Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Obama’s “Sacred Trust” With America’s Veterans

Barack Obama, winner of the recent election, took advantage of Veteran’s Day to lay a wreath at the Bronze Soldiers Memorial in Chicago, accompanied by dual amputee Iraq Veteran and felow Democrat, Tammy Duckworth.

Accompanying photographers were offered and took advantage of the duo walking togther and hugging.

B HO issued a statement saying;

As we mark Veterans Day, all Americans are united in honoring the extraordinary service and selfless sacrifice of our nation’s veterans. Our veterans are part of an unbroken line of heroes who have defended the American people and stood up for American values - from the beaches of Normandy to the battles in East Asia; from the deserts of Kuwait to the skies above Kosovo; from the cities of Iraq to the mountains of Afghanistan. Since 9/11, a new generation of American heroes has borne a heavy load in facing down the threats of the 21st century, and their families have been asked to bear the painful absence of a loved one. These Americans are the best and bravest among us, and they are all in our thoughts and prayers.”

On this Veterans Day, let us rededicate ourselves to keep a sacred trust with all who have worn the uniform of the United States of America: that America will serve you as well as you have served your country. As your next Commander-in-Chief, I promise to work every single day to keep that sacred trust with all who have served. May God bless our veterans, and may God bless the United States of America.”

Lofty and flowery words, for sure, stated by past presidents many times. As a Veteran, we appreciate hearing that our sacrifices were not in vain, they have validated our service and time spent in wars, past and present.

When spoken with true conviction and humility by an honorable president, they hold special meaning to us. Despite the ill-treatment we Viet Nam Veterans received decades ago, similar words spoken by Presidents Reagan, Bush 1 and George W. Bush left us feeling appreciated, finally.

But, what of B HO’s words today? He speaks of a “sacred trust” with all of us. Can we discern what that means? Does he even know what it means?

Webster's 1828 English Dictionary tells us that ‘trust’ is,
Confidence; a reliance or resting of the mind on the integrity, veracity, justice, friendship or other sound principle of another person,” warning, “Never violate a sacred trust!

Was it carrying out this “sacred trust” that B HO wouldn’t even visit with our wounded in Landstuhl Germany, when vying for the Dems nomination, when told he couldn’t take photographers in with him?

Is it fulfilling a ‘sacred trust’ to force another withdrawal before the job is done, invalidating the sacrifice’s of all who served and especially, those who fell? Would waving the white flag of surrender to our enemies as our Brave Volunteers are winning violate that ‘sacred trust?’

What sacred trust is there when members of B HO’s own party have repeatedly rejected ballots cast by our Troops over any technicality they may find? Is that how he sees, “America will serve you as well as you have served your country?”

Is it a ‘sacred trust’ that when our Brave Troops return home, while some accolades are placed upon them, they ultimately are regarded more as victims, instead of the Warriors and Heroes they really are?

This Veteran sees looking down upon us as ‘damaged goods,’ mentally deficient due to wartime experiences and someone to be ‘pitied’ instead of honored as a violation of the ‘sacred trust’ B HO speaks about.

Was it upholding the ‘sacred trust’ when Democrats Exploited Wounded Troops in an attempt to embarrass and undermine the current Commander In Chief?

Also today, President Bush stood before Veterans once again, as he has done many times, and for the last time as their Commander In Chief. He felt no need to make empty promises, instead letting all know that ‘they’ had inspired him. Earning salutes from the Veterans as they stood, Bush said,
Thank you for your courage, thank you for your sacrifice, and thank you for standing up when your nation needed you most.”

In a separate ceremony at Arlington Cemetery, Vice President Cheney told all in attendance,
No single military power in history has done greater good, shown greater courage, liberated more people, or upheld higher standards of decency and valor than the armed forces of the United States of America. That is a legacy to be proud of and those who contributed to it must never be taken for granted."

In spite of 8 years of the Socialist Demokratik Politburo’s efforts at demeaning, destroying, undermining and demonizing President Bush and his administration, B HO is left with some very tall boots to fill, especially when it comes to the majority of our Brave Veterans.

He won’t have the luxury of reading from a teleprompter when meeting with and facing tough and difficult negotiations with adversarial world leaders. Abandoning yet another struggling ally will only place him in a weaker position.

Frankly, I don’t think he is up to the task.


witchywoman said...

Bush spoke in New York at the rededication of the USS Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum, centered on the storied fighting ship that was reborn as a popular Manhattan museum.

It knocked me off my feet when all Veterans attending stood up and gave the President a salute as Commander in Cheif, and thanked him for his service to our country.

Borak has soom tall Texan boots to fill. To add an attack: Bush walks like a man. ;)

Ms Calabaza said...

I thought Clinton "loathed" the military...I think Obama is worse. That may he wants his own "militia". Our Manchurian candidate.