Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Obama's 'Moobs'* Photo Staged?

Making its way across the internet, B HO's bare chested photo is undoubtedly causing battery sales to skyrocket around the world. Looking closer and considering this photo, it is obviously a staged photo op.

Besides the obvious sucked in belly and pushing out of the chest, if a photograper can get this clear of a shot at B HO, so could an assassin. With the increased security being given B HO, I highly doubt anyone could get this close and have such an easy shot of him unless they were granted permission beforehand and his Secret Service detail had cleared the photographer.

Why stage this photo op? Several reasons, one of which could coincide with the self investigation exonerating him and Rhambo of any wrongdoing in Blagogate.

Sorry girls, but flabby Moobs* does not make him another Brutus Beefcake.

I wonder if Michelle knows who the 'Beach Bunny' is?

Do I detect some belly paunch hanging over the front of his trunks that isn't in the first photo?

*Man Boobs.


Liberty Card said...

Brilliant! Sucker the peeps into an unimportant argument over pecks and abs, and who's beefier, B-HO or Putin.

Maybe legalizing mj, or appointing leftists to jobs in the treasury and amnesty pushers to Interior are trivial when compared to the move to sanctify The One.

Me? I'll have another Guinness, thank you.

LewWaters said...

The Washington Times has picked up on this now.

Let's face it, B Homey will do no wrong and we are expected to just worship him the next four years.

But, you are right, I think, this is just a diversion from more important matters that could hurt him.

witchywoman said...

Sorry speciman of a man. Soft hands, large breasts. Too much MJ will do that to you. Nothing there attractive to me.
My Joe the mechanic is much better looking than that. You betcha!! ;)

Angie Lee said...

who's the skinny white guy?

Ms Calabaza said...

I'm with witchywoman, I'll take Joe the Plumber any day over this dude with boobies...

klatu said...

Paparazzi using his/her Photoshop?