Friday, January 16, 2009

Juárez Citizens Fed Up With Drug Related Murders

Businessmen and citizens of Juárez, Mexico have gotten so fed up with the wanton killings and rising crime from Drug Lords in Mexico that they have formed a group, Comando Ciudadano por Juárez (Juárez Citizens Command) claiming the will “kill a criminal every 24 hours.”

As reported in the El Paso Times, the Mexican Military and Police have been unable to stop the escalation of crimes and out of control killings connected with drug runners.

Citizens will soon be able to electronically send information to the group on criminal activity in their neighborhoods.

The group, also known as the CCJ states,

Better the death of a bad person than that they continue to contaminating our region,” also stating, “Our mission is to terminate the life of a criminal every 24 hours ... The hour has come to stop this disorder in Juárez.”

Unlike sanctioned Military and Police, who must operate under restrictive rules and laws that all too often favor the criminal, a vigilante group will just operate to rid their region of the criminal scum.

Other self described Vigilantes have worked tirelessly to ferret out pedophiles on the internet while bleeding hearts oppose vigilantes, crying over the criminal while ignoring the plight of honest hard working citizens of every country.

A group of Americans that formed to help stem the flow of illegal immigrants across our borders, the Minutemen, have also been described as vigilantes. But their effort is to report illegals sneaking into the country to the Border Patrol for apprehension.

Also reported by them are some of the same Drug Runners sneaking drugs into our country, bringing Mexico’s Drug Wars across our borders.

Citizens in Juárez, Mexico and potentially America are getting fed up with criminal activity that threatens their lives and neighborhoods. Police have their hands tied all too often by attorney’s that work diligently to get criminals off and by legislator’s that falsely believe treating such criminals with kid gloves will placate them.

When citizens are fed up enough, they exercise their right of self-protection and being taking the law into their own hands.

That is, provided they haven’t been denied that right by bleeding heart liberals who demand citizens give up their guns and ammunition, without realizing criminals don’t obey the laws.

I hope the Comando Ciudadano por Juárez is discerning in targeting criminals, making every effort to avoid innocent civilians. But overall, I can’t say I blame them for taking matters back into their own hands.

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