Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Can Someone Direct Me To The America I Left

It was back in 1969 that I left the United States to go fight a war against Communism across the Pacific. 18 months later I traveled to Germany for 3 years, returning to America with my wife and baby.

We landed in Charleston, South Carolina in March 1974 and within mere minutes I could see that the America I left had disappeared. The courtesies and mutual respects I had grown up with seemed to be missing. The attitudes of the people had changed from proud of America to shame because we were fighting Communism, not embracing it.

Throughout the succeeding years, the struggle to maintain our liberties were slowly stripped away, right before our very eyes. Warnings to people went ignored as they accepted whatever the socialist elite told them was “good for the common good.”

Conservative values and principles were thrown away as people embraced a ‘culture of death’ by wantonly slaughtering unborn children because they were now considered an “inconvenience.”

Veterans, once honored and revered in our society, were suddenly pariahs, considered “damaged goods” worthy of only pity. Valor was no longer honored as cries of “ticking time bombs” were hung around our necks, children taught to fear those who placed themselves between Americans and enemies.

Politicians no longer do for America, but for their party as the cut throat began, each trying more and more to demonize the other, the Democrats winning top honors in this sleaze department.

Hippies, draft dodgers and anti-war cowards were embraced as heroes as they entered politics, pushing more and more Socialist programs off on people who lost sight of achieving and instead, settled for government hand outs and usurpations of our liberties.

Personal merit seemed to no longer matter as “seniority” and “affirmative action” determined who was given a chance to advance or remain.

Prices and taxes skyrocketed as goods fell behind in quality and quantity, many of our necessity items now having to be imported from former enemies.

Gone were the days of “getting behind a president,” even if from the opposing party, replaced by endless investigations, calls for impeachments and cover-ups of scandalous activity.

Republicans decided to act loftier by ousting those accused and who could no longer be covered up, while Democrats circled the wagons and excused whatever scandal theirs were accused of, even to the seduction of a young lady within the Oval Office.

We somehow decided the world must “like us” and allowed attack after attack upon our interests, not wanting to retaliate, erroneously thinking doing so would just further incite enemies. When over 3,000 of our citizens were murdered before our very eyes, some played at outrage while others began blaming the newly installed president of actually doing it himself and planting evidence to make it look like radical Jihadists committed the terror attack instead.

This president became the most hated man in the country as he tried to move the country back towards the values I once knew. For his efforts, he has been demonized and denigrated at every turn, reaching out to work with others backfiring.

Somehow, during the time leading up to the new century we are in, it became wrong to defend yourself or your property against interlopers, common criminals now considered “victims” of an oppressed minority instead of just low-life criminals. Real victims of crime were all too often prosecuted as criminals as the criminals that violated them were rewarded.

Mentions of God or Jesus were banned throughout the land, as “Separation of Church and State” became official policy, even though it isn’t in our constitution, but instead appears in the constitution of the former Soviet Union.

Somehow, the religion that the radical Jihadists perverted and came out of gradually became accepted in our government and public arena’s as accommodations have been made to elevate that religion over others in America, not wanting to “offend” that single group.

Now, American’s have fallen for an inexperienced and questionable man as our new President solely because it is considered “racist” due to color of his skin. Those who backed and supported this newly elected President haven’t a clue who he is, what he stands for or what he plans to do, seeing only a “cleansing of past wrongs” by ensuring a complete novice is elected, just to show the world, the same world that has looked down their nose at us since our country was founded, that we are not racists.

That these other nations have never selected a person of African heritage to their leadership positions doesn’t matter. That the slavery we all now abhor was imported from their countries is of no concern. Only America must show our elimination of racism by installing the first Affirmative Action president in history, regardless of lack of experience or leadership skills.

Even more offensive to my sensibilities is the cry of “divisiveness” trumpeted throughout the land whenever Democrats do not control power. Extensions of hands of cooperation and “bi-partisanship” are rejected, as they demand their minority status means they should be given more consideration in their views.

Once they become the majority rule, however, minority status means you must sit back and shut-up, as we are a “majority rule” nation. The double-standard is glaring and ignored by citizens who blindly accept how only the Socialist Democrats care by giving out more and more hand-outs, supposedly confiscated from those who have succeeded the most.

America, you have now culminated the slide away from American values. You are now under one party rule, ruled by the Socialist Democrat Party who has lied their way into power convincing you that others are to blame for what they cause. Who lied to you about only confiscating the riches of the top wage earners to give you something you haven’t worked for, convincing you that you are entitled to their rewards for their work.

That this has failed everywhere it was tried throughout history no longer matters, you fell for it. That it only means you will only have less does not enter your minds as your sheeple attitude has taken over and working for what you receive no longer matters to many.

Americans have forgotten you get the government you asked for. The sense of entitlement that continually fails has become the norm of America as former enemies rejected it and embraced what we used to live by as they bypass us economically and ship their goods to us until our National Wealth disappears into their treasuries, ours depleted by hand-outs and while little is able to returned.

You have chosen “trickle up poverty” and Socialism over common sense and working for what you earn.

Most appalling is that only when the Socialist Democrats rule do they consider Americans have “come together” as one, rejecting any cooperative overtures when they weren’t the ruling Politburo.

What you really receive is:

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