Saturday, January 03, 2009

Harry Reid Claims, "Taxes Are Voluntary!"

And, this man is the Senate Majority Leader?

Is it any wonder our economy nose-dived after the Democrats took control of both the House and the Senate in January 2007?

Add now that they also control the White House and folks, we are in serious trouble.


Angie Lee said...

I think that's called:
Talking out both sides of your mouth....
and blowing smoke up the you-know-what....

LewWaters said...

We used to call it double talk and gobbeldy gook.

I am amazed at how these people rise to the top of our government with such stupidity and even get reelected.

Angie Lee said...

Looking at the fiasco over in MN, I sometimes can't help but wonder if they really ARE elected or who they know pulling strings with the election commissions. No one's gonna tell me that Franken magically won not just a catch-up but a lead over Coleman, when a solid majority hung in the balance by ONE SEAT.

It may be cruel and harsh, but I think it's time for absentee ballots to go the way of the dinosaur - and I can say that as a disabled person having a difficult time getting out of the house. They've proven they are too easy to abuse and misuse for a darker purpose.

LewWaters said...

Allee, all you need do is look at the 2004 Washington State governor's election and subsequent recounts, which continued until the Democrat won.

We ended up with some 3,000 more absentee ballots than voters in King County, Seattle, where the leftist Democrats rule.

It is the same exact tactic that is allowing Franken to steal this election and seat another leftist in Congress.

We went to all mail in here and I agree, the potential for fraud is too great and they must go back to secure voting ballots as much as possible.

On the bright side, when Democrats won Ohio in 2006, the dreaded and hated Diebold machines seemed vindicated. It appears to only be fraud when Republicans win an election.

Angie Lee said...

Yeah, they tried it with the 2000 Presidential election, too. Only they didn't get away with it - so why do they now? Multiple times?

In the case what happened in your district, more votes than voters, what better evidence of an obvious fraud? The "winner" should have been outed immediately and a new, REAL election held.

I sympathize, real and true, for voters having a tough time getting out and about - I speak as one of them - but there is ALWAYS a way.

The only way to have a secure and honest election is in-person paper ballots on Election Day. I truly believe there to be darker and far more malignant undercurrents in Washington (and state) politics. They are doing We the People NO favors. No one will convince me otherwise there wasn't a lotta finagling with Barry's election, and he's a bought man.

LewWaters said...

Allee, the GOP and Dino Rossi took the recount results to court to no avail, the Judge stating, "There is no evidence in this record that Ms. Gregoire received any illegal votes."

Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Over Washington Election

Others seemed to easily discover illegal votes cast.

70% of voters in Washington, including Democrats, demanded a revote, but the Democrats would have no part of it.

Somehow, Gregoire received more than enough votes this time to avoid a recount scenario and we are stuck with her again.

Angie Lee said...

Again, I think there's something far uglier going on under the surface. Look at her nonsense with that Christmas display!

Someone wanted her in, and in she went. It is only a matter of time before we see how much she cost and to whom.

Just like Michigan with Granholm. We get glimpses from time to time of what bought her. Rumors have long flown about Detroit mayor Kilpatrick "buying" the election for her (Detroit's population is just about enough to tip the scale in itself), and that whole fiasco, along with the coverup she managed with wiggling out of having to oust him. It's sickening, really, what she has been allowed to do to our once proud state.

LewWaters said...

She's costing us a lot, allee. Our projected State Budget shortfall is in the $ Billions with no relief in sight, only her saying we will see "ugly cuts" and Democrats in the State Legislature seeking news way to "raise revenues."

They say they oppose one and will not impose it, but I foresee them imposing a State Income Tax on us, while keeping our sales tax intact.

Democrats have never seen a tax they didn't like.

Angie Lee said...

Ours did the same, here. November 2007 we were facing budget deficit (I believe) in the billions.

The answer? Raise state income tax (and apply it retroactively over the entirety of 2007) and expand the state sales tax to cover even more "services" (we drove out industry and all that is left is "service," so let's tax it to death until they pack up and leave, too!), said sales tax already having been raised prior from 4% to 6% and covering more and more "stuff."

We had that same situation with Granwhore (her "pet name" here), when she was up for reelection. She bought it the first time and somehow won it overwhelmingly the second. All so inexplicable....

And don't even get me started on Granwhore and her Pet Congress' decision to move up the primaries, making us look like fools in front of the entire world - all because she had her nose up HRC's butt and was trying to pave the way to a solid Michigan win by getting all other candidates off the ballot.