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Obama Mania Destined To Collapse

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Obama Mania Will Eventually Collide With Reality By: Christopher G. Adamo

Conservatives, real conservatives, are by now thoroughly nauseated from all of the inaugural gushing and fawning over Obama. But if they think that this slobber-fest was going to end now that he has assumed the presidency, they are going to be sorely disappointed. The leftist cheerleaders will continue trumpeting the supposed grandeur and majesty of this day long after its fabricated luster has thoroughly dulled in the eyes of the thinking public.

Such unbridled jubilation is particularly disturbing, given the degree to which those on the left sought to demean and undermine every facet of the Bush Presidency from the very day the U.S. Supreme Court told the State of Florida to stop playing games with the recount, thus declaring George W. Bush the winner of the 2000 election.

Ever since, virtually every presidential event in which President Bush participated has been subject to widespread and juvenile caterwauling from the left. From the price tag for his 2001 inauguration (less than a third of the cost of Obama’s, but we hear no complaints now), to his May 1, 2003 carrier landing on the USS Abraham Lincoln, to his exit from the White House last Tuesday, the liberal establishment was shameless in its determination to disparage every official statement or act of the former president.

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Likewise, we see similar words from Michael Novak

The Coming Fall
Presidents are, inevitably, something like Christ figures. They all suffer and, eventually, fall.

By Michael Novak

Lewes, Del. — My wife and I escaped from Washington out to the shore (at the Cape just where the Atlantic Ocean meets Delaware Bay), partly because we couldn’t face the traffic and large-scale “lock down” in which Washington, invaded by hundreds of thousands upon thousands, now finds itself. We were not permitted to drive downtown. Subways are jammed. My office is closed. Taxicabs are all occupied.

But worst of all as we left town was the Leader-focused enthusiasm of the crowds, and the pre-inaugural grandiosity of the new president-elect.

At the pre-inauguration concert on the National Mall in front of the Lincoln Memorial, dark red banners on the temporary stands of the amphitheater built for the occasion, with adulatory crowds packed into them, brought back ugly newsreel images from my childhood. The feeling expressed by many who were there and others who watched on television reveals a strain of messianism that ill becomes a democratic republic. It fits better with political systems based upon the cult of personality.

The rest at National Review Online

Throughout the campaign season, many tried in vain to point out that campaign speeches made by 'the one' were contradictory and placing unbelievable and unsustainable expectations in people's minds. Few, if any, listened and he was swept into office by a slim margin against the poorest of opponents he could have faced.

Almost immediately the gilded edges began to fade as article after article, speech after speech sought to lessen the public's expectation that Obama placed in their heads.

We heard supporters claim they no longer had to worry about gas in their cars, who's going to pay their mortgage, cry that they aren't wealthy, but they gonna be as they got Barack Obama now.

The sad reality is not hitting not only citizens, but newly coronated Obama too. Campaign promises are easy to make but often impossible to keep. From an ill thought out executive order to close Guantánamo Prison Camp to not vetting his Cabinet choices, Obama is now facing the reality of Washington D.C. Chicago hoodlum tactics don't carry any weight in Washington D.C. where the real hoodlums sit in offices and direct what the country will do.

Obama faces International scorn already as a missile attack in Pakistan that killed people has enraged others across the sea, expecting 'the one' to bring the War on Terror to a screeching halt and immediately bring the Troops home.

It's easy to make the promises, but reality brings about a more sober look at the world.

Like it or not, this is Obama's War now. It's his to finish and win, or surrender and lose. It's his to listen to the Generals and boots on the ground leaders, or ignore them and listen instead to those who only want the defeat of America.

One thing that certainly will happen is that he is going to upset many, since he made promises to both sides. That is called writing checks your body cannot keep.

Blaming Bush won't wash much longer either as it is all his now. His fellow Democrats set the stage of discord and likewise, they hold congressional power with a near filibuster proof majority in the Senate and they too must decide what they will do with it all.

Stimulus’s will only go so far, with many expecting larger handouts and promises of jobs to rebuild our infrastructure, without any knowledge of where the extra tax dollars will be coming from.

How many generations it will require to correct all the damage that is about to be laid on America over the next 4 years is unknown at this time. But, as the sad reality of how they were lied to sinks in to the Obamobots and they realize that the promises were lies and that they are going to end up much worse off under him, I expect it is going to be ugly in the 2012 elections, if not before.

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Angie Lee said...

They will not see it that way. It will merely be an indicator that he has not had enough time; he had SO much work to do and still more work ahead of him to "fix Bush's mess." About that time, long-term economic effects of Bush policy should be rolling in and he will be glorified (as Clinton was after years of Reaganomics - and as Bush is castigated now for years of Clinton policy). Thanks to the deliberate dummification of America, few have even a basic grasp of concepts of economics; and with the attention span of a sheet of tin foil, they will be easily moved in whatever direction the MSM chooses to shove them.

We have never fully recovered from socialistic policies of FDR, compounded exponentially by creation of generations of welfare families by LBJ, burdened further by Clinton, the effects of ALL administrations worsened or weakened by the Federal Reserve Act - and subsequent pulling of its teeth to protect us as citizens with removal of provisions of Glass-Steagall.

There is no hope for recovery.

We are bankrupt, financially, socially, and morally. Continuing to throw good money after bad will only prolong our collective pain and further ensure the only escape from the bear trap will be by gnawing our own leg off.