Monday, February 02, 2009

Vote Gun Control

NOw that we have the dictatorial Democrat control over the nation, you can fully expect more assaults on our second amendment right to protect ourselves by bearing arms, guns to you that haven't read our Bill of Rights.

Wasting no time, HR 45, the "Blair Holt Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009," has already been presented to the House.

Several states are considering Ammunition Serialization acts as well.

For a good look at just who will benefit the most from these reckless acts disarming law-abiding citizens, if they pass, visit the link below (virus free when I last clicked it)


Angie Lee said...

Is this unbelievable or what? Blah blah blah militia, they say - yet they have NO clue what "militia" meant in that day and age (although not far removed from today's, which has been horrendously slandered across the nation and libeled in the media). How can they logically insist the Second Amendment does not protect our right to bear arms as individual citizens, in the context of a "militia" as defined by the Bill of Rights - identified separately from "soldiers"?

Next step? Requiring licensing to parent, so they have control over us, our children, our children's children, and all that we are capable of producing to support an ever-growing police state.

I felt it coming down the pipeline, even months before Barry finalized the purchase of his office; knowing full well the cascading effects their asinine policies will create, I will NOT be caught unprepared. DH and I purchased rifles for hunting and stored essentials (including seeds for gardening) for when the shit hits the fan. It will splatter far and wide.

The masses will riot out of stupidity with the crash, then they will riot for food. I see a concerted effort at population control here; as they loot the last remnants of food from grocery store shelves, unable to hunt (how many deer do you see in, say, downtown Detroit?) or grow it for themselves, they will kill each other off to get what they need. The very young and the very old, the disabled and weak - they will be the first to succumb, unable to fend for themselves or simply annihilated outright for the burden they pose.

Yes, I am a conspiracy theorist, and proud of it. I am also a student of history, and we have seen this movie before, multiple times across multiple cross-sections of recorded history.

Ms Calabaza said...

Have you heard about the camps?

LewWaters said...

Yes, I have heard about the camps and am not too sure just what to think about them yet. I know I'm not all that impressed and the bill allowing them is very vague in parts.

They don't sound good, espeically considering our Troops being trained in Civil Disturbance control.