "entitlement" and a scourge that has worsened and deepened racism in this country. Had the market been allowed to correct itself (which it WILL do, regardless of how hard we fight it), the Depression would have ended sooner and not dealt such a severe blow to so many; and maybe, just maybe, race relations would have taken a far different course than they did. The continued manipulation by The Fed (bailouts are the WORST "solution") and central banks of the world fighting market self-correction will have the result of ever more severe correction. We will be visited by yet another "Great Depression," one making the first look like a picnic on a sunny summer day in a field of poppies, unicorns prancing and rainbows crisscrossing the sky.

PS: That is exactly what the New Deal was, and I expect no less in the New Deal II; unfortunately, this will be the "comfort measures only" that precedes inevitable death. It's only a matter of time before someone pulls the plug.

LewWaters said...

Allee, when I read words as these from younger people like you, my faith is restored that in time, America will revive itself and resurrect liberty.

Today, I'd have to say it is more of an indoctrination received in schools over an education.

We also cannot forget our pathetic excuse for a media today. They went out of their way to demonize the right while ignoring shortcomings, failures and scandals of the left, while admitting they know nothing about the person they thrust into the highest office in the land.

Angie Lee said...

Wanna know a secret, Lew? I'm not that young! LOL

BUT... My 17- and 13-year-old sons have received "education" outside the indoctrination of the public school system. My oldest wrote a paper recently, started reading to me on the phone (I couldn't hear it all, waiting for him to email me a copy) that showed me he is not only capable of thinking for himself but ready to be a leader of men. I have a feeling the teacher was none too impressed, however.

The other snapped up with some comments to make Mom proud, when asked by his teacher something of a political nature, that got him sent to the hall and out of the discussion. (Suppression of free speech.... hmmm.... sounds vaguely familiar. Oh, RIGHT! Students don't HAVE a freedom of speech... I remember now.)

I (obviously) have strong beliefs and not afraid to express them. I have chosen to expose my children to them - not as an indoctrination but as a choice among others that they must make for themselves - but I have given them the tools to enable them to make that choice.

I am only a third-generation American, but I am damn PROUD of what my country stands for, what the Constitution promises; and I LIKE that tingle down the spine at seeing Old Glory wave high in the breeze.

klatu said...

ALLEE said: Jack: Republicans are blamed for the reasons I stated previously:

Jack said: NO ALLEE Republicans are blamed for the reasons I stated previously:

And it is nothing but a Mortgage Crisis caused by the Democrats Community Reinvestment Act Fannie Mae Freddie Mac, acorn,and not some ****** 1913 law or FDR'S Glass-Steagall that was over turned in 1999. I REMEMBER THE DEMS AND THE LIBERAL MEDIA WERE PUSHING THIS LIE A MONTH AGO.

ps Allee I detect a little Ron Paul here em I RIGHT

Gary Fouse said...

Now that the Bush Administration's time in office is down to its last couple of months, it is way too early, in my view, to predict his historical legacy. That will probably take at least a generation and largely depend on how Iraq and Afghanistan play out. I do think it appropriate, however, to contribute a few words on the president who is leaving office.

George Bush, from the moment he was sworn in following the controversial election in Florida, was greeted with hate from the left. Indeed, his motorcade was the target of a few eggs as it proceeded from the Capitol to the White House. The hate has never ceased-though he did enjoy a huge spike in support following 9-11. Except for that, the Democrats have done everything in their power to undermine and demean Bush even though he tried to reach out to them. The media also has spent most of the last 8 years contributing to the demonetization of the President, which he could never overcome.

To be sure, many conservatives have also been disappointed with some of Bush's policies. His lax stand on illegal immigration and border security-even after 9-11, angered many on the right. The aggressive prosecution of two border agents who shot a Mexican drug smuggler caused many (including myself) to believe that the Bush Administration and its Justice Department was not supportive of the Border Patrol.

In addition, Bush, who came to office proclaiming himself a "compassionate conservative", did nothing to reduce the size of government and cut government spending. As Congress (Democrat and Republican) was having an orgy of earmarks, Bush set aside his veto pen and let it roll on.

One unfortunate aspect of Bush is his inability to be articulate in front of a microphone in the absence of a prepared text. This hurt in two respects. First, he was unable to articulate his convictions. Secondly, it led to the public image fed by the late night comedians that he was a dolt, which he is not.

One area that Bush has done well in is the appointment of federal judges. In spite of unconscionable Democratic obstruction, he has managed to put two outstanding conservative judges on the Supreme Court (notwithstanding the Harriet Miers fiasco), as well as on the federal bench.

But it was his aggressive response to 9-11 that eventually sent liberals and Democrats over the edge. While Afghanistan was and is mostly supported, his invasion and occupation of Iraq sealed his doom. America has few allies in this endeavor, and the establishment of Gitmo and the NSA intercepts have led to the further demonetization of a president who, in my view, was trying to prevent any further
9-11s. To hear the left describe it, we have all lost our freedoms in the past 8 years.

As far as Iraq is concerned, if Bush was lying about weapons of mass destruction, then so was Clinton. The fact is that everyone believed Saddam was building WMD. The CII believed it. The UN believed it. All the major intelligence agencies in the world believed it. Saddam did everything in his power to make the world believe it. And why shouldn't we have believed it? Saddam, in fact, used chemical weapons against Iran and against the Kurds in the north after the first Gulf War-in one instance, killing 5,000 Kurds in one village with poison gas.

Yet, whether or not they ever existed in terms or amounts we believed-or were dismantled or taken out of the country prior to the invasion, Saddam's continued rule of Iraq was a world-wide scandal. As he and his sons terrorized an entire nation, major nations were being secretly bought off with oil vouchers to oppose any invasion. There was nothing principled in their opposition to an invasion. It was all about greed. Meanwhile, innocent Iraqis were being dragged off to torture centers, rape rooms and mass graves-by the tens of thousands-as the world sat by and twiddled their thumbs.

Say what you will, George Bush will go to his grave with two things on his resume that any world leader would envy. He removed two of the worst regimes in recent memory and gave some 50 million people an opportunity to live in some measure of freedom. What do the Jacques Chiracs, Gerhard Schroeders, Kofi Annans or Vladimir Putins have on their resumes?

In terms of fighting the war on terror, Bush has also drawn condemnation for the establishment of Guantanemo Bay as a detention center for captured terrorists-a center that will almost certainly be shut down by President Obama when he takes office. Many argue that the prisoners should be afforded the protections of the Geneva Convention-even though these terrorists represent no nation, wear no uniform, have signed no such accords, have targeted innocents as victims and do not abide themselves with any of the Geneva accords-preferring instead to torture, murder/behead their captives.

Others argue that we should overburden our federal court system with these terrorists even though the courts are not equipped to handle them in large numbers and may require the disclosure of classified material to prosecute them. Have we forgotten the German saboteurs who landed on our shores during World War II intent on wreaking havoc here? They were captured, brought before a military tribunal and most of them were executed as spies.

My point here is that these prisoners do not fit into any neat little category of law-breakers or prisoners of war. If you want to consider them as POWs-then they stay in captivity until the "war" is over. In this case, that will be a long time.

As to the NSA intercepts. I still cannot perceive any rational objection to these intercepts. In the wake of 9-11, these intercepts seem to be a perfectly rational response to the threat of mass murder being carried out here at home. If the NSA abroad has identified a terrorist telephone that they are monitoring and that telephone places a call to the US, what in God's name is the problem with listening in and setting up a tap on the US phone? True, we have a normal procedure for wiretapping phones being used for criminal purposes using the normal court-authorized process. However, and I am speaking from personal experience (as a retired DEA agent), it is a cumbersome process that takes time and resources. The FISA court process is also available in cases of national security, but in the wake of 9-11, when speed may save thousands of lives, even that process was deemed to be insufficient to deal with the threat.

If George Bush has erred in the case of Gitmo and the NSA intercepts, he has done it for one reason-to prevent any future 9-11s on American soil-to save innocent lives. While much of America has gone back to sleep, Bush has remained vigilant. And to this point, he has succeeded (knock on wood). For that, George W Bush deserves our gratitude.

President Bush will leave office with an abysmally low approval rating, much as did Harry Truman, who today is regarded as one of our finest presidents. Many Republicans will blame him for the dire straits their party finds itself. Some of the criticism will be fair-some unfair. Through it all, however, Bush has withstood the hatred directed toward him with grace, which tells me that he is a good and decent man.

Bush's final legacy will not be determined for a long time. Perhaps it will be that he foolishly believed that bringing democracy to a region that had never experienced it would remove the terrorist threat in the long term. Much of it will depend on the success or failure of Iraq. After 4-8 years of Obama, perhaps, Bush will look wiser to us. I do feel, however, that in a couple of generations, Bush's reputation as president will be much higher than when he leaves office.

gary fouse