Sunday, December 21, 2008

US President Convicted of War Crimes, Sentenced To 20 Years

A little noticed article by Reuters is claiming the President of the United States and 13 other world leaders were tried, convicted and sentenced to 20 years imprisonment for War Crimes.

Presiding judge Veroljub Rakitic said, “In the name of the people...We individual prison terms of 20 years each,” to applause from spectators in the Court Room as he read off the 14 names.

The 14 were charged, tried and found guilty of inciting a war of aggression, war crimes against the civilian population, use of banned weapons, attempted murder and violation of territorial integrity. Rakitic said arrest warrants would be forthcoming.

According to the charges filed, “They fired 600 cruise missiles and made 25,119 air sorties attacking both military and civilian targets, killing and wounding many people and causing mass destruction of property.”

Rakitic also said, “During their so-called humanitarian intervention they have killed hundreds of soldiers, civilians, and children... They have left devastation in the place of modern factories, bridges, schools.”

According to the judge, “We invited the accused to come to the court and present their defense. They ignored the invitation, or were maybe afraid to face reality and their consciences,” adding they had violated the United Nations Charter and describing the attacks as “an unauthorized aggression on a sovereign country.”

All 14 world leaders seemed unphased by the conviction, especially the United States President as he winds down his administration, preparing to hand over the reigns to a successor.

During the three days of the trial, evidence included video, forensic and survivor’s accounts.

Defense attorneys were present; one claiming the American President kept other world leaders in the dark about the war crimes being committed.

That same attorney said, “If I were the judge, and it's a good thing I am not, I would...take a gun and shoot both the U.S. President and the other scum for all the evil they have done,” expressing regret that the courts penal code did not allow higher penalties.

The attorney went on to say, “Our humane criminal code does not stipulate higher sentences because it could not be foreseen that such a crime could be committed...that is why this court is limited by the penalty and has sentenced each accused to 20 years.”

Our own media chose to ignore this trial and report, an unbelievable act given the media’s continual coverage of the scandalous administration. Reuters of Britain reported on the trial and conviction while American media focused their attention elsewhere, perhaps on the presidential campaign.

It is unreported if arrest warrants actually were issued or if they would be served, had they been issued.

No official announcement has been issued by the President’s office and it is highly doubtful that the President would voluntarily surrender.

By now I am sure the Bush bashers are gleefully wringing their hands, expecting to see him “frog-marched” down the White House steps after Obama is inaugurated. As our most hated President, Bush bashers have wanted this very thing to happen to him.

But, sorry to disappoint, this is not about President Bush, but was about President Bill Clinton back in September 2000, as his administration was winding down.

It was about the actions he took in Yugoslavia, the trial held in Belgrade.

As many of you gleefully wring your hands in anticipation of such a trail for George W. Bush and imprisonment of him, just remember, this is still hanging over the head of one of your own.

For the record, I do not believe Clinton guilty of any war crimes and neither is Bush. Both acted within the authority of their office in dealing with threats abroad.

The main difference being, you embraced Clinton for his actions and have accused Bush over his. If you intend to hold one accountable, then you must hold the other as well.

Rest assured, Obama will be held equally accountable for his actions.

You all set a tone this past 8 years so don’t be surprised as it returns to you.


Roger W. Gardner said...

Fascinating piece Lew. Thank you.

LewWaters said...

The left needs to be careful what they ask for.

Unknown said...

This is one of the most fascinating posts I have run across in a long time. Great job!

Anonymous said...

Good job Lew...
Good job of keeping me in suspense...
Yet another post worthy of spreading around...
I wonder if Bubba Billy will ever get arrested after the fact...
Whether he was right or wrong, it would make for some interesting fodder for the MSM if he were arrested...only they should take Hilary along to keep him company (LOL)

LewWaters said...

CT, NOrm, thanks, both of you.

I was astonished when I found this as I don't recall anything ever being said about it in our own Nationalist lamestream media. And to think, the left wishes to try Bush?

As always, they need to take care of their own mess before creating one for us.

I wonder too how and if this will effect Hillary's confirmation as Secretary of State? Maybe if a Republican has any spine left.

Anonymous said...

Slick & Shrub are not equals. Slick went to war against kindred forces recently liberated from Soviet Communist oppression; he allied himself with Muslims fighting Christians. Shrub attacked those who had attacked us. The difference is clear and stark.

Angie Lee said...

Wow, Lew. Excellent post! I do not recall hearing anything about this, either. Go figure.

LewWaters said...

Had it been Bush, I'm sure it would have been headlines for weeks.

klatu said...

Lew: The story had my Blood Pressure rising abit until Slick and Company came in.

Ms Calabaza said...

Great one Lew. Had it been Bush we'd be overdosing on the coverage . . . instead we hear about Camelot, Blago and Drew Peterson's engagement . . .

Anonymous said...

It is funny you would post from a serbian court after they spent years trying to clense the former yugoslavia of everyone that was not serbian.

LewWaters said...

It's even funnier that Clinton was convicted in their Kangaroo Court and our media ignored it.

Then, leftists cry about 'War Crimes' of Bush?

Anonymous said...

Honestly, this makes me sick.
Your are all judging men by their policital views, as you can by the color of their skin.
Men must be judged by their actions. And in such position, both Bush and Clinton should face trial -followed and precedeed by a large number of other world leaders. Bush and Clinton should face charges of Crimes against Humanity, many more leaders of corruption -at least-, and most of the rest of watching and taking no action.
How sad is this attitude of "he started" or "he did it more". My children use that argument. But they are only children, inmature. What excuse do you have?
But, what can you expect of someone who calls himself "right wing"...or "leftist"... or any other label. Labels are useful to reduce people to objects, and thus make then suitable targets for any kind of abuse. I guess that you are happy of the current actions of Israel, as they are attacking "terrorists", or "muslims". Saddam was only killing "separatists" or "kurds" -luckily, he got a trial.
It is only a pity that many other were not in the queue.
Certainly I am not assuming this is a free speech zone, neither do I expect or wish this comment to be published. I will be happy enough that you do not visit me at home.

LewWaters said...

Never have I seen such an example of leftist anal cranial inversion disorder before.

I imagine you feel everything in the world is just rosey and no problems, until that big bad old America began attacking everyone else.

As for Israel, No, it doesn't please me that Israel must fight back, but what would you recommend? They all just die?

If Hamas had honored the truce and not launched missiles into Israel on a daily basis, they might not have been forced to defend theirselves.

Funnier yet, you state, "neither do I expect or wish this comment to be published," yet you click your mouse to post the comment.

Trust me, I would not visit your home either.