Monday, January 12, 2009

How Much Is Virginity Worth?

For years we have been told that a woman's virginity is nearly worthless, that those who hold on to it are depriving themselves of natural pleasures and overall, that a virgin woman is of no real interest any longer.

I hate to tell you, but a 22 year-old female student seems to prove that theory as wrong.

Natalie Dylan, 22 student with a degree in Women's Studies began auctioning off her virginity last September with bids initially reaching $243,000. According the UK Telegraph article, bidding has reached as high as $3.7 Million, for a one-night stand.

Ms. Dylan plans to use the money to fund her master's degree.

She doesn't feel she is demeaning herself or selling herself as this auction is part of her studies, she claims.

I am not going to pass any judgement on her over this. She is an adult and going into this with her eyes wide open. I hope whoever wins the bid is a decent person and if he actually beds her, treats her with care and kindness, not some wacked our pervert with money.

I am also left wondering how many copy cats we will see or if Call Girls will claim now to be just working towards their degree?

Good luck, Natalie.


Anonymous said...

If that girl goes through with her plan, she is a whore.

Heck, for that kind of money, I would present my virgin albeit old ass.
However I don’t think virgin male whores would command such a premium price

PS: Could not figure out how to post otherwise

LewWaters said...

Long time no see, canuckguy. Glad to see you again.

It is a sad commentary on our society that this young lady could even think of this, much less carry it out.

I wonder too, since it has become so public, if she will be charged prostitution.

Anonymous said...

Well I see just by scanning back a bit, that your posts are not so long winded as they use to be. That's good, as I like them short and to the point.

I see you are still working, 5 years after Freedom 55 retirement target that is just a dream for most people now.


LewWaters said...

I still have the linger posts when I feel one needs it, but have shortened some.

Yes, I'm still working. I don't recall the "Freedom 55" you're mentioning. I'm 60 now and can't retire until 62 at the youngest, but have my doubts I will be able to manage that.

Of course, the gubmint would rather we wait until 72 or older to retire to draw Social Security. Mostly, I feel, hoping we will die off before they have to pay out Social Security that we have paid in to our entire life.

Anonymous said...

Ah, I forgot, you being a Mercan, you would not be familiar with the phrase "Freedom 55".

It was coined by a Canadian insurance company, London Life, to create a hope that if one allowed London Life to manage one's private retirement funds, one would be able to retire at 55. Turned out to be a pipe dream for many.

As you indicated, the trend now is for people to work at least until 65(like in the old days again), maybe even longer to assure themselves a decent retirement. People on average are living longer these days. Hence more time to build a bigger retirement nest egg is needed.