Saturday, December 13, 2008

Viet Nam Stolen Honor

A video tribute to Viet Nam Veterans.

The truth of Viet Nam has yet to be accepted by many Americans, particulary those who fell for the anti-war rhetoric spread about during the war, much of it planted by KGB agents.

Their actions set America on a course of degradation where we are perceived as a weak ally not to be trusted.

Our citizens have looked to entertainers for guidance with songs as "All You Need Is Love," "Imagine," "Give Peace a Chance" and many others. Our Police and Military receive little respect and honor that they once did. Many distrust both and fail to see that our enemies do not embrace the songs our citizens do or look to song writers for guidance.

And yet, in spite of it all, they continue to come to defend our country.

We now face some very rough days ahead, entering uncharted territory with a junior Senator at the helm who no one bothered to check out. We have Troops in harm's way again facing what we did long ago.

Let no one steal their honor like they did ours.


Angie Lee said...

With the other shoe not just dropping but being flung to the floor, think it will be long before We The People FORCE our legislators into impeachment? How many of them will come out dirty on the other end?

What happens next?

LewWaters said...

If only 'We The People' took such a stance, allee. Sadly, too many can't see beyond the end of their nose

Ms Calabaza said...

we would be left without a Congress. We need to fumigate the place; bring in a shaman with plenty of burning sage and institute term limits. The place is a a cesspool.

Great video, Lew!