Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Portland’s Professional Protesters Still Seek Sanctuary For AWOL’s & Deserters

Still seeking to out lib the liberal Mecca’s of San Francisco and Seattle, Portland, Oregon is home to a class of professional protesters who live only to protest. Nothing energizes these moonbats more than the United States defending itself or fighting those who seek our total destruction.

It should come as no surprise that once again, the malcontents that have infested Portland are seeking to make Portland a Sanctuary City where those who desert the obligation they volunteered for in our Military can come to when they need a safe place to live.

The anti-war ilk in Portland desire the City Council to “instruct police officers to ignore federal arrest warrants if they make a traffic stop of a soldier absent without leave.” These neo-coms claim their desire is “in line with the city's withdrawal from the federal Joint Terrorism Task Force as well as its policy prohibiting Portland Police officers from assisting U.S. immigration agents” in apprehending ILLEGAL immigrants throughout the city.

This move by the leftist loons in Portland isn’t new, just the latest phase. As reported by Right In a Left World in March 2008, there was a move then to create a Sanctuary for Deserters and AWOL Soldiers when so called “peace groups” drafted a resolution to “make the city a sanctuary where Portland police officers refrain from arresting soldiers who refuse to return to duty because they oppose the war.”

It went nowhere when tried before, but that doesn’t stop this professional class of malcontents from trying again.

With an estimated population of nearly 600,000 people, these wusses are impressed with themselves for gathering some 3,000 signatures of support for their effort.

Portland’s KATU TV covered the meeting and the tearful display of a stud faced young lady crying about her brother who volunteered for the Military and has now changed his mind and wants a “get out of jail free card.”

Others claiming to be Veterans showed up in the obligatory Military Fatigues and BDU’s claiming their own “horrors” as reason for their current opposition.

23 year-old Benjamin Lewis, claiming two tours as a Marine translator whined about being recalled under his Individual Ready Reserve status and vowed not to go because he's opposed to the "open-ended war of aggression."

I guess Lewis doesn’t watch any news reports or he would see that the anti-war favored candidate won the presidential election last month. Of course, even he has begun to see and accept the absolute necessity of finishing the mission begun there amid the staunch opposition of the Democrats who initially voted to go to Iraq.

Sounding more like it was read out of John ‘F’in Kerry’s lies and deceitful “testimony” before the Fulbright commission over three decades ago than based on actual experience, Lewis claims, “Most Iraqis thought we were there for oil and business interests, and a lot of them thought it was a Christian crusade against Muslims.”

Does the young Iraqi boy look fearful of the American Soldier to you?

Lewis must have missed the September 2006 interview of Iraqi Hajim al-Hasani, America, Don’t Leave Us.

While there no doubt are some Iraqi’s who see our Troops as invaders and occupiers, the claim of “most” just doesn’t wash. If it were, would they be cooperating with our Troops and not siding with terrorists? Tired old disproved DNC talking points are so typical of these leftists who work so diligently to undermine our Brave Troops. Very disturbing if they once served alongside those Troops and now sells them out.

Most disturbing coming out of Lewis is his words, “GI resistance is a very important part of questioning military legitimacy.”

Other than seditious activities, why would one volunteer to serve in our Military, especially knowing we are engaged in a war and then, “resist?”

Dan Shea of Veterans for Peace and who also claims to have served in Viet Nam as a US Marine claims, “This is an opportunity for the citizens of Portland and the City Council to support the soldiers who are coming back and their right to speak out.”

One is left wondering just how much support and what opportunity Shea’s Veterans For Peace would give those multitudes of returning Veterans to speak out in support of the mission and against his groups efforts at one of their small functions?

Shea further claims deserters and AWOL soldiers are “being persecuted” for “speaking their conscience.”

If Shea really wants to see persecution, try speaking out in support of the war, President Bush or any member of his administration in Pioneer Square in Portland.

Very surprising in this effort of theirs is an online poll administered by Portland’s KGW TV, showing nearly 84% of respondents opposed to the foolish call to make Portland a Sanctuary City for AWOL’s and Deserters.

The group is having difficulty finding support from the Portland City Commission as well. Commissioner Randy Leonard, outspoken critic of the war said,

I think it’s a mistake to be in Iraq for a variety of reasons, including the fact that the president lied to us about the reasons for going to war. But to call for anarchy in the ranks and declare Portland as a free zone would be illegal.”

Besides the ridiculous and disproved claim of “Bush lied,” Leonard misses the hypocrisy in his statement given his support of Portland Police ignoring an ILLEGAL immigrants immigration status.

This is the same ilk that undermined us in Viet Nam, prolonging that war for 5 years until they caused the US to abandon the Vietnamese people. As events in Iraq wind down and efforts in Afghanistan will soon be increased to bring that theater to a similar peaceful time, it appears that these neo-coms are seeing their chances to cause another defeat for America dwindling.

Sadly, I doubt these cretins would support defending our country even if a terrorist attack happened in Portland and slaughtered thousands there. They would just blame Bush and seek someone to apologize to.


Storm'n Norm'n said...

Although these cretins are undesireable misfits to those of us who are patriotic, I do firmly believe that they are a product of the 'plan'...the plan to do us under by such types as Clinton and Obama and all their predecessors...that New World Order clan. Since they have taken God and all things patriotic out of the schools they have brainwashed enough of the ciizenry that they are beginning to procreate at an alarming rate.

Angie Lee said...

You know what would be AWESOME? If we could get a court injunction requiring each and every one of these moonbats to submit to Haldol injections. You know, to combat their hallucinations and delusions. It's gotta be injectable though, or they'll just cheek the pills, and we could set up mobile units to enforce their compliance.

Let's use some of their nonsense against them - FOR THE GREATER GOOD.

LewWaters said...

At times, Allee, I'd like to inject them with the business end of an old fashioned Louisville Slugger.

I wonder what other laws they would want Police to just ignore, murder? Bank Robbery? After all, they are just poor people struggling to get by, right?

They already ignore ILLEGAL immigrants there, even with a day labor site to get them jobs, while letting Americans fend for themselves.

I don't know, maybe Martial Law will be required.

Norm, they always pull this crap. But, when they feel threatened, who do they call? Not the nearest hippie, that's for sure.

Ms Calabaza said...

I have an old 20' foot Bayliner I will gladly give away so they can take turns crossing the Florida straits and go live in the island paradise of Cuba. Trust me, 6 months later Oregon would be a red state.

LewWaters said...

Don't give them your boat. Let them paddle across on inner tubes. The sharks in the Straits need fed too.

Pogue Mahogue said...

When I started there, most of the veteran Portland cops were WWII and Korean War vets, a good number of us pups had been to Vietnam and many on the department were proudly serving in reserve and guard components. It would have been antithetical to our very core values to simply ignore an AWOL arrest warrant. In good conscience, we would not have been able to comply with that policy and I'd challenge anyone to initiate disciplinary procedures against any of us who defied it.

Of course, that was back when Studebakers and DeSotos still roamed the earth, so I have no idea what the prevailing attitude is now within the department.

LewWaters said...

Pogue, I can't imagine the Police agreeing not to uphold the laws, but then again, we are talking about the leftist Mecca of Oregon, who seems agreeable to ignoring ILLEGAL immigrants.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the city council reject this call, at least for now.

Quite odd, I think, that Randy Leonard sees this as ILLEGAL, but doesn't see enforing immigration the same.

I miss the old Studebakers and DeSotos too. Of course, Ramblers, Hudsons and Packards have fallen by the wayside as well. Sadly, it seems too many of our laws have too, without actually being repealed.

Howes The Money said...

As to your point about making Portland a santuary for AWOL soldiers, I agree it is rather "over the top" given that these soldiers volunteered for duty and should be held accountable.

But when you have a President for 8 years who is above the law and not held accountable for so many illegal acts, it is hard to make an argument that accountability should apply to those being commanded by him.

LewWaters said...

Still trying to run on tired old disproved DNC talking points?

If you are really worried about "above the law," perhaps you would encourage homey the clown presidential wannabe to resolve his grandmother and party members slips of him not being born in America.

Better try at slamming Bush next time. If there were actually any truth into those cries, don't you think the Socialist Demokratik Poilitburo would have impeached him by now? They have the power, why wait 2 years?

Little wonder so many dinosaur left leaning media are filing bankruptcy. Thinnking people know better.

Howes The Money said...

"If there were actually any truth into those cries, don't you think the Socialist Demokratik Poilitburo would have impeached him by now?"

Ah, if there were such a thing as the Socialist Demokratik Poilitburo. No they mostly all work for Bush. Just some with a D next to their name pretend otherwise. No DNC talking points spoken here.

LewWaters said...

LOL, BT. All too transparent.

Please list those "D's" who cuddle up to Bush and cover for him.

I'll wait.

Howes The Money said...

It would be much easier to provide the list of the handful or so who have not in both houses.

Because Bush is "persona non grata" these days because he is now so overwhelmingly disapproved of by the masses, it is fashoinable for members of Congress to pretend they were never complicit to his crimes.

LewWaters said...

You disappoint me. I thought somoene as intelligent and all knowing as you could rattle off several so fast you would resemble a fireman running to a fire.

But, that's what makes you Obamorons so amusing. Innuendo and baseless accusations, while covering for your home boy and his Marxism.

And here I thought you might be someone who at least taxes my brain a little. What a disappointment.

Howes The Money said...

ad hominem argument

And curious since I agree with the premise of the post leading up to this discussion.

But then it is always about that, right?

Bye for now.

LewWaters said...

Pitiful attempt, downright pitiful.

Like I said, just too transparent, agree with a point or not.

What's the matter, no gourmet cooking tonight?

Angie Lee said...

Funny, I thought they had their chance to impeach Bush and they....
said noooooooo........

Probably because they knew they'd have to come up with EVIDENCE and they didn't have it - yet (they'd have to put someone on overtime to manufacture something credible, and how would they hide THAT in the budget???)

Not that it couldn't be done. LFLs (liberal froot-loops) are really good at manufacturing evidence and destroying anything that's not supportive of their case. Just like it was so easy for them to claim Bush "stole" the 2000 election - regardless of the fact that the E.C. elects the President and NOT the people; but that's just a benefit of the public education system in this country: Stupid people.