Thursday, January 01, 2009

Following President Bush’s Example, Obama To Hold Military Only Ball

Giving credit where credit is due, B HO has planned to hold an Inaugural Ball for Military only.

Tickets for the Jan. 20 military-only ball, to be held at the National Business Museum in Washington will be free to guests. The Ball is to honor military personnel; their spouses and those wounded fighting in the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In a statement released by Obama, he said,

They deserve our thanks and our gratitude. Michelle and I look forward to attending the Commander in Chief’s Ball and sharing this special evening with representatives of our armed forces.”

Yes, they deserve that much and more. They also deserve the full support andrespect of the incoming CIC and Democrat controlled Congress to allow them to complete their mission.

What seems to merit scant mention is that outgoing President George W. Bush first held an Inaugural Ball in Honor of the Military during his second Inauguration, January 20, 2005.

At that Ball a big lineup of celebrities, entertainers and defense brass showed up thanking them for their sacrifices. Fox News Channel's Geraldo Rivera, serving as master of ceremonies said, “the days when America shunned its war wounded are gone,” not realizing how the Democrats would exploit those wounded troops in just a few years.

Then Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld appeared saying to the Troops,
You are the best, there’s no question. And I am just so pleased to be able to come here and say thank you to each of you -- the men and women who serve our country with such determination and such courage and professionalism. God bless you all, and thank you so much.”

The Troops returned the appreciation to Secretary Rumsfeld as he was preparing to leave office after the 2006 elections, treating him much like a Rock Star as he visited them.

It is important that a Commander in Chief earn the respect of our Troops, especially when they are engaged in war and he may have to deploy them to far off lands.

Following Bush’s example, Obama makes a good step towards earning that respect as several have expressed wariness of his potential leadership.

Who all will attend to show respect and honor to our Heroes hasn’t yet been announced.

Although I retain my own doubts and misgivings towards B HO, I do applaud this step and for the sake of our Troops, pray that he will do them right and show them the respect he and the Democrats never had for the originator of Inaugural Balls in Honor of our Troops, President George W. Bush.


Pete said...


At very least, maybe Kerry and Murtha will show up?!


LewWaters said...

Barbara Streisand, 'Hanoi' Jane Fonda, Alec Baldwin and all the other losers that claim 'celebrity' might also and try to pretend that suddenly, they appreciate and honor those who protect their freedom.

It will be intersting to see just who and who doesn't make an appearance and how they are received.

Unlike at Bush's Ball for the Military, I fear this event just may be more for drawing attention to leftist haters than actually honoring those it is intended for.

Pete said...


Well, maybe Jane will "apologize" again?!

Oh no wait, never mind my mistake, she isn't currently writing another book is she?

LewWaters said...

If 'Hanoi' Jane ever actually felt remorse for her conduct and anti-americanism, I would believe hell had froze over.

That's why the rear of my truck sportsa bumper sticker saying, "I Will Forgive Jane Fonda when the Jews forgive Hitler"

Most all of these treasonous slime balls, unbelievably wealthy due to the system and country they spewed so much hate for, still think they were right.