Sunday, January 04, 2009

Lead Us Not Into Temptation, But Depression

Soon to be coronated grand exalted messiah and premier of the Union of Socialist States of America, formerly the land of the free and now the home of the outstretched hand asking for more handouts, Barack Obama has made an address to those eagerly awaiting his assumption to power and sticking it to “whitey” and other fat cats, announcing his intention ofcreating 600,000 new government jobs,” while promising to provide “direct tax relief to 95 percent of American workers.”

Text of address here

While I agree that tax relief is needed and good, how does B HO expect to fund 600,000 government jobs?

Falsely believing that government ‘make work projects’ brought America out of the Great Depression, the new Homey the Clown, Prince of the elite, Halfrican-American Obama seems ready to follow in the steps of the father of American Socialism, Franklin Delano Roosevelt in adding multitudes to the public payroll instead of relaxing restrictions in the private sector, where actual jobs that add money to the treasury come from.

A long overdue assessment of Roosevelt’s Raw Deal Program shows today that the Great Depression was actually prolonged, not helped by the Socialism Roosevelt introduced into our society.

History will undoubtedly repeat itself as B HO repeats the errors of the past and ends up sending more businesses overseas or produce failures in the private sector due to rising business expense and inevitable increase in prices.

Ignoring that the Bush Tax Cuts Worked, B HO seems prepared to counter them by allowing them to expire while making empty promises of tax cuts to “95% of American workers.” The Bush Tax Cuts, which went to all in America and produce record receipts to our treasury. It is false that they only went to the wealthy, but Democrats love that mantra to create class warfare and win elections.

Empty promises from the Democrats aren’t new, they make them every election and the public falls for them, falsely believing they will get something for nothing. When they end up with nothing, somehow it becomes the Republicans fault for their misfortune.

One need only look south to Hugo Chavez’s failures with Socialism in Venezuela to see the fallacies of Obama’s intent with America.

Undoubtedly, some Obamorons will quickly urge me to “just give him a chance,” and I will reject it, reminding them that President Bush did not receive such a chance from them; in spite of the successes they enjoyed under him and complained the entire time.

Obama ends his diatribe with,

There is no reason we can’t do this. We are a people of boundless industry and ingenuity. We are innovators and entrepreneurs and have the most dedicated and productive workers in the world. And we have always triumphed in moments of trial by drawing on that great American spirit—that perseverance, determination and unyielding commitment to opportunity on which our nation was founded.”

Nice words, but meaningless unless he allows that entrepreneurial spirit to thrive by rewarding entrepreneurs instead of punishing their success with burdensome taxes and regulations that will stifle them.

You people wanted “change,” and that is what you will get, the lose change left in your pockets. You can keep the change.


Unknown said...

I loved Redd!

LewWaters said...

Okay, Steve. I loved Redd too. I thought he was really funny in Sanford & Son.

klatu said...

Lew I once asked my father who died when he was 92 years of age and was in Roosevelt’s CCC"S program if anything FDR did got America out of that Mess. He said of course not. People were just going through the motions of working. He agreed with me that FDR was just keeping people comfortable in there Poverty. Obama will be trying the exact same thing unless the American people rise up and change course. The CRA -Fannie & Freddie need to go and the Republicans better start saying exactly this. FDR, OBAMA, DEMOCRATS, knew and know exactly what to do. But they don't want to. They love this Mess. The stock market could have rebounded by the early 30's but Democrat Regulations stopped that. Yea the Stock Market rebounded in 1954 when a Republican President "EISENHOWER FINNALY GOT IN OFFICE. DEMS WILL TRY TO REGULATE EVERYTHING ONCE AGAIN.

Obama from Today "only government can get us out of this"-----OH PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


LewWaters said...

Both of my parents, staunch Democrats who were young during the Depression, born in 1926 and 1927, felt Roosevelt was the greatest ever. Being young as they were during the time, I doubt they saw the actual impact of the Raw Deal or that it gave Socialism, something they ardently opposed as Communism, a firm footing in our society.

If they were alive today, I believe they would have woken up and admitted Roosevelt sold the country a bill of goods.

With Obama, I'm afraid we will see many "Czars" to keep us underlings in check.