Friday, December 19, 2008

Senator Murray Joins Clinton Vowing “More Babies Will Be Killed”

As if Patty Murray’s (D. Wa.) efforts at blocking the Veterans Administration efforts at weeding out bogus claims for PTSD weren’t bad enough, which would have freed up both money and services for wounded Veterans truly in need, Patty Murray has joined in with Hillary Clinton (D. NY) vowing to overturn President Bush’s Right Of Conscience rule, pledging “whatever it takes.”

As reported by the Hill, Murray and Clinton, along with other abortion rights groups, claim the rule “will limit women’s access to medical care.”

What Bush’s rule does is protect “physicians, nurses, pharmacists and a host of other classes of healthcare workers [who] refuse to perform, or discuss, abortions, or take part in any other activity about which they have a moral objection.”

How that is denying any woman’s right to kill her unborn baby escapes me. There is a plethora of abortion mills around the country only too willing to help kill unborn babies. Why force those who don’t believe in it to participate against their beliefs?

Murray says,

It’s clear that the Bush administration’s assault on healthcare protections for women will continue up until their very last day in office. This is the kind of desperate, ideologically driven politics that helped convince Americans it’s time for change.”

Does she offer any consideration to the healthcare of the unborn? Is it an “assault” to grant protection for others to follow their moral conscience?

Bear in mind, there remains many others all too willing to perform the procedure. No one is forcing them not to.

Do not others have a few rights to their conscience in America any longer? Do we need Democrats forcing every aspect of their sickness on everyone, denying us of our moral clarity?

Is it a sick mind that is outraged when a mother kills a newborn, yet is gleeful if she killed it two hours earlier in a clinic?

The left claims it isn’t a baby, but a “zygote” or “fetus,” clearing their conscience of killing a human being. But, it is a human being. Granted, it can’t survive outside the womb, but even after birth, can it survive without motherly care?

How sadistic is it that those who propose penalizing mothers who smoke or don’t eat right, would also support her should she decide to have that life sucked out of her womb?

Murray craftily hides her love of killing babies with statements like,
Under the next administration and Congress, we will reverse this policy and ensure that the health of patients always comes first. I will work with President-elect Obama to explore every possible option to ensure women continue to have access to the healthcare they need.”

Killing unborn babies on a whim is “healthcare?” Again, women that choose to abort their children still may do so. The new rule does not regulate them; it protects the few that hold a moral objection to participating.

Does Murray propose or support firing any who do not agree with killing the unborn? Again, don’t others have rights in America?

Allow me to say here, I also do not support those that use anti-abortion protests to denigrate women who make that choice. I feel the answer is through education and a return to somewhat of a moral lifestyle, but that is just me.

We are told we “shove our beliefs down their throats,” but isn’t the left shoving their beliefs down our throats if they do not allow others to exercise their moral conscience to not participate in abortions?

I have yet to understand the left’s fascination with killing the unborn. If they feel it gives a woman sexual freedom, it does not. It only frees them up to be used sexually by men who don’t really care for the woman and don’t want a baby.

Have the Democrats moved us so far into Socialism that we may no longer exercise our choice? Will they eventually formulate some proposal on who may or may not have a child, forcing all others to undergo abortion?

Wake up, Washington. Do we need to keep a Senator who doesn’t respect one person’s choice, but demands another’s be respected and even engaged in whether they accept in their personal belief or not?

How much further will our individual rights be stripped away now under total Democrat control?

If they cannot respect that some don’t wish to participate in aborting a baby, I shudder to imagine.


Angie Lee said...

TECHNICALLY, I think this could be interpreted as a violation of the First Amendment. Most (if not all) of these practitioners who have been allowed to refuse any connection whatsoever to abortion do so based upon religious belief (thou shalt not kill). By FORCING them to perform a procedure that is against their religious beliefs, the Legislature is directly violating the prohibition clause of the 1st Amendment (free exercise of religion).

Yet another instance of the Constitution being used in the W.C. in lieu of T.P.

Storm'n Norm'n said...

America...the last bastion of hope now occupied by the last house on the left...will the last good person in the White House please shut off the lights...

What's going on here? I'll tell you what's going on. The devil didn't just go down to Georgia...he went down to Washington (OK, that Washington too!) in the form of Obama and his vampire Murray too suck the lifeblood from the heart of America.

Lew, your essay needs to be widespread and yet even if it were, I feel a sense of hopelessness that that America is losing it's battle to the far left sinners I call Satan's Army. I said, "losing", but we haven't lost yet! As long as there are Godfaring people around we will keep up the good fight... That's just you and I and a few others so lets put out those "God Wants You" posters and start recruiting the good guys! The baby killing has just got to stop!

LewWaters said...

Norm, you are welcome to sprad this as you see fit. I already have it up at my other local blog.

LewWaters said...

Allee, as I said and you notice, this measure doesn't effect women getting abortions at all. It only protects those who feel they are wrong for refusing to participate in them.

As I have known for some time, Patty Murray's thinking is as screwed up as anyone I have ever seen.

And to think, she has children and grandchildren too! Would she be so adamant had it been her grandchild thrown away so quickly?