Saturday, November 08, 2008

One Example Of Liberal Class

As can be expected, Liberal Socialist and other commies are ecstatic and selling America down the drain. So ecstatic they have over reached in theri gloating and further dividing America while telling us they are reaching out for us to join them.

Fat chance, moonbats. One even referred to us as "terrorists" in email to me.

With Obamessiah ready to capitualte to the real terrorists, we'll see how the liberal slime deal with dead bodies around them.

Be warned, the video is laced with vulgarities and pure hate for those of us who really love America and don't want to see it just another third world country.

See ya in 2010, moonbats

Your overconfidence and gloating will bite you in your sorry asses.

1 comment:

klatu said...

Lew: The GloataCrats are really showing there Marxist Colors. I'm just kinda Miffed my Name and Picture wasn't used, and I learned about some that did who I didn't even know existed.

PS: GloataCrats--don't gloat to long 1977-78
1993-94 all over again keep up the Marxist thinking Thank You