Monday, January 26, 2009

Ultimately Distasteful - OPINION

The January 20, 2009, crowning of King Barry (to include collectively the events transpiring throughout the 2008 Presidential race) clearly delineates a pivotal event in the history of the United States of America: The beginning of the end. It mattered not who came out on top, for this country will implode and America as we knew her will cease to exist.

* * * * *

On September 11, 2001, we suffered the worst terrorist strike against the US since Pearl Harbor. Oklahoma City was devastating, to be sure, but it was an attack from within while the events of December 7, 1941, and September 11, 2001, were perpetrated by foreign agents. For a brief, shining moment, we as citizens were witness to the closest drawing together and ultimate unity, in my opinion, any nation has ever experienced. We had within our grasp the opportunity to become one nation under God, indivisible.

We let it slip through our fingers.

The cracks in the facade were readily apparent during the Obama/Clinton battle, but we diligently ignored them, hoping they would go away. Like all cracks that are ignored, though, they soon become fissures; it is only a matter of time before the fissures rupture into a breach, the political and social equivalent of the Teton Dam. Throughout the campaign and throughout the election, we allowed ourselves to be divided from within - by The One - he who claimed to be a uniter, using our own strengths against us as weaknesses and exploiting our weaknesses to his advantage.

Blame It On Bush has been, by far, the most popular event at social gatherings across the country (and abroad), his massive and unforgivable faults detailed in "news" articles speeding across the ether, all around the world. After all, he was in office a mere 8 months the day the Towers fell. Now, I've never planned a terrorist attack, so correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems to me that it would take more than 8 months to plan out such a highly concerted (not to mention devastating) blow to a foreign power, placing its origin within the realm of the Clinton Administration. But blame it on Bush anyhow (like everything else that has befallen our nation the past 8+ years).

Apparently this is far more entertaining than playing American Citizen, that long-forgotten pastime of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and even (though many Democrats will choose to disagree) Ronald Reagan. My guess is that this exercise is boring, while antagonizing and marginalizing or just jumping to conclusions when you DON'T KNOW DIDDLY is much more fun.

My ultimate disgust during the campaign came with a comment directed at me on another blog:
Angie, you are too far right…blind follower..sarah are going back to Canada if you’re Canadian you will like Obama not Sarah..truth is you’re just one of Republican all your leaders…Lies..lies and endless lies…
I chose not to clutter that site's comments section with a rant of my own, since that would be the courteous thing to do and it has become obvious to me that too many liberal followers know nothing of courtesy. Or even how to bother following the link attached to my name to see where I stand or what I am about before making asinine assumptions and generalizations about me.
  1. I am a registered Republican as of 1995. From 1990 to 1995, however, I was registered Democrat. My registration had nothing to do with Sarah Palin. Period.
  2. I have never voted a straight party ticket. EVER. I HAVE crossed party lines to vote for the candidate of my choice, up to and including voting for third-party candidates in 1992, 1996, 2000, and 2004 - every Presidential election I have been eligible to cast a vote in since coming of age in 1990 (with the exception of this year, when I did not vote at all, unable to make it to the township hall due to work).
  3. I take the time to research the candidates, to make an INFORMED CHOICE - not just submitting to herd mentality. That included perusing Mr. Obama's written works, reading about the types of and positions taken on legislation each candidate has been involved in, and looking for "truth" about The Unknown Principal that was Sarah Palin. Based on a lack of ANY coherence in that comment directed at me, I am only able to surmise that the author is - to be as politically incorrect as possible - perhaps mentally retarded. Unfortunately, my position is that NONE of the institutional candidates has been worth a pile of steaming dog poo since 1995. That is why I consistently vote INDEPENDENT.
  4. I have no reason to lie and, in fact, have been turned down for employment, deemed "too open and honest." Yes, I admire Sarah Palin; she was a major force in pulling me closer back toward the political right. However, that admiration does not preclude researching the candidates thoroughly, nor does it mean that I would necessarily have voted for her (since she was on the bottom of the ticket after all; and when I vote, I am actually voting for a panel of electors and not the candidate him/herself, another "tiny" tidbit apparently overlooked). I also admired certain qualities about John McCain, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Ralph Nader, Cynthia McKinney, Bob Barr, and especially Alan Keyes. However, I think I would be removed from the township hall and locked in a softly padded room if I were to try to vote for every candidate I admire.
  5. Are you telling me to leave the country of my birth, banishing me to return from whence I came, simply because I do not agree with you? Yes, my family emigrated to Canada from Germany before finally coming to America a mere four generations ago, but this is MY country every bit as much as it is yours, and you have no right to tell me to leave.
  6. I openly admit that I did not vote for George Bush. Regardless, he was my leader, as he was YOUR leader, even though you may not have voted for him. He was our President and, good or bad, deserves a modicum of respect for the office. Likewise, regardless of a vote cast and irrespective of who won, at a certain point one must accept the fact that the winner is our Chief Executive, for better or worse (a lesson liberals should have learned in 2000 and blatantly ignored) - but I reserve the right to poke as much fun as I see fit as per my rights under the First Amendment. If that is "blindness," I have no desire to "see," thank you very much.
With that, "Sweetie," I leave you with two tidbits to think about, courtesy of the late John Wayne:

"I didn’t vote for him, but he’s my president, and I hope he does a good job." Blind following of King Barry and regurgitation of every bit of garbage cranked out by the MSM over the past 8 years has clouded your judgment, and I believe you (and all liberals) to be inherently incapable of forming an open-minded, rational, and socially responsible ethic such as this. It is only a matter of time before the glimmer and gloss falls from your eyes....

"Life is tough, but it's tougher when you're stupid." I think that pretty much sums it up. How could I ever explain it any better?


Anonymous said...

*Standing ovation*

Angie Lee said...

Ah, you just say that 'cause you love me! So how you like Lew's site? Ain't it awesome?

Anonymous said...

"(Obama) will only be the occupant of the White House for the next 4 years.

He will never be my president and desrves no more of chance that Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush 41 and Bush 43 received."

Lew Waters - 19 January, 2009 23:46

That's a comment from a Republican in denial. Since Barack Obama is the President of the Untied States, I guess Lew is denying his own citizenship for the duration of the Obama Presidency.

It took Bush v. Gore, 9/11, Iraq and Katrina for the young leftists to start the "Not My President!" rhetoric. Lew Waters embraced the leftist youth slogans the day before Obama was sworn in! Funny how that works. Posted at 14 minutes before midnight. LOL.

I look forward to lectures in how to be a good little patriot from a man who renounces his own citizenship when things don't go his way.

Wave that flag!

Anonymous said...

wassup, liberal anonymous? Looks like you can't even post on the right thread.

What happened to "dissent is the truest form of patriotism?" Seems a whole bunch of idiots spewed that tripe for a lot of years.

I guess you think having Obama sitting in the Oval office elevates him above reproach?

Is that all you cowardly liberals have to do now, continue to attack and belittle veterans?

Since you are worried about citizenship, when did you pieces of scum renew yours? Seems all of you renounced yours back in 2001.

LewWaters said...

Impressive, anonymous #1. All that verbage to exhibit what an ass liberals are?

Hey, ya'll set the tone. Ya'll said Bush wasn't your president. Ya'll carried on for 8 years, so sit back and get used to it. Every misstep homey makes we will point out.

BTW, what does your diatribe have to do with Angies post? Slow night at the firehouse?