Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year 1971 - Will I Ever Get Out Of Viet Nam?

Since I told the story of my first Christmas in Viet Nam, I also add that New years 1970 was once again spent with me sitting on the same perimieter bunker I sat on just the week before on Christmas. It was another uneventful night, though.

New Years 1971 was one of those memories no one wants, but laughs at today.

By late December 1970, I was eager to go home, since I had been in Vietnam since July of 1969. All in all, I have to say it was probably the worst trip of my entire life. It should have been the best.

To start with, when I went over to Camp Holloway, in Pleiku, to pick up my manifest ticket, some weird nut came running up to me and threw his arm around my shoulders. Unlike today, that was frowned upon back then. He was wearing fatigues with a Warrant Officer insignia and Captains Bars. Even after our best Jungle Juice party, we didn't get that weird. His aide snapped a Polaroid of us and while he was treating it, I found out that it was Rick Jason, none other than the star of the TV Show, Combat. After realizing this, I thought to myself, "Whoopee, I just want out of this country."

Since then, I have come to appreciate what Mr. Jason was doing there and visiting the Troops of such an unpopular war.

Later that same day, I hitched a ride on a ‘Huey’ to Nha Trang to sign in at the replacement center. To my amazement, I was scheduled to leave the next day, leaving me to believe I would be home on New Years day. I grabbed some chow and settled in to a bunk in the transient hooch to grab some shuteye.

Waking up the next day, I took my last cold shower, threw away my faded and worn Jungle Fatigues and put on my Dress Green Uniform, which I had brought back over with me after my extension leave in July.

All of us scheduled on the flight huddled together under a shed to await the planes arrival to fly us home. It turned out to be on Flying Tigers, a cargo line no less. We waited and waited and after a few hours a Sergeant let us know that the plane was having engine trouble in Japan and that Flying Tigers had sent another one from the states. I sat there losing count of how many flights left before our plane arrived, still in full Class A Uniform, sweating in the heat.

Finally, as the sun was setting on New Years Eve, we were told that the plane had arrived at nearby Cam Rhan. We boarded a bus, drove to the Airbase and headed up the gangplank to the beautiful DC-8. Some one had a radio on and AFVN played Peter, Paul & Mary's, Leaving On A Jet Plane. The sight of that plane was one of the most welcome sights I ever saw. I entered it and no sooner found my seat, than four other Army guys and I were bumped from the flight in favor of some Air Force dudes.

Of course, our duffle bags with clean clothes, shaving equipment and such remained on the plane, now heading to the world. We were promised seats on the next flight out. I spent New Years watching two Vietnamese women fighting over an inflated balloon at the terminal, until one of them popped it. Unable to contain my excitement, I drifted off to sleep on the wooden bench.

The next morning, we were placed on another Flying Tigers plane. Personally, by this time, I couldn't care if it were a Cessna Bird Dog, I just wanted out of that country. As was normal, when the airplane lifted off and the wheels left Vietnamese soil, we all went nuts cheering, clapping and just being guys. We were served a breakfast and I settled back until a few hours later, we landed at Yakota Airbase, Japan, for refueling.

Unbeknownst to me, this turned out to be the very same plane that was experiencing engine trouble at the beginning of my little odyssey. As it turned out, it was again having engine trouble and we were told there would be a yet another slight delay. You know, there just isn't much to do at the Yakota Air Force terminal for hours on end all day!

By the time they said the plane was fixed, another Flying Tigers plane, with the exact flight number as ours, had recently landed. Not wanting the flights to get mixed up, they roped off a corridor for us to follow to our flight. Of course, we all stayed within that corridor, right? The Flight Attendants did a quick headcount, to insure none of the guys from the other flight had snuck on to our plane. It turned up two extra people than the manifest showed. So, we spent another two hours while they checked our tickets and I.D. To say tempers where flaring would be a gross understatement. Even the flight attendants, usually calm, good natured and friendly, were sounding like sailors as they too were becoming irritated.

Come to find out, the head attendant had grabbed the wrong manifest in the first place and was counting for the other flight. A full Colonel onboard, also going home, stood up and informed the flight crew that if they wished to live a peaceful life, it would behoove them to get that plane off the ground and headed eastwardly, quickly.

Fortunately for the flight crew, liquor was not served to GIs on MAC flights.

We landed at McCord Air Force Base late afternoon, but still New Years Day. We found our gear waiting for us, just outside the U.S. Customs. Since it had been there so long, they all but strip-searched us, probing tubes of toothpaste, cutting open containers of talcum powder and such. Finding no contraband, we cleared Customs.

Since I had I taken my dress greens back to Vietnam with me and wore them home on this flight, I was put on a bus to SeaTac airport to get a connecting flight home. With all the delays, I must have looked and smelled a sight. I did, at least, get a shave at the barbershop at Yakota Air Base, so I wasn’t as bad as I could have been.

Not knowing much about what airlines went where on the West Coast, I stopped at the first counter I ran in to for a ticket to Redding, California, where I was to meet a young lady I had been writing to and who would became my first wife. United Airlines booked me on a flight to San Francisco to make a connection to Hughes Airwest, then back up to Redding that evening.

Arriving in San Francisco, I ran to the other terminal to make my connection, only to discover, that since it was New Years Day, flight crews had been given the evening off and the flight to Redding had been canceled. The next flight was at 6 A.M. the next morning. Little did I know that I could have made a direct flight from SeaTac to Redding by Hughes Airwest, as the ticket agent then explained. Thanks a lot, United.

Realizing I was to enjoy yet another evening in an airport, I headed for the nearest bar in the airport for a couple beers and then went looking for a comfortable bench to fall asleep on. No sooner had I leaned back and closed my eyes than a Security Guard came along and informed me I wasn’t allowed to sleep in the airport. The entire night was spent with me catching catnaps between his rounds.

I got on the flight at 6 the next morning and headed to Redding, smelly, sticky and just grungy as all get out. No one said anything around me, which surprised me, looking back today. I was met in Redding by the young lady and being as grungy as I was, not to mention sleepy from playing cat & mouse with San Francisco Airports finest, acted like a complete dork.

We headed to the peoples house she was staying with, where they held a little delayed Christmas for me complete with a few gifts and all. First, I took a shower, threw away my underwear, and shopped for a set of civvies.

Relaxing and enjoying being back in the USA, I began nodding off on their couch, until the Christmas tree they decided to burn started popping. The man was a WW2 vet and seemed to understand why I all but did a back flip over the couch and told the girl to show me to the room I was staying in, where I fell asleep again, on top of the electric blanket.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Whiny Ron Paul Blames America Again

Supreme cult leader and whiner extraordinaire, Ron Paul, Libertarian/Republican from Texas, who was twice defeated miserably in runs for president, has continued the whiny performance we saw in the debates he participated in during the 2008 campaign.

Paul, know for blaming America for the terrorist attacks against our country during those debates, continues blaming America for the latest but thwarted attack on Christmas Day.

Asked by Larry King on the December 28, 2009 show about the thwarted attack on this past Christmas Day aboard NWA Flt 253, Paul whines in response, “One thing that is missing here is never asking the question what is the motive? He said why he was -- he did it. He said it was because we bombed Yemen two weeks ago. That was his motive.”

Once again, Paul blames America for terrorist attacks against us.

Apparently Paul whines more than doing his homework. As pointed out by ABC’s Jake Tapper,
“Omar Abdulmutallab was in the field long before that airstrike. (He purchased his plane ticket in Ghana the day before, in fact, and had been in Yemen for months before).”

Paul somehow, as brilliant as he supposed to be, completely missed simple news reports that the plan was put in place and tickets purchased prior to the December 17 strike in Yemen. How do you retaliate for something that had yet to happen?

Trying desperately to interrupt Stein, Paul keeps on whining, “why,” “What makes them terrorists” and “They're terrorists because we're occupiers” in response to Steins answer of, “They're terrorists and murders because they are psychos.”

Ben Stein rightfully lays into Paul pointing out his anti-semitism by telling Paul, “No, we're not occupiers. That's the same anti-Semitic argument we've heard,” which just brings out more whiny words from Paul, accusing Stein of a “vicious attack,” in his normal nasal whiny voice.

Cry me a bucket of tears, Paul.

Ron Paul and his glassy eyed worshippers make the claim that they are the true heirs to the legacy of Ronald Reagan and that Reagan would agree with Paul’s na├»ve view of foreign policy and fighting terror.

If any of them actually did their homework and researched what Reagan actually stood for, they would choke on that claim.

In the July 1975 issue of the Libertarian magazine, Reason, Reagan was interviewed and asked about Viet Nam (the war on terror had not started yet, for you Paulies). He replied about the outcome,
“Once you are going to commit yourself to a combat role and you’re going to ask young men to fight and die for your country, then you have a moral obligation as a nation to throw the full resources of the nation behind them and to win that war as quickly as possible and get it over with, and this is where we made the mistake: to pour half a million men in there, to kill 54,000 young men in a cause that Washington, that the government was unable or unwilling to win.”

Who better fits the statement of “unwilling to win” than Ron Paul?

He’s not only unwilling to win, he blames America while ignoring obvious evidence to the contrary.

Little wonder why Paul never progressed beyond single digits in true polls last year and only won some 35 delegates.

Obama CIA Flubs Up Big Time

Now that the boy king can come off of the greens in Hawaii, he is being told what a poor job his CIA under career politician and Clintonista Leon Panetta did in protecting America in the first test of our new intelligencia.

Many expressed concern over Obama’s appointment of Ca. Democrat Panetta but were shouted down. It seems our concerns were valid, as we saw Christmas Day.

Showing his own incompetence to be CiC, Obama had no idea how poorly the CIA is performing under Panetta and after Speakerette Pelosi’s assault on the agency earlier this year, possibly demoralizing them and encouraging seasoned operatives to go elsewhere.

The New York Times tells us, “Obama Is Told of Signs That Should Have Grounded Plot,” as they point out The CIA under Panetta has known of a terrorist they named “The Nigerian” months ago.

We are also told that with the information provided to the CIA numerous times by Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab’s own father would have been more than enough to connect Abdulmutallab to “The Nigerian” and if nothing else, placed his name on the “no fly list” and kept off the NWA Flt 253 Christmas Day.

The Obama administration now says they are “increasingly confident” that Al Qaeda played a role in the thwarted attack, even though Al Qaeda claimed responsibility 2 days ago.

Obama told reporters from his luxury $4,000 a day vacation villa, “We need to learn from this episode and act quickly to fix the flaws in our system because our security is at stake and lives are at stake.”

Perhaps it would have been better that instead of crucifying the man Obama replaced, to have approached him and learned how he kept America safe for 7 years after the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Diligent efforts to rapidly dismantle and politicize the very policies that kept us free from attack now seems like a bad idea, as many expressed concern over.

Is it even possible for the very people who caused those “flaws in the system” to actually “fix them?”

Obama further says, “We’ve achieved much since 9/11 in terms of collecting information that relates to terrorists and potential terrorist attacks,” which we all know has been heavily opposed by Obama and the Democratic cartel every step of the way.

He added, “But it’s becoming clear that the system that has been in place for years now is not sufficiently up to date to take full advantage of the information we collect and the knowledge we have.”

It seemed to have worked pretty good for 7 years, before Obama got a hold of it.

Maybe with the creation of Obama’s new “Declassification Center,” we’ll see just how incompetent the Obama administration really is.

UPDATE: CIA rejects charge it failed to share bomb suspect intelligence

Sorry guys, you've already been marked as the designated fall guys for Obama.

Democrat Diverted Millions of Dollars From Aviation Security and Explosives Detection

In all of the defenses being foisted upon the American public over the Obama administrations poor performance in regards to the Christmas Day thwarted terrorist attack aboard Northwest Airlines Flight 253 just prior to landing in Detroit, Michigan, an amendment submitted by Democrat Senator Christopher Dodd (Conn) (who avoided serving in Viet Nam by managing to get into the Army Reserves) has surfaced that previously slipped under the wire.

This past July 2009, Dodd attached an amendment to the Department of Homeland Security Appropriations Act, 2010 “reducing aviation security appropriations by $4.5 million in favor of firefighter grants,” shown to be highly ineffective.

Dodd’s amendment SA 1443 states in part, “The total amount of appropriations under the heading ‘AVIATION SECURITY’ under the heading ‘Transportation Security Administration’ under title II of this Act, the amount for screening operations and the amount for explosives detection systems under the first proviso under that heading, and the amount for the purchase and installation of explosives detection systems under the second proviso under that heading are reduced by $10,000,000.”

I’m sure that this unnecessary diversion of funds for explosives detection at airports had nothing to do with support from the Firefighters Union in his failed bid the presidency, right?

Apologists for the Obama Democratic cartel try to divert attention away from their lack of protecting the American public with wild claims that Senator DeMint is single handedly blocking any nomination of a new chief to TSA, ignoring that the agency has an acting head and that Obama lolly-gagged around for some 8 months before even proposing a permanent head to the TSA.

Also ignored by pundits wishing to protect Obama, Democrats have kept the House and Senate bogged down for months with the rush to Health care reform and Cap & Trade, ignoring the increasing threat of terrorist strikes against America since President Bush left office.

Hopenchange is beginning to look like hope we can survive the 4 years of Obama and change to a government that actually is willing to protect the country, not just take from defense during a war to give to Union supporters.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Obama's "Strategy of Calm" - On The Golf Course

Unless you've been totally asleep over the Holiday weekend, or busy on a golf course in Hawaii, you've heard about the thwarted terrorist attack aboard Northwest Airlines flight 253 prior landing at Detroit, Friday, Christmas Day.

Obama's 3-day silence ended today as he came on the air basically with a recap of the news of Friday Evening. In his appearance today he said, "The American people should be assured that we are doing everything in our power to keep you and your family safe and secure during this busy holiday season."

What was done to protect us Friday by the government?


It was the efforts of passengers, flight crew and luckily, a failure of the detonator that averted nearly 300 people aboard the aircraft losing their lives.

Unlike his inept Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, Obama did not make the claim of how well the "system worked."

Although the claim has been made of how he is being kept up to date on matters pertaining to this incident, Obama made the claim of, "This incident, like several that have preceded it, demonstrates that an alert and courageous citizenry are far more resilient than an isolated extremist."

"Isolated extremist?"

Al Qaeda has taken credit for this thwarted attack and officials have now stated that two of the four leaders believed to be behind this incident were released from Guantanamo in 2007, when released in to Saudi Arabian custody, presumably enrolled in "art therapy" and given "paints and crayons as part of the rehabilitation regimen."

Maybe such "therapy" will help them as they strive to create bombs more appealing to the eye.

Obama's finishing his golf outings and watching the waves instead of reassuring the nation on Christmas Day is spun as his "strategy" of "projecting his calm on the American people."

Ignored by the same left that invents excuses for Obama playing instead of leading is the multitude of calls on President Bush for immediate responses everytime someone stubbed their toe in public, which are now classified as "the Bush Administration projecting their panic and anger on the public eight years ago."

Let's all hope his golf game wasn't affected. Otherwise, he might get really angry and point a finger at Al Qaeda.

Did "the System Work?"

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas In Viet Nam

I can still vividly recall my first Christmas in Viet Nam. I was one of the lucky ones who pulled perimeter guard Christmas Eve and into Christmas morning.

But, it was a quiet night, no problems.

I recall how odd it felt, Christmas Eve and Morning, sitting behind sand bags, an M-16 beside me and an M-60 machine gun in front of me, flares and an assortment of grenades with my steel pot on my head and flak jacket over my chest prepared to "light 'em up" if need be.

Shortly after dawn, the poor guys who drew day guard on the bunker on Christmas Day relieved us and we went back to the 'hooch' for a little sleep.

We were on a stand down so no missions were scheduled and Christmas Day itself, we didn't have to go down to the flight line to work on the helicopters, it was actually a day off, a real day off.

Some time shortly after noon, a bunch of packages showed up, I believe from the Red Cross, wrapped and with small tokens in them, some cookies, a card, just little items from home.

Some guys had received packages from their families with crumbled cake, stale cookies; some little token that brightened their time. Didn't matter what it was, all were appreciated, especially the unexpected Red Cross packages as they came from home.

The Mess Hall had turkey, a welcome change from what they jokingly referred to often as Roast Beef, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, a regular Christmas meal with the Mess Cooks wearing Santa Hats and a small minimally decorated tree on a table just inside.

Whatever services the Chaplain held Christmas morning I missed since I was catching up on some sleep after pulling guard duty all night. But in a strange way, it was a peaceful and nice day; even with war all about us and the red clay dust of Viet Nam all over us.

The calmness of that afternoon almost felt out of place, after being in country nearly 5 months. The fear I felt arriving at Ben Hoa earlier that year was now hidden more from view. But, that afternoon, it was not there at all.

Even though we doubled up on guard duty during the stand down, 'Charlie' respected it that year.

It was my first Christmas ever away from home, family and friends, although I had made new friends there.

Mostly older teens and young twenties, we became boys again in the midst of a war as we laughed, swapped trinkets from our packages, took time to play ball or listen to stereo's of somewhat latest releases someone received from home.

It was an odd but pleasurable Christmas Day, that Christmas 1969 in the Central Highlands of Viet Nam.

Strangely enough and I cannot for the life of me understand it, I cannot remember a thing about Christmas 1970, my second Christmas in Viet Nam.

Within days, I was on that freedom bird heading back to ‘the world,’ arriving New Years Day 1971.

As non-eventful as Christmas 1969 was, it is forever embedded in my memory.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Man In Love With His Country

Roger Gardner, a name only known to only to a few, but what a lucky few, especially those who had the pleasure and honor of meeting him face to face.

I only knew him online, through this blog and his blog, Radarsite.

Roger was a peaceful man with a strong love of America. He too was a Veteran, but not a War Veteran, which he at times felt placed him lower than those of us who were sent to a War Zone.

That notion bothered me and corresponding with him I discovered that he served at a Radar Site far up in the frigid north of Newfoundland in conditions most of us couldn’t bear in the days before spy satellites circled the globe.

We developed a warm relationship as I assured him his service to America was no less than my own or anyone else’s, as it wasn’t. Anyone putting the uniform of America’s Military, at any time, is writing the same blank check payable to the country with their life.

We often commented on each others posts from our blogs, either on the blog sites or by email. I have had the impression one he liked especially was Veterans, Warriors and Heroes, not Victims as he once told me in email that it opened his eyes to the truth about Viet Nam Veterans.

Seeing Roger’s talent, I felt honored receiving such a compliment from him.

Roger was a brave man, braver than he even knew. He showed it over the past year after being diagnosed with terminal leukemia, going through chemotherapy and even continuing his Patriotic writing for as long as he could.

He fought for a year, succumbing to the cancer last Thursday evening, December 17, 2009 at Merrimack Valley Hospice in Haverhill, Massachusetts.

We all knew it was going to happen, but that doesn't make it easier to lose such a great friend.

Rest in Peace Roger. You fought the good fight and we are all better for having known you.

Til we meet again on Fiddler's Green, my friend.

No better friend could any of us have ever had, in person or online.

My deepest and sincerest sympathies and condolences to his family, loved ones and especially to his online family.

You will be missed, Roger.

Roger Gardner 1936 - 2009

Photo courtesy of Norman Hooben

We The People by Ray Stevens

Sen. Feinstein: Congress Has "Unlimited Authority" to Mandate Health Insurance

For all Americans who thought our constitution placed limitations on government, think again now that the dictatorial Democrats have seized complete and total control of the country.

With attitudes like Senator Dianne Feinstein displays, you are no longer a free people, but servants of the Socialist Democrats.


If Democrats now believe they have "UNLIMITED Authority" to impose whatever they wish upon us in healthcare, what else do they feel they have "UNLIMITED Authority" to take, mandate or push off on us?

Let it not be forgotten, this is the same Senator Feinstein who just days ago introduced legislation to block a solar farm power plant construction in her backyard, the Mojave Desert.

Senator Feinstein Seeks to Block Solar Panels In Mojave Desert

Yet, this is also the same Senator Feinstein who adamantly opposes drilling oil for our energy too!

Feinstein: On The Issues

Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Nikita Kruschev and others must be smiling from their graves as they see their premonition coming true, "we will bury you."

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The "Science" Mantra

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

by Thomas Sowell

Science is one of the great achievements of the human mind and the biggest reason why we live not only longer but more vigorously in our old age, in addition to all the ways in which it provides us with things that make life easier and more enjoyable.

Like anything valuable, science has been seized upon by politicians and ideologues, and used to forward their own agendas. This started long ago, as far back as the 18th century, when the Marquis de Condorcet coined the term "social science" to describe various theories he favored. In the 19th century, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels distinguished their own brand of socialism as "scientific socialism." By the 20th century, all sorts of notions wrapped themselves in the mantle of "science."

"Global warming" hysteria is only the latest in this long line of notions, whose main argument is that there is no argument, because it is "science." The recently revealed destruction of raw data at the bottom of the global warming hysteria, as well as revelations of attempts to prevent critics of this hysteria from being published in leading journals, suggests that the disinterested search for truth-- the hallmark of real science-- has taken a back seat to a political crusade.

Read the rest HERE

What I find very telling also is that for all the cries of "green technology" and "green jobs," all to protect the environment, right David, is how those on the left who demand we modify our lifestyles to be "green" go out of their way to stop alternate energy sources from being constructed in their back yards.

Senator Feinstein Seeks to Block Solar Panels In Mojave Desert

An Ill Wind Off Cape Cod

Ted Kennedy Blocks Cape Cod Wind Farm

Environmentalists Fight Calico solar farm

Animals Rights Activists Blocking Wind Farms

Save The Planet, Eat Your Dog

In the ever-expanding quest to reduce carbon and save the planet from the onslaught of global warming, forget studying cow flatulence, riding your bicycle or even recycling your SUV.

Robert and Brenda Vale, 2 New Zealand “specialists in sustainable living at Victoria University of Wellington,” have released their “study” claiming “the carbon pawprint of a pet dog is more than double that of a gas-guzzling sports utility vehicle.”

John Barrett of the Stockholm Environment Institute in York, Britain, was asked by New Scientist magazine to confirm the results. Calculating “eco-pawprints” with his own data, he arrived at “essentially the same results.

Says Barrett, “Owning a dog really is quite an extravagance, mainly because of the carbon footprint of meat.”

Cat owners aren’t off the hook either, according to the Vales. They also claim, “Cats have an eco-footprint of about 0.15 hectares, slightly less than driving a Volkswagen Golf for a year, while two hamsters equates to a plasma television and even the humble goldfish burns energy equivalent to two mobile telephones.”

The Vale’s research also concludes, “pets environmental impact is not limited to their carbon footprint, as cats and dogs devastate wildlife, spread disease and pollute waterways.”

Animal rights advocates and lovers aren’t impressed.

Sylvie Comont, owner of seven cats and two dogs says, “I think the love we have for our animals and what they contribute to our lives outweighs the environmental considerations.”

Reha Huttin, president of France's 30 Million Friends animal rights foundation claims, “the human impact of eliminating pets would be equally devastating.” Reha says, “Pets are anti-depressants, they help us cope with stress, they are good for the elderly”

The Vales aren’t completely anti-animal, though. They also note that you can “offset” the carbon pawprint, or clawprint, by making sure your animal is dual purpose.

Robert Vale says, “Get a hen, which offsets its impact by laying edible eggs, or a rabbit, prepared to make the ultimate environmental sacrifice by ending up on the dinner table. Rabbits are good, provided you eat them.”


Am I the only one ready to put this farce of AGW behind us and start living our lives again?

Saturday, December 19, 2009

China Prospers While America Dawdles

Maybe when the Obama administration gets past their high-fiving, glad-handing, fist bumping self-congratulatory backslapping and giving each other their attaboys for this
Climate Deal reached that all admit falls short of any key goals sought by warming alarmists.

While Obama labels it as a “meaningful and unprecedented breakthrough,” even though non-binding and left many of the 193 countries represented frustrated. For the Obama regime it means “the focus of the climate debate shifts to the domestic stage,” obviously meaning the deal is expected to help ease imposing restrictive measures and outlandish fees and taxes upon the American people through “landmark climate-change legislation” the dictatorial Democratic cartel hopes to impose upon us.

Included within the 3 pages of this agreement:

· The science is settled on Global Warming (Climate Change).
· It's urgent we DO something.
· We agree that the first world will reduce global emissions by 50% by 2050 from 1990 levels.
· We agree that first world nations will buy off the third world nations with at least $30,000,000,000 to help them out because we'll destroy those fledgling economies (not actually stated, but what we know will happen).
· Annex I parties have to be Hans Blixed (inspected).
· Non-Annex I parties will just get to measure their emissions and write it down in a book and tell Hans Blix.
· They may use cap and tax.
· More payoffs for other countries.
· Dollars for a new, never before seen board to determine how much money everyone else has to give to every other country.
· Non-binding.

While it is assumed that passage of future domestic legislation would not put the United States at a competitive disadvantage with other nations, particularly China under this agreement, not seen, or seen and ignored by the Obama cabal is China and their quest for energy and economic stability.

Prior to Obama’s arrival to Copenhagen and interrupting a meeting between Chinese officials and leaders of India, South Africa and Brazil, China was telling all they did not envision reaching any agreement on the climate pact.

I can only believe this had a lot to do with China “seizing on the global recession to gain access to oil and gas resources and supplies,” as explained in a recent article by the Institute for Energy Research.

In the article we see that not only is “China investing in places like Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Venezuela, and Argentina, but it is in the U.S.’s backyard, looking towards usurping the U.S. supply of Canadian oil sands” and “also looking at a possible purchase of leases in the Gulf of Mexico where Devon Energy is looking to sell its U.S. leases.”

While our alleged leaders run around apologizing for our country, seeking restrictive agreements and pushing legislation that will raise our costs of energy and further restrict accessing our own resources, China is taking the lead in investing in much needed energy resources to fuel their economy.

Our leaders look toward more expensive and unreliable wind and solar technologies to fuel our economy while factions of the environmentalists and animal rights groups block such projects as the Calico solar farm in California’s Mojave desert and continue to block wind farms across the nation.

China has limited resources of oil and natural gas; the two resources America has an untapped abundance of. Oil especially remains the best source of energy for the world due to energy extracted and cost, yet we have for decades fallen for the “green” claims of yet un-perfected sources. Our economy greatly suffers as well as national security s we become more and more dependent upon sources that China is now accessing.

My friend, Jane Van Ryan of the American Petroleum Institute wrote on her blog, Energy Tomorrow the “administration has delayed or stopped several initiatives aimed at increasing domestic supplies of energy, including the delay of the new five-year leasing plan that would have set a schedule for U.S. offshore leasing and development.”

As indicated in the IER report above, Chinese banks are fat with funds they are more than willing and able to invest in energy resources to fuel their economy.

Our administration is only too willing to seek agreements that will help push through legislation that will block us from using our own natural resources, raise our energy costs through the roof, further hurting an already struggling economy and harm lower income families.

America, through hard work and diligence, achieved the highest living standard in the world. We pioneered many of the amenities now built in other countries and raised our children to carry forward that ethic. We used our energy resources to fuel the wealthiest economy that became the standard for the world.

We now see the risk of slipping backwards towards a third world country as we become more and more dependent upon others for our basic needs.

The political socialists who just attended this meeting in Copenhagen wasted more energy that imagined, as they required 1200 limousines to ferry them each around, many of which had to be driven in from neighboring countries and arrived in some 140 private jets.

And yet, they want to hold you accountable for turning your thermostat up to a comfortable degree, turning on your lights in your home or driving yourself to work, for those that may still have a job.

It’s long past time we tapped our own resources and rebuilt our country to what our ancestors aspired us to be.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Study: Obama Stimulus Benefited Democrat Districts More

While ignoring high unemployment within predominantly Republican Districts.

"Democratic districts have received nearly twice as much stimulus money as Republican districts and the cash has been awarded without regard to how badly an area was suffering from job losses, according to a new study."

"The Mercatus Center at George Mason University reviewed the distribution of $157 billion in stimulus dollars based on publicly available reports and found that there was "no statistical correlation" between the amount of money a district got and its income or unemployment rate."


Mercatus Center Study

What was all that nonsense last year about Obama bringing America together again?

Has the closure of so many Auto Dealers that donated to Republican candidates over Democratic candidates been forgotten?

Should this regime succeed in highjacking our health care system, will Democrats benefit while American citizens that support the Republicans be left to suffer?

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Jaime “I’m not more of the same” Herrera

As we all know by now, Jaime Herrera, state representative for Washington’s 18th district, seems to have finally made up her mind and is solidly running for the seat Democrat Brian Baird intends to leave next year.

I say finally because Jaime initially announced she was running within 2 hours of Baird’s announcement, only to come out the next day saying she was “seriously considering” running. Tuesday, after spending at least the whole weekend “seriously considering” jumping in, she announced she was indeed going to run for the Republican nomination.

She says several people have been after her for some time to run, which I know is at least somewhat factual as many GOP party officials were asking her of her intent last spring after she won against Democrat VaNessa Duplessie to retain the state representative seat she had just been appointed to a few months earlier in December 2007. At that time, she let it be known she was not running, had just gotten married, happy in her job, all of the usual denials.

Jaime says of herself on her web page “I’m not more of the same.” An odd statement considering the speed her campaign being put together indicates to me that she is a favorite of party insiders all the way back to Washington D.C. as her entry into the race is the only one to merit any mention the Hill, “a congressional newspaper that publishes daily when Congress is in session, with a special focus on business and lobbying,” the ONLY announcement of her running that made no acknowledgement of others already in the race several months ahead of her.

Undoubtedly placed there by Jaime’s former boss and political mentor, Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers of Spokane.

But think a minute, when was the last time you heard any politician, Democrat or Republican running and admitting they actually were “more of the same?” Don’t they all claim to be “not more of the same” and if a challenger, saying something along the lines of “America is on the wrong track” and we need them to put us back on track?

Returning from her job with congresswoman Rodgers in Washington D.C. and winning the appointment to replace Richard Curtis after a 10 year hiatus from the state as rapidly as she did concerns me, though. Another local blogger who has been involved with Clark County politics several more years than I have been says he knows of some shaky dealings that won her the appointment. Although I attended the meeting where she initially won against several others, I had been a PCO only 2 days and do not have the behind the scenes knowledge he does.

I will be watching his blog, Clark County Politics as he reveals what he knows.

Still, I have some concerns of my own with Ms. Herrera, beyond the appearance of opportunism by jumping into the race so soon after Brian Baird announced he was not going to seek his seat again.

Looking over Interest Group Ratings for Jaime, we see she earned,

· 100 from the Washington Farm Bureau, 88 from the Association of Washington Businesses,
· 100 from the Washington National Federation of Independent Businesses,
· 33 from the Washington Conservation Voters,
· 71 from the Washington Children’s Alliance,
· ‘A’ from the National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund,
· 20 from the Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO.

Her voting record looks fairly conservative, which causes me concern seeing she has such a low rating from unions, yet supported and voted ‘yes’ on 2 Union supported measures, HB 1329, Providing collective bargaining for child care center directors and workers, HB 1389, granting employees of nuclear power plants a legal and binding document on interest arbitration and shortly after she was appointed to the state house, HB 2449, Providing collective bargaining for child care center directors and workers.

Collective bargaining is unionization, if you don’t realize it.

Both measures on child care collective bargaining were strongly supported by the SEIU, whose members in St. Louis, Missouri this summer were video taped beating up a Black man, Kenneth Gladney, who was in opposition to the health care reform bill, the Washington Education Association and American Federation of Teachers.

Opposition was from YMCAs of Washington; Washington Parents for Safe Child Care; Washington Policy Center.

Ms. Herrera also accepted campaign donation from the SEIU (Service Employees International Union) during her 2008 run. Her endorsement page lists SEIU Local 925, SEIU Local 775 NW and SEIU Local 1199 NW as endorsers in 2008, among several other Unions.

Did she vote with Unions in an effort to bring her Union rating up? Conservatives usually don’t fair well with Unions nor do they receive support from them usually.

She claims, “I've worked with both Democrats and Republicans on important issues.”

President George W. Bush went to Washington D.C. with a strong record of reaching across the aisle as the governor of Texas and we saw how much cooperation he received from Democrats over his 8 years as President, didn’t we?

Jaime is no doubt very attractive, but if a seasoned politician like Bush and many other conservative Republicans who have been sent to Washington D.C. couldn’t get cooperation back from across the aisle, how does she expect to as a novice?

Most people I talk to have told me they are tired of Washington Insiders, party favorites who say they will not follow the direction of party leaders, but owe party leaders and special interests for their office and end up doing just that.

The rapidness of Jaime’s ascension in the political hierarchy, as well as announcing within 2 hours of Baird announcing his retirement smacks of political opportunism. This is a large part of what the TEA Parties have been protesting against across America.

The speed with which the party seems to be dumping a strong candidate who has been doing the legwork, building his support across the district and preparing to break six figures in campaign funds troubles me greatly.

This is part of the very action that cost the party congressional control and the White House as conservatives abandoned the party.

We do not need another elected official who parrots the party line while saying they will not follow the direction of party leaders.

Pelosi Rips Rug Out From Under Obama

On page 10 of Pelosi's 2006 campaign booklet, "A New Direction For America," we see,

"To Defeat Terrorists and Stop the Spread of Weapons of Mass Destruction, we will:
Eliminate Osama Bin Laden, destroy terrorist networks like al Qaeda, finish the job in Afghanistan, and end the threat posed by the Taliban.

Double the size of our Special Forces, increase our human intelligence capabilities, and ensure our intelligence is free from political pressure."

After seizing power in 2007 and opposing Bush at every turn on Iraq, she said on January 29,
"Many of us have been convinced for some time that additional forces would benefit the forgotten war in Afghanistan. We are pleased our commanders will now have larger numbers of American troops to prepare for challenging operations in the spring."

She also said in December,
"Democrats might consider new war funding for Afghanistan before leaving Washington next week, but the majority remains opposed to appropriating any more money for the war in Iraq this year."

She added,
"There will probably be some level of addressing Afghanistan; some of the domestic concerns about – you've seen the list that the DOD has come up with – we can address those concerns and certainly, perhaps, if more is needed to do something about Afghanistan."

On December 16, 2009, now that much of what she was calling for may be coming to pass, she now says,
"rallying votes for troop surge in Afghanistan will be Obama’s job" adding, "she is finished asking her colleagues to back wars that they do not support."

Are you ready to throw these liars out?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Does Anybody Know Why Are We In Afghanistan?

A curious question you might ask?

I have to agree, but that is one asked by a reader of our local paper, The Columbian in the December 14, 2009 Letters To The Editor and titled Deploying more troops is regrettable.

How have people been lulled back to sleep after September 11, 2001? How has the left forgotten and ignored how they demeaned President Bush’s efforts in Iraq by crying often, “Afghanistan is where the fight is” or “Afghanistan is the central front in the War on Terror?” Is that not a question frequently put before us by those who said Iraq was a folly and was drawing needed resources away from the real war in Afghanistan?

Failed 2004 Democrat candidate for president, John ‘F’in Kerry is one of the more vocal ones who expressed strong opposition to Iraq while calling for more resources to Afghanistan and now, talks of abandoning Afghanistan too, just as he advocated when he stabbed Viet Nam Veterans in the back in 1971.

He is far from the only one, though. On September 14, 2001 a rare display of bi-partisanship authorized President Bush to take Military action. It passed in the Senate by a vote of 98 to 0 and the House, 420 to 1. Then chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, Senator Joe Biden said, “The nation is resolute, and I have every confidence we will prevail.”

The Republican whip in the House, Tom DeLay said, “The president can act with patience and deliberation because the American people are united behind our duty to vindicate freedom.”

Apparently that “resolute feelings” and “united” notion held little meaning for all too many as we are told in an October 13, 2009 New York Times article, “Mr. Biden has been Mr. Obama’s in-house pessimist on Afghanistan, the strongest voice against further escalation of American forces there and the leading doubter of the president’s strategy” now that he is vice president.

September 2006, we saw Democrat Sen. Mary Landrieu from Louisiana complaining, “America is not tired of fighting terrorism. America is tired of the wrongheaded and boneheaded leadership of the Republican Party that has sent $6.5 billion a month to Iraq when the front line was Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia, that led this country to attack Saddam Hussein when we were attacked by Osama bin Laden.”

In April 2008, several Democrats sent a letter to President Bush calling for a different strategy in Iraq and saying they “would pursue an alternative policy through legislation. They said their focus would be on restoring the strength of the Army and Marines and refocusing the nation's resources on fighting terrorists in Afghanistan.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer of Maryland, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada, and Senate Democratic Whip Dick Durbin of Illinois signed the letter.

In a July 2008 interview on Pittsburgh TV Station KDKA, Rep. Jack Murtha, a long time opponent to Iraq was cornered on his opposition to President Bush’s surge in Iraq and reluctantly agreed that while in the short term it certainly reduced incidents, also said that “the tactical change is important but 144,000 troops in Iraq is keeping the U.S. from dealing with Afghanistan,” adding “what this has done is constrained us from putting troops into Afghanistan which is starting to go bad.”

April 2007 saw Democrat Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, after crying the Iraq war is lost and labeling our Military generals incompetent, giving a speech where he claimed, “we should be addressing the resurgence of al Qaeda in Afghanistan.”

Calling endlessly for withdrawal from Iraq, Reid also said of the Dems ‘cut & run’ policy, “It allows some of our forces to be moved to other areas of the world where they are needed, such as Afghanistan.”

Nancy Pelosi, leading the Dems quest to seize control of the country in the 2006 election, released a booklet she titled “A New Direction For America” in which she says the Democrats would “Eliminate Osama Bin Laden, destroy terrorist networks like al Qaeda, finish the job in Afghanistan, and end the threat posed by the Taliban.”

A consortium of “Progressives” that include Richard Clarke and disgraced former general, Wesley Clark speaking through a group known as the National Security Network released a “report” in May 2008 where, after the usual bashing of President Bush, said, “There is a serious need for more Special Operations forces, translators, trainers, and civil affairs experts. As the situation in Afghanistan deteriorates at an alarming rate, the U.S. is faced with a crucial choice: lose Afghanistan or stay in Iraq. It is past time for the U.S. to redeploy its troops from Iraq.”

I think by now you might see a pattern here. For nearly 6 years, Afghanistan was used as a bat to beat President Bush over the head with and to mislead the public that only Democrats could actually protect America.

Think back. How many editorials did you read, how many times did you see major anchors on the so called mainstream media outlets broadcast cries of Bush dropping the ball and abandoning Afghanistan? How many times was the call issued to just up and leave Iraq and reengage in Afghanistan?

How many Democrat campaigns ran on denigrating President Bush and the Iraq Theater of the War on Terror and called on doubling efforts in Afghanistan?

And now that the Democrats, liberals, progressives or whatever you call them today have seized total dictatorial control over the country, what are we hearing?

I don’t know about you, but I am getting very tired of seeing the defense of our nation, especially after the most horrific terrorist attack in history on our soil, politicized as little more than another campaign talking point by Democrats and those Republicans that have gone spineless.

Nearly every one of those Democrats listed above now oppose Barack Obama’s announcement of sending 30,000 additional reinforcements to Afghanistan. Oddly enough, his main support in standing up to terrorism is coming from the opposite side of the aisle, even though we disagree with the inclusion of a date he will stop fighting and begin withdrawing.

Opposers like Ernie Campbell like to refer to the failure of the Soviet invasion and occupation of Afghanistan now to claim we cannot win there. The fallacy of that claim is that we are not there to occupy or make Afghanistan different, but to deny the resurgence of the brutal Taliban that seized control of the country after the Soviets left in defeat and who openly allowed terrorist groups like bin Laden’s Al Qaeda to train and plot terrorist attacks designed to impose their distorted view of Islam on others worldwide.

Our goal is not to conquer Afghanistan, but to stand them up to defend their country and choose their own path.

We are also told that 8 years is too long to be fighting this war. Those making that cry ignore that radical Jihadists have been fighting us for three decades and have no “exit strategy,” “withdrawal date” nor do they follow “rules of engagement.”

Nor is their fight because “we are there,” they have shown their goal is world domination under their narrow distorted view of Islam. After all, they are the number one killer of fellow Muslims worldwide.

From September 12, 2001 we have known and been told that this will be a very long war, longer than any other we have been in. It is going to entail Military action against terrorists, diplomacy, education and showing respect for a religion and culture many of us may disagree with.

As important in defeating terrorists is winning the hearts and minds of those others who may feel coerced into joining the terrorists.

The real question isn’t “does anybody know why we are in Afghanistan,” but should be “why aren’t you supporting our Troops standing up for your liberties.”

The answer must be partisan politics takes precedence over the well being of the country and its citizens.

What else would we expect from the party that has members that openly advocate America losing in this war against terrorists?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Brian Baird Will Not Seek Re-election

In a surprise announcement today, 6 term congressman, Brian Baird, Democrat from Washington States Third Congressional District, announced he will not seek a seventh term in the House.

Baird, who has been under intense fire this year for shying away from town halls with constituents and for some off color remarks, said, “Serving our country and representing the people of Southwest Washington in Congress has been the highest honor and greatest responsibility of my life.”

Surprised constituents expressed sorrow and gratitude at his leaving office at the end of his term next year along with others pleased he will not seek reelection.

David Castillo, current front-runner in the bid to unseat Brian Baird, earlier today called on the congressman to put aside his bias on Anthropogenic Global Warming and join in with members of the House and launch an investigation into what has become known as climate-gate, the emails leaked that indicate “the possible collusion by climate scientists to distort their findings in order to continue to promote their belief in man-made global warming.”

Baird says, “The time has now come to pursue other options, other ways of serving. This is not an easy decision to be sure, but I believe it is the right decision at the right time,” adding he looked forward to finishing out his term “with the same level of commitment I have always given the people of this district.”

It is hoped that Baird, Chairman of the Energy and Environment Subcommittee, will still launch such an investigation.

A statement is expected soon from Olympia Republican, David Castillo.

Even though I strongly disagreed with the congressman at times, other times I agreed with him.

I wish him well in future endeavors.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

WH: MoH Recipient Should Have Flagpole

Giving credit where credit is due, Robert Gibbs, propaganda spokesperson for the Obama administration said Monday that it is "silly to think that a 90-year-old Medal of Honor recipient is being asked to remove a flagpole from his front yard."

"Retired Army Col. Van T. Barfoot, a World War II veteran, is fighting to keep the 21-foot pole at his suburban Richmond, Va., home. His homeowners association said the pole violates the neighborhood's aesthetic guidelines."

Gibbs said he hasn't spoken to Obama on the matter, but I cannot imagine Obama publicly saying anything different, although I doubt he will weigh in on it. Virginia Democrats Sens. Mark R. Warner and Jim Webb have also expressed support for Col. Barfoot.


Virginia Republican Eric Cantor introduced a resolution, H. Res. 952, allowing Congressional Medal of Honor recipients to properly display the United States flag on their property at all times.

Our country has gotten to a sad state when a 90 year-old Medal of Honor recipient, the highest award we have for valor, is prevented from or threatened for flying the flag of the nation he fought for long ago.

UPDATE: Virginia Veteran Wins Battle to Keep His Flagpole in Yard

Monday, December 07, 2009

Pearl Harbor, How Soon We Forget

December 7, 1941, 68 years ago today is a date that was slated to “live in infamy.” Then president of the United States, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, addressed Congress and the nation with a speech that began,

“Yesterday, Dec. 7, 1941 - a date which will live in infamy - the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan.”

This date marked our country being drawn into the already ongoing war that would now and forever be known as World War Two, the bloodiest conflict in the recorded history of our planet. After the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, we as a country came together with resolve to end the tyranny of the Nazi's, Fascist and Imperial Japanese.

In time, the allied forces drew the conflict to a victorious close. Life began anew as war weary Veterans came home and began raising families and building businesses. Memorials were erected across the nation to honor those that paid the ultimate sacrifice to beat back the enemy and grant even them the freedom to rejoin the nations of the world.

One such Memorial still rests on the bottom of Pearl Harbor. The rusting hulk of the United States Battleship, USS Arizona with over one thousand of her crew forever entombed within her hull.

Each year, fewer and fewer aging Veterans travel to her to pay homage to their fallen heroes, their numbers dwindling at a rapid rate today. Former enemies stand together in respect of the crew and others who gave their lives to bring freedom back to the world. Some have difficulty facing each other, old wounds coming up just below the surface of these men, but they all show respect for those who paid the ultimate price of freedom.

General of the Army, Douglas MacArthur, in accepting the unconditional surrender of the Japanese aboard the decks of the Battleship USS Missouri said in part,
“It is my earnest hope, and indeed the hope of all mankind, that from this solemn occasion a better world shall emerge out of the blood and carnage of the past -- a world dedicated to the dignity of man and the fulfillment of his most cherished wish for freedom, tolerance and justice.”

America vowed to never be caught off guard like that again as we began a peacetime draft of a war ready Military with around the clock watches worldwide as a former ally returned to their villainous conquest of free nations.

Nearly 5 decades later, that “evil empire,” the communist Soviet Union imploded and collapsed upon itself, freeing even more nations from oppression.

During the 5 decades of the “Cold War,” voices that before were marginalized and ignored gained favor and were accepted wherever they spoke against our resolve to remain a free people. Agents of the Soviet Union successfully infiltrated and fed leftist groups sympathetic to the Soviet Cause and convinced all too many that standing for freedom was no longer noble, but a suckers game.

Where our resolve saw us through in keeping South Korea free from Communist aggression, these anti-war voices misled the populace, causing many to look upon the brave sacrifices of our Troops in standing up against Communist aggression in another Southeast Asian county with scorn.

They had us abandon that country to the dark days of years of Communist oppression, millions of their citizens just disappearing.

Elected leaders who spoke out against this evil empire of communism were ridiculed, scoffed at and undermined, some being driven from office and replaced by more leftist who had no resolve to protect the country, falsely believing all we needed to do was appease enemies to avoid war, ignoring that appeasement did not stop the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor long ago.

But, those officials stood fast. They faced communist leaders and the empire collapsed.

Almost immediately, those who favor appeasement began dismantling our around the clock guarding of the country. They spoke of a “peace dividend” and an end to war.

They lulled the nation back to sleep, almost as it was prior to that fateful day in December 1941. The growing threat of another enemy to mankind, even more brutal and savage than before seen was ignored, in spite of nearly three decades of attacks.

They were treated as criminal matters, marginalized as random events or excused as retribution for our own foreign policies from long ago.

Small skirmishes or limited missile strikes were launched in half-hearted strikes against the threat, but it did not deter this new enemy, it only gave them the resolve to continue coming as they saw this powerful nation as on its knees, merely a “paper tiger” now.

Our Military’s were “down sized” and intelligence agencies gutted.

Forgotten was the lesson of needed vigilance learned by an earlier generation at Pearl Harbor as yet another early day saw our country once again “suddenly and deliberately attacked” by high jacked airliners flown into civilian buildings occupied by thousands of innocent people just beginning their days ritual of work.

The death toll of September 11, 2001 exceeded that of the Pearl Harbor Attack as the country rallied behind our president and Troops as once again we went to war to push back an enemy that threatens the peace.

Unlike 1941 though, the country’s resolve for victory was short lived as opportunistic politicians began seeing their chance at seizing political power.

Instead of fighting the radical Jihadists, calls for investigation of the president permeated the air in efforts to have him removed from office. Some of the most ludicrous conspiracy theories were advanced as truths with little or no evidence.

Our Troops were sent off to battle and as we saw in Southeast Asia, prevented from engaging the enemy by “rules of engagement” as politicians decided we must play “nice” with those who would brutally behead our people they captured.

The same “anti-war” voices granted voice in the 1960’s regained their voices and actively hamper the effort at defeating this enemy drowning out the resolve shown shortly after September 11, 2001.

President Roosevelt genuinely felt that December 7, 1941 was a “date that will live in infamy.” He didn’t count on a loud voice from within that cannot even remember September 11, 2001 68 years after.

President Roosevelt told the country,
“No matter how long it may take us to overcome this premeditated invasion, the American people in their righteous might will win through to absolute victory.”

In the midst of the Cold War, then President John F. Kennedy told us,
“Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, in order to assure the survival and the success of liberty.”

Shortly after the attacks of September 11, 2001 former President George W. Bush said,
“This is a day when all Americans from every walk of life unite in our resolve for justice and peace. America has stood down enemies before, and we will do so this time. None of us will ever forget this day, yet we go forward to defend freedom and all that is good and just in our world.”

Current President Barack H. Obama, after delaying nearly 3 months, announces fewer Troops to the war effort than sought and gives a date he intends to begin to quit.

Gone is that resolve for victory, replaced by talk of limited engagement, exit strategy or it costs too much.

Sorry President Roosevelt, but that day you thought would “live in infamy” does seem largely forgotten today.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

PC'd To Death

Seems I missed this one on national news coverage.

It might be older, but needs to be stated nationally still.

PC'd To Death

CBS affiliate WTOC TV is located in Savannah, Georgia

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Dem Leaders To Members: Start Lying

Seeing ominous days ahead due to Democrats treachery and sensing defeat in the 2010 elections, leaders amongst the Democratic Party are issuing “talking points” to members to “start bragging about accomplishments,” according to the Hill.

Listed prominently is “extending healthcare to 11 million kids.”

Would that be the massive tax increases in tobacco products that placed payment for that program unfairly on the backs of the poor? Isn’t that who they claimed they would be helping?

Is that really something to “brag about?”

What do Dems really have to brag about since they seized total dictatorial control of the United States?

The highest unemployment since the Great Depression?

Trillions of dollars in debt to foreign nations?

Socializing private business and mandating wages?

Ignoring the call of the people to force unwanted healthcare reform down our throats and force qualified medical personnel to seek other fields of endeavor?

Pushing for prohibitive taxation claimed to offset a non-existent climate crisis that will totally bankrupt the already over-stretched middle class?

Also mentioned is “the credit card holder's bill of rights” which accomplished little more than raising exorbitant fees and interest on responsible credit card holders who did not spend above their means and handle credit responsibly.

The article also mentions “funding for Afghanistan last year” completely ignoring this years call for withdrawal and opposition to any victory, invalidating the sacrifice our Brave Troops have made against the radical Jihadists responsible for 911 and three decades of terror against the west.

I guess we could mention the failure of the $787 Billion stimulus plan that contributed to even deeper unemployment that was rushed through Congress earlier this year or the so called “clash for clunkers” that profited foreign auto makers mush more than it did struggling American manufacturers.

To the Dems credit, That single program did accomplish getting thousands of cars off the road that sported “Obama ‘08” bumper stickers, so maybe they could brag on that point.

Maybe they will even go out and brag about cuts in Medicare, while they continue to enjoy their elite healthcare plans we of the proletariat must pay for.

I don’t see much there to “brag about,” so what else can they do to counter the obvious electoral defeats expected in 2010 but go out and lie?

They told me if I voted for McCain/Palin, the Vice-President would be a moron.

They told me if I voted for McCain/Palin, the nation’s hope would deteriorate.

They told me if I voted for McCain/Palin, that the economy would get worse.

They told me if I voted for McCain/Palin, we would see more “crooks” in high-ranking positions in Federal government.

They told me if I voted for McCain/Palin, we would see more “Pork at the trough” in Federal government.

They told me if I voted for McCain/Palin, we would see more deficit spending in Washington D.C.

I didn’t listen. I went ahead and voted for McCain/Palin and every single prediction I was warned about came true.


Submitted by Rees Lloyd with gratitude for the service and sacrifice of Sgt. Leonard Keller, and his family.


Congressman Jeff Miller, (R-Fla., 1st Dist.)

Many Americans woke up this morning and turned on the television or searched the internet to find out the latest on Tiger Woods and his wrecked black Cadillac Escalade. However, on this rainy morning in Northern Virginia, another black Cadillac meandered through rolling hills on hallowed ground. This vehicle carried Medal of Honor recipient, Sergeant Leonard B. Keller, to his final resting place at Arlington National Cemetery.

While a high profile athlete remained ensconced in his luxury mansion behind the walls of his gated community, a caisson with six black horses slowly walked along the rain soaked asphalt. Family members followed, huddled close to each other beneath umbrellas trying to shield themselves from the rainy and dreary cold morning. They came to pay tribute to a father, grandfather, brother, and friend.

As the cars drove past on State Road 110 and planes flew overhead leaving Reagan National Airport, I am sure no one knew who was being buried, their name, age, or hometown. On this day it was a man who showed uncommon valor in the jungles of Vietnam.

On May 2, 1967, Sergeant Leonard B. Keller and his unit were sweeping through an area in Vietnam where an enemy ambush had occurred earlier. The unit suddenly came under intense automatic weapons and small-arms fire from a number of enemy bunkers and numerous snipers in nearby trees. Sgt. Keller quickly moved to a position where he could fire at a bunker from which automatic fire was received, killing one Viet Cong who attempted to escape. Leaping to the top of a dike, he and a comrade charged the enemy bunkers, dangerously exposing themselves to the enemy fire. Armed with a light machine gun, Sgt. Keller and his comrade began a systematic assault on the enemy bunkers. While Sgt. Keller neutralized the fire from the first bunker with his machinegun, the other soldier threw in a hand grenade, killing its occupant. Then he and the other soldier charged a second bunker, killing its occupant. A third bunker contained an automatic rifleman who had pinned down much of the friendly platoon. Again, with utter disregard for the fire directed to them, the two men charged, killing the enemy within.

Continuing their attack, Sgt. Keller and his comrade assaulted four more bunkers and eliminated the enemy threat. During their furious assault, Sgt. Keller and his comrade had been almost continuously exposed to intense sniper fire as the enemy desperately sought to stop their attack. The ferocity of their assault had carried the soldiers beyond the line of bunkers into the tree line, forcing snipers to flee. The two men gave immediate chase, driving the enemy away from the friendly unit. When his ammunition was exhausted, Sgt. Keller returned to the platoon to assist in the evacuation of the wounded. The two-man assault had driven an enemy platoon from a well prepared position, accounted for numerous enemy dead, and prevented further friendly casualties. Sgt. Keller's selfless heroism and indomitable fighting spirit saved the lives of many of his comrades and inflicted serious damage on the enemy.

People fall from grace from time to time -- politicians, athletes, pastors, and others. We are human and far from perfect. Why is it that so many are more interested in the tabloid news of today than the true life stories of real Americans, real heroes? Those who always give more than they take. Those who are determined to leave this world a better place than they found it.

This morning a man was buried in the hallowed ground of Arlington National Cemetery. A man of simple means. Not a billionaire or a star athlete. Too often we put more attention on work or the material things a person has rather than the things a person does.

As I stood at the gravesite this morning and watched the four other Medal of Honor recipients in attendance salute as soldiers slowly folded the American flag that draped Sgt. Keller's casket, I was reminded of the thousands of men and women who make tremendous sacrifices defending this great nation. Sgt. Keller and the 92 living Medal of Honor recipients are heroes in every sense of the word. They have all answered the call of duty, but more than that, they have placed the lives of others and the liberty of an entire nation above their own lives. They were all willing to make the ultimate sacrifice so that we may all enjoy the fruits of freedom.

On this week after Thanksgiving, I am thankful for heroes like Sgt. Leonard B. Keller. May God Bless Sgt. Keller and his family. Sgt Leonard Keller served with A/CO 9th I D.


The other end of the spectrum.....
9ID stands for the 9th Infantry Division that operated in the Mekong Delta of South Viet Nam. The river patrol force often worked with the 9th and its own naval unit, the Mobile Riverine Force on Delta operations.

I wish you Fair Winds and Following Seas...

REES LLOYD (American Legion Life Member and Judge Advocate Post 79; Past Commander and Scribe, District 21; Attorney and Director, Defense of Veterans Memorials Project of The American Legion Dept. of California)

Washington Post: Medal of Honor recipient is laid to rest

Friday, December 04, 2009

Democrats Mistreat "Undocumented Guests"

As the entire world knows by now, Tareq and Michaele Salahi stand accused of “party crashing” at a White House Dinner late last month. Secret Service personnel have been under fire since the obtained unauthorized entry into the deepest ports of the affair that evening.

After having photos taken with Rahm Emanuel, a smiling Joe Biden and yes, even the head guy, Barack Obama himself, they excused themselves and exited prior to dinner as there was no place set for them at the massive tables.

How crass and crude of the White House to not set out two more settings for them as they are entitled to. Yes, entitled to. They have every right to stay and partake of the dinner and festivities once they managed to gain unauthorized entry, just as Democrats keep telling us ILLEGAL Immigrants, oh sorry, “undocumented workers” do once they surreptitiously slip across our borders in violation of our laws.

Once here, are we not encouraged to hand over full benefits, food stamps, rent subsidies and medical care to them?

Barack Obama even advocates some sort of amnesty
For ILLEGAL, oops sorry, there I go again, “undocumented workers,” so what is the problem with the Tareq and Michaele Salahi receiving full guest benefits once inside the White House?

Isn’t it probable they try out for reality TV Shows just to feed their family?

White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers has come under fire for them gaining access. If anything, she should be questioned as to why she didn’t have two places prepared for them at the dinner table.

In fact, the entire Democratic Party and Barack Obama should answer why we are supposed to accept and welcome those who circumvent our laws and sneak into the country without following established procedures.

This nonsense of the Salahi’s not having an invitation is meaningless, since neither to those who sneak across our border. They don’t need an invitation to be in the United States, so why must the Salahi’s, or any body for that matter, need an official invitation to attend a White House function?

They posed no danger and underwent more security than do those who sneak across the borders.

Republicans in Congress need to stop worrying about the how of their gaining access to the White House and instead focus on why they were mistreated by not being welcomed and sat at the table.

Fair is fair and if foreign nationals do not need an invitation to enter the United States and receive all the benefits of an American Citizen, why impose a different standard on “undocumented guests” at White House functions, now occupied by those very people who say we must welcome and accept those who sneak into the country?

The term "Undocumented Guests" orginally came from a post by Brian K. Shoemake on his blog,

Lt. Col Allen B. West (ret) Republican Candidate For Congress

Although I no longer live in Florida, my native state, I try to keep lose tabs on my old stomping grounds, Broward County, one of those that made news in the 2000 election fisaco in Florida.

Lt Col West is running for Congress in Florida's 22 District comprised of north Broward and south Palm Beach Counties. Watch the video below and you'll see this is a man we desperately need in Congress.

Allen West For Congress

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Watch Your Back, Obama

I think we all know what this guy did the last time he was unhappy with the prosecution of a war,

The real tragedy is that Bill Ayers never paid for his crimes and involvment in bomb making with the Weatherman.

We can never forget his own words published in the September 11, 2001 New York Times, "I don't regret setting bombs, I feel we didn't do enough."

Missing The Boat On Job Creation

America is deeply embroiled in steep economic problems. Unemployment exceeds double digits in many localities and for many their unemployment checks are drying up. We are in one of the steepest recessions since the Great Depression America saw during the Dust Bowl days of the 1930’s.

Blame for such dire circumstances can be laid everywhere in our government. Most seem ready to blame President George W. Bush since he was president when unemployment began creeping upwards in August 2007, ignoring that is also when newly elected dictatorial Democrats put through their minimum wage increase.

That is not the only reason, naturally, but a contributing factor.

Many reasons came together to cause this mess and a little over 2 years later; we are no closer to getting out of it than at the beginning. Suffice it to say, neither party has cleans hands in this mess nor will either get us out of it.

Still, many in government feel that they are the ones who will pull America back up and get everybody working again. Since we are in yet another contrived energy crisis, some think passing their ‘Cap and Trade” legislation will solve two problems, energy and job creation.

Neglecting that the legislation would burden the already stretched to the limit middle class citizens of America with prohibitive taxes and fees just to have light or drive to work, the thought seems to be that masses of “Green Jobs” await just over the horizon by the manufacture and construction of so-called “Green Energy” plants.

Missed is that some of the very ones who have for decades decried the use of petroleum, coal and natural gas generation of energy are today the very ones fighting to block the so-called “Green Sources,” as can be seen by the efforts of environmentalists in blocking construction of the Calico solar farm in California’s Mojave Desert and similar efforts at blocking wind farms across the nation.

Obviously, the “Green Jobs” just aren’t there especially since many of the components used to assemble the “Green Sources” are manufactured in foreign lands.

Feeling the pressure from an increasingly disgruntled electorate that propelled Obama into office last year, a Jobs Summit was held by the new president “with more than 100 CEOs, academics, small business and union leaders.” He is quoted as promising to take “every responsible step to accelerate job creation.”

Yet, America’s oil and natural gas industry, which supports “9.2 million American jobs and is poised to create hundreds of thousands of new jobs,” was not represented in the summit.

Previously, this blog posted about potential jobs being ignored by this administration at, Our Cash, Your Clunker, What About Jobs? and What About Jobs Obama? Unblock The Jobs!

Not much as changed since those posts were written, other than unemployment has increased and even more jobs have been lost.

Larry Nichols and Jack Gerard, of the American Petroleum Institute are both amazed at how callously the industries ability and readiness to put America back to work is being ignored.

Nichols, Chairman and CEO of Devon Energy Corp says, “Clearly, the White House missed an opportunity to include one of the biggest employers and wealth creators in the nation. The gas and oil industry supports 9.2 million jobs. We know what it takes to create a job, and we know what it takes to preserve a job.”

Gerard, API President and CEO said, “We are not asking for any handouts. We don’t need stimulus dollars or subsidies. We just need access to develop the resources we will need to fuel this economy, and create thousands of new jobs.”

Gerard went on to say, “The American people have spoken on this topic clearly. In poll after poll, they said they want additional access to the nation’s resources. Congress heard the outcry, and lifted the moratoria on new offshore development. But a de facto moratorium has been put in place by this Interior Department. Access is essential to produce the energy this country needs,” while also noting the oil and gas industry has “invested $58.4 billion in carbon mitigation technologies between 2000 and 2008,” making it “one of the largest creators of green jobs” and investing “more than any other private industries or the federal government.”

Yet, the Obama administration sees fit to close the door where real job creation exists, as does our potential to end our dependence of foreign oil sources.

Jane Van Ryan of Energy Tomorrow also informs us, “the administration's budget proposal would take 20 percent of the industry's cash, forcing companies to reduce employment and cut back on energy development at a time when the country needs more energy, not less,” as per Larry Nichols.

She also supplies a link to a US Jobs Brochure outlining “the economic impact of the oil and natural gas industry.”

Obama said today after the summit, “This has been a tough year, with a lot of uncertainty. There’s no question that it’s difficult out there right now. We cannot hang back and hope for the best.”

Why then was the industry that holds one of the more promising aspects of recreating American jobs left out today?

He claims that he's “open to every demonstrably good idea” while also saying, “we also though have to face the fact that [government] resources are limited” and “it is primarily up to the private sector to create large numbers of new jobs.”

The oil and natural gas industry holds the promise of a large number of those jobs along with uncounted potential for secondary jobs created around those directly related.

Not only are the jobs waiting, allowing the industry to do what it does best will lessen our dependence on foreign energy sources and fatten treasury receipts from billions of dollars of taxes and fees the industry pays.

Mr. Obama, all of your bailouts, stimulus’s and brainstorming have been for naught. We need to be working and not relying on tax dollars to get by. If you cannot see that your socialistic policies are hurting the very people who elected you to office, please step aside and let’s get someone up there who is willing to get out of the way and let us, the American worker, do what we do best, get America moving again.