Tuesday, November 18, 2008

How Obama Got Elected

More an indictment of the Nationalist Media, wholly in the tank for Obama, interviews with 12 Obama supporters right after they voted and what they knew about the candidates and where they receive their news.

HOW OBAMA GOT ELECTED, includes Zogby poll of Obama voters and how uninformed of the issues they were.

John Zeigler on Hannity & Colmes


iknowhowtospell said...

Twelve people out of 67+ million Obama voters. Yup, that seems fair.

How many people did these interviewers speak to who actually knew the answers?

Were these responses "cherry picked"?

Where and when did these interviews take place?

How do we know they aren't paid to "perform" for the camera?

Do you want to talk about misinformed McCain/Palin voters, too?

What about the poll that showed that 23% of Texans incorrectly thought that Barack Obama is Muslim?

LewWaters said...

Poor iknow, still trying to obfuscate, huh?

The Zogby poll is more complete. Obama even admitted to a Muslim background, saying it would help him. That is much closer than believing Republicans are in control of Congress currently and not having a clue as to who Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barney Frank are.

As I said first in the post, though, and you still cannot comprehend, the video and site is more an indictment of your Nationalist Media, totally in the tank for the Socialist Demokratik Politburo.

witchywoman said...

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iknowhowtospell said...

Then just move to Canada, or Belgium, or wherever Lew. Get it over with and move somewhere less horrible, OK?

Angie Lee said...

Why should we have to leave OUR country that YOU want so desperately to ruin? We don't agree with you, so you want to evict us? That sounds typical. Excuse me, but we have the same rights to live here as you, probably MORE since we choose to uphold the Constitution and its premises rather than wadding it up for use in the W.C.

LewWaters said...

iknow, it will be much easier for you neocoms to move out than to change America to a cheap imitation of the Soviet Union. There are way too many of us who haven't fallen under the spell of Socialism.

Seems I recall you were one of the ones always crying about being told to leave America on Victoria's blog when no one ever told you to leave.

Don't expec us to leave, son. We will stand and fight for our country as need be.

Viva la revoluciĆ³n conservadora

Angie Lee said...

You know what? The fact that even ONE American having these kinds of misconceptions - the direct result of guerrilla warfare on our elections process by the MSM - ONE.SINGLE.AMERICAN... is beyond disturbing.

The young gal in the pink sweater seemed kind of appalled, and even though she said she didn't "think" she'd change her vote, in itself a powerful indictment (when taken in context of her facial expression, body language, and vocal intonations) - and I have a feeling that she will not be caught with her pants down again.

klatu said...

Oh My The IKNOwHowToSpell Virus has
attached itself to this Post.
I suggest a Fast ANTI-VIRUS SCAN
with a PERMANENT Quarantine before
this Socialist Virus try's to
Attack again.

LewWaters said...

The iknow virus isn't life threatening, just a bit of a pesty one, sort of like a mosquito buzzing around.

Allee, what the video shows is how dumbed down American's have gotten and how irresponsible our Nationalist media has become. Obama is the least qualified candidate I can ever remember. But, he is a charismatic puppet of someone or some group that has yet to fully surface. George Soros keeps coming to mind and I can't discount the association with well-known unrepentant domestic terrorist, Bill Ayers and what shadow groups he may still associate with.

These are people who can't stand America as she has always been and are willing to do anything to destroy us. Obamorons like iknow blindly follow, fed mostly by hate for George W. Bush, which they are given by our irresponsible media and the aging hippies now in control of the Socialist Demokratik Politburo.