Friday, January 23, 2009

Blame Yourself McCain

Since his spectacular loss to Barrack Hussein Obama in the 2008 presidential election, the McCain camp has been finger pointing who is to blame. The latest target being conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh, with some McCain followers blaming Rush’s Operation Chaos

Limbaugh was only mirroring what the dems were doing in getting McPain as the GOP nominee. DailyKOS was suggesting dems cross over and vote for McLame for our primaries long before Limbaugh suggested doing the same to keep the battle going between B HO and Hillary.

Missed by those is that Rush’s Operation Chaos did not start in earnest until McCain had pretty much sewed up the GOP nomination.

I once thought McCain would be a slightly better choice than B HO, but seeing his actions of late makes me wonder if my earlier thoughts of him also being in the tank for B HO isn't truer than I originally thought.

If by some quirk of fate, we had gotten McPain, I don't honestly know if it would be much difference, given his move so many times to the left. He did not "reach across the aisle," as he says, he moved totally there.

McLame's camp is now blaming everyone, Sarah Palin, President Bush, Rush Limbaugh and whoever instead of looking in the mirror and blaming who really caused this mess, MCAIN himself.

He wanted to play nice, holding Sarah Palin back, while the dems were slashing at our jugular. The GOP made a fatal mistake by joining in the Socialist Demokratik Politburo and hanging Bush out to dry. We didn't agree with everything Bush did, obviously, but he will end up being far better than who we have or would have gotten had McCain got in.

Just look at how McCain is encouraging easy confirmation on corrupt Dems for cabinet choices. Who got such an easy pass in the Bush years from Dems?

The GOP is dead unless they re-embrace their conservative roots that propelled them into power. Currently, they are not even a loyal opposition, but a cooperative opposition as McCain and other spineless Republicans encourage adopting the Socialist agenda of B HO and Demokrats in power.

In the end, they may keep their cushy offices, perks and freeloading off of us, but America will pay a severe price for this folly of moderatism and liberalism in the coming years.

The only one to blame is first John Sydney McCain for his spineless conduct and RINO’s that quickly roll over to appease the Socialist Demokratik Politburo.

UPDATE: As expected, McCain Now Obama's No. 1 Senate Ally. It looks like John Sydney McCain is and was our Manchurian Cnadidate.


Angie Lee said...

I long believed McCain had no desire whatsoever to be where he was, and he was given the party nomination specifically to ENSURE Barry won.

In a word, he is a doorknob.

It all screams to me, he was bought and paid for (probably with the same checkbook), the same way HRC and Barack Obama were; but John and Hillary are older and "wiser" and cost more than Barry did. You can bet he (young Barry) will NOT make that mistake again - after all, he probably felt much the same many of us did, that he had little chance of winning with so little experience, not knowing people would vote for him based solely on the color of his skin, and did not think he could get as much.

It sounds harsh, but it is time for the GOP to "die." It is too full of rubbish to "fix" it, and it is far past time for a party to rise out of the ashes that will truly be "of the people, by the people, and for the people." The farce that is Washington is shameful - a carbuncle on the backside of the United States screaming to be lanced.

witchywoman said...

Wow allee, well said. My husband too has spoken of leaving the Republican party for just the reasons you speak.

Seems as though that many of our party have the same backbone of McCain.

Instead of us reaching across the isle to be bi-partisan. Our representative Republicans should be DEMANDING the Democrats reach across to us. and work with us. (Republicans) DEMANDING IT!!!

Personally I would love to see the current, making love to Obama media die.

The reason we have to tell them what to do is that for the most part they are much like McCain. Laying down and letting American interests and lives be trampled on.

Angie Lee said...

The funny part (to me, anyhow)...

I embarked upon adulthood as many teenagers do, kind of stupid (thankfully, not suffering the malignant stupidity of today's youth), in SOS when I turned 18 - where I registered Dummycrap. A few years later, on seeing and UNDERSTANDING the depths of my disillusionment, I underwent a metamorphosis...
...and promptly proceeded back to SOS to change my party affiliation to Republican.

Over the years, I prided myself on the manner in which I selected those candidates I would vote for, regardless of party, choosing whom I felt would be most qualified to carry out the duties of the office I was voting on. The gravity underlying that privilege to vote never lost on me, even young and "stupid," I weighed my options carefully.

Years went by, and I was forced to accept the fact that too few had little to no qualification for the office for which they ran; but far worse (to me) was that even fewer had a modicum of moral fiber, a shred of decency. I was reduced to choosing the lesser of evils.

When you build upon a foundation that is cracked and damaged, eventually the entire structure will fail. Maybe a decade, maybe a century - one can never say with any certainty - but eventually, it WILL fail. Laws of physics. The magicians of today love to give the appearance of bending those laws, but that is all it is: A sideshow of smoke and mirrors.

I cannot help but look at all that has happened these past few years and wonder: A series of events, a line of dominoes, toppling in such a way that the "demise" of The United States is imminent; but not necessarily a "bad" thing. The ideals - the SPIRIT - this nation was founded upon (now bastardized beyond recognition), are sound; a solid foundation. While the structure sitting on top may be termite ridden and time to be razed, the foundation will remain solid and proud for generations.

This could simply be the first step toward reclaiming our legacy, and the means by which we will finally expose the termites.

LewWaters said...

allee, email me when you get a chance.

Ms Calabaza said...

McCain was a real disappointment. The way he did ZERO to defend Sarah Palin really disturbed me. She, is the real thing, methinks.

LewWaters said...

Sarah Palin is the real deal. That is why they are out to destroy her now before she garners more support.

She alone energized conservatives and that scared the hell out of the liberals and RINO's sucking up to Hobama.

witchywoman said...

Yup, after finding out that McCain is getting together and working with Borak, it prompted me to look up his POW history. Very interesting. I learned a few things I didn't know about the man. I can see why he never came to Palin's defense now.