Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dems Get A Taste Of Their Own Medicine

Linda Chavez nails Dems in her Op Ed in the January 10 2009 Trentonian.

For decades now, Democrats paint any who oppose a Black person for any reason a "racist," neglecting their own racist history.

"Democrats have been perfectly happy to force police departments, businesses and colleges to select applicants by color. But they seem less happy to apply those same standards to themselves when it comes to joining the most exclusive club in the world.

Of course it’s absurd to think the Democrats don’t want Burris because he’s black. But then schools that fail to admit less-qualified blacks, or businesses that don’t hire a proportional share of black employees, or police departments that pass over a lower-scoring black applicant in order to promote a higher-scoring white one aren’t engaging in racial discrimination, either

Disgraced and now impeached Governor of Illinois threw Democrats a strong dose of their own medicine by appointing Roland Burris to Obama's Senate seat.

White Democrat leadership is now softening on their opposition to seat Burris, including Obama, who also initially opposed Burris. But not before receiving a healthy dose of what they dish out on a regular basis.


Ms Calabaza said...

The media double-standard on this off the map. Remember what happened to Trent Lott for an innocent comment to an old man?

LewWaters said...

How well I recall the difference between Trent Lott's and Chris Dodd's treatment for virtually the same platitudes to others.

The Democrats' Lott, Want to purge racists? How about Robert Byrd?

Great Moments in Double Standards

klatu said...

Careful Socialists: Blago just might have the last Laugh even after you Socialists Remove him from office. LOL

LewWaters said...

I have been thinking the same thing, Klatu. Rats often don't go alone, they often decide tot ake all with them they can.

In this case, can you imagine what dirt Blagojevich has on dirty Chicago Politicians, including 'the one?'

He might just have enough to collapse the entire card house.