Thursday, January 22, 2009

Close Gitmo? Obama’s Folly!

B HO and his minions may have painted themselves into a corner on this one, already.

Other nations have been unwilling to take these people, not even the ones they are supposed to be citizens of.

The Marines don’t want them nor does Kansas at Fort Leavenworth.

So far only Socialist Demokrat moron John Murtha is saying he will take them. Murtha said, [He sees] “no reason not to put ‘em in prisons in the United States and handle them the way they would handle any other prisoners,” claiming they are no more dangerous there than in Guantánamo.

However, there currently is no facility with the room to hold them in Pa., so Murtha now proposes using the stimulus package funds to build a new prison in Pa. Which would take at minimum 2 years or longer.

B HO has stated by Executive Order Gitmo will be closed within one year.

They are housed securely now. With Robert Reich and Charlie Rangel stating that construction projects should hire unskilled minorities to rebuild the infrastructure over “white construction workers” or “highly skilled labor,” just how secure would Murtha’s new facility be?

If the worry is how the world looks at America now, why should they look better upon America should these terrorists be housed in a prison within the U.S. over being housed in a prison in Guantánamo?

B HO and Demokrats just don’t get it. We are at war against one of the most brutal enemies we have ever faced. This isn’t a tea party or a social club, but a system instituted by President Bush to keep Americans safe that has been working.

If foreign countries are really that upset over our holding these terrorists in Guantánamo, why then do they refuse to accept them their selves?

Should B HO succeed where President Bush failed and actually capture Osama bin Laden and have him interred in Pennsylvania by Murtha’s request, in a sub-standard maximum security prison built by unskilled labor at usual cut-rate bids, do Pennsylvanians really desire to become the main target of terrorists that will surely do whatever they must to free him?

President Bush kept the homeland safe.

B HO seems intent on making us the target again.

Not to worry, though. B HO’s Universal Healthcare will surely handle all the victims of more terrorist attacks inside America, right?

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UPDATE: B HO's move in this has some important people very angry. Did it ever occur to the junior senator elevated to top position to seek out those most affected by this move first? NO! Obama Proves Divisive With Guantanamo Closing


Angie Lee said...

Won't be a need for "healthcare" when they're DEAD, will there? The terrorists are not going to "tickle" us with a few broken bones - they are going to attempt to ANNIHILATE us. Like the DUST the last group of victims on American soil was reduced to, human remains virtually unidentifiable.

How much consolation will their grieving families find in Barry sending them home a baggie full of dirt?

(I know YOU know this, Lew, and I know they just don't care, so I think we're talking to walls in trying to explain anything to the O-Holes.)

Ms Calabaza said...

He better pray we don't get hit again ... this will surely backfire on him (no pun intended).

LewWaters said...

Left unanswered still, is what will they do with the terrorists there?

And they now claim we hate America because we want to save it?

Anonymous said...

Bush had 7 years to figure out a solution to Gitmo. It was never meant to be a permanent detention facility for terror suspects. It was only used to skirt US law by placing the detainees in Cuba.

The GOP majority could of and should of dealt with this in 2002. Instead, they punted - for SEVEN YEARS. They always knew the Dems would do this if they won, and guess what? The Dems won. What happens next is a direct result of GOP paralysis on Gitmo from 2002-2009.

LewWaters said...

Of course it wasn't intended to be a permanent detention facility. That's why, thanks to the bellyaching of you leftists, many were released and have rejoined Al Qaeda.

In other wars they were held until hostilities ceased. True, they were held in the U.S., but with the crybaby leftists wanting to reward the terrorists for killing Americans, that was just a bit too risky.

Don't try to blame releasing those terrorists and the harm they will cause on Republicans or Bush. They have been securely detained there and even though not intended permanent, there is no logical reason to now close it and bring those terrorists onto American soil, where the ACLU and other leftist twits will work diligently to ensure their release.

This is a bonehead move by homey and you all know it. But, with his lack of experience, not unexpected.

Allow me to offer a solution that should appease even the most braindead amongst you.

Since you twits think they were so mistreated and denied employment and such, how about we take advantage of their expertise and immediately enlist them in the Secret Service, where their first assignment will be to surround Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Murtha, Kerry and any other top Democrat you can think of?

They will be free, well employed and can give their personal thanks to all you bleeding heart Obamorons by keeping you all personally safe.

Works for me. How about you?