Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hispanic Bigotry

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I ordinarily do not engage in interblog rivals or even devote bandwidth to pointing out the misgivings of other bloggers, but this is one that I feel must be an exception. Bigotry and hatred, regardless of where it comes from, is a dangerous cancer on our society that must be exposed wherever it rears its ugly face.

Hailing out of Dallas, Texas, we once found a blogsite named Latina Lista claiming “a viewpoint on anything and everything from a Latina perspective.” Her description is very misleading as a careful reading of just the titles of her posts reveals a deep seated hatred and bigoted view of “anything and everything” Republican or conservative. It is not as much a “Latina perspective,” as it is HER perspective against others.

If her perspective were being leveled against Blacks or Hispanics, she would be right alongside David Duke and the Ku Klux Klan. But because she promotes ILLEGAL immigration, she considers herself “enlightened.”

This blogsite is owned and operated by a Marisa Treviño, a self described, “Syndicated journalist and local public radio commentator writing about family, education and other social justice issues for over a decade. Dedicated Latina, playwright, and citizen.

Amongst her “social justice” issues are, Chilean students murdered by radical Republican obsessed over "national political issues", a post on the senseless murder of two Chilean students in Florida by an obviously disturbed person also filled with hate. And what makes him a “Radical Republican” you ask? He volunteered to work in a Republican Campaign office five years earlier and was asked to leave by those same Republicans.

Yet, in Marisa’s eyes, a few days of volunteer campaign work years ago now defines a brutal murderer as a “Radical Republican.”

In this “post,” Ms. Treviño Blatantly states, “People like Lou Dobbs or Rush Limbaugh and those organizations against undocumented immigration who are afforded the privilege of having their own platforms on TV, radio or as newspaper sources have not exercised the kind of self-censorship necessary to prevent inciting people to commit violence against Latinos,” yet provides not a single example of their inciting hatred or violence against anybody.

In another post, I posed a question to her as to how she would label the immigrant who killed a two-year old in a hit and run while high on drugs in Woodburn, Oregon recently, compared to the “Radical Republican” mentioned above.

Her reply revealed her hatred of “anything and everything” Republican even more. In part, she said, “Lew, in my book, there's a difference between someone, no matter how unbalanced, intentionally preys on certain individuals and someone who is under the influence who causes a horrific random death.”

Although she says “There is no excuse for either,” she goes on to say, “So, there's a big difference and if you can't see that, it's because you choose not to see it.

We also see there, Sheriff Arpaio dares Washington to find him guilty of discriminating against Latinos, blasting Mesa, Arizona’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio for having the audacity to enforce and uphold our Immigration Laws!

Supportive commenters are equally hate filled as in the above post, one calling herself “laura” states, “In the case of Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld, international law states that they are to be prosecuted in the International Criminal Court for their war crimes if they are not prosecuted domestically. I believe they will soon be unable to leave the country for fear of arrest.

Apparently unknown to “laura” is that to go down this road of prosecution, she must also call for the surrender of former president B.J. Clinton because Belgrade sentences Clinton for war crimes. Treviño saw fit to block mention of this little matter in her fulminating.

In yet another post, she laments Republican congressmen's threats of revoking protected status of El Salvadoran immigrants are repulsive and demands an apology, pointing out that two Congressmen, Trent Franks (R-Ariz) and Dan Burton (R-Ind) “went on record to say that if FMLN won the election on Sunday it would be very bad for the 2.5 million El Salvadoran immigrants in the United States.”

Totally ignored by Ms. Treviño is that FMLN in El Salvador is in the pocket of and under the influence of Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, an anti-America pro-Marxist leader of that country, who is trying to spread his influence in hopes of being the next great Latino Dictator.

Ms. Treviño made no effort at showing Chavez’s direct influence on El Salvador’s elections, as I tried to point out with Front-runner Mauricio Funes struggles to distance himself from Hugo Chavez, Hugo Chavez Meddling in El Salvador Election, El Salvador's next president will be the ruling party's candidate or a former journalist who could increase ties to Venezuela's Hugo Chávez and More vitriol as election nears in El Salvador.

Throughout her blogsites, Ms. Treviño advocates ignoring and violating our Immigration Laws and allowing free access across our borders to ILLEGAL immigrants, yet also says It's time for Washington to quickly address Mexico's cartel violence in the U.S.

Yet, did she not also blast Mesa, Arizona’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio for addressing such issues?

Treviño’s latest tirade, From Speaker Pelosi to local city leaders, more speaking out in defense of undocumented immigrants, is as revealing as any she posts. She states, “In the past, as of three months ago, it used to be wherever ICE wanted to build an immigrant detention facility, they would encounter some local resistance, but eventually they got their way.” Immediately following that is, “However, there are signs everywhere that people no longer feel pressured to "tow the party line" since the party isn't in power anymore,” an obvious dig at Republicans yet again.

How it is that Republicans alone are responsible for ILLEGAL immigrant detention facilities escapes me, but it is most revealing that Treviño agrees with current Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi that upholding and enforcing our Immigration laws is now “Un-American.”

To me, it is “Un-American” to advocate creating a secondary slave class of people in our country ostensibly to “keep our food costs low.” As communities across America invoke the name of Cesar Chavez to “honor Hispanics,” they ignore just how opposed he was to Illegal Immigration and that his purpose was to create better wage scales and conditions for Farm Workers, directly the opposite of what bigoted people like Marisa Treviño advocate.

Comments from me to Treviño of, “if you advocated changing immigration laws, it would be different. But your position is continually to just ignore those laws. Instead of spreading hatred of Republicans, Marisa, why don't you circulate a petition to place an initiative on the ballot to modify existing law, LEGALLY?,” go unheeded and ignored as she continues in her hate-filled diatribes against enforcing standing laws.

Hatred is an all-consuming thing that eventually eats a person up totally from the inside out. Hatred is as ugly as humans can get. Hatred is of Satanás. Hatred is demoníaco.

Marisa Treviño’s Latina Lista is filled with some of the most unreasoned hate filled words I have ever seen and equates her efforts alongside those of White Supremacists and the Ku Klux Klan and even puts her own mindset on par with that of the “Radical Republican” that brutally murdered those two Chilean Students above.


Sharpshooter said...

every country in the world has the right to regulate who enters its sovereign territory. The USA is no different from any other country when it comes to inligration laws. People who defend the position of unchecked illegal inmigration like Ms. Treviño ignore the obvious fact that our laws have been broken here. Plain and simple. If you enter a country (any country) without legal papers you are breaking the law of that country and should be subject to whatever the law prescribes in that case.
Whe we allow undocumented people to enter our territory, you are running the chance of allowing people in who may have been murderers, child abusers, pedophiles and thieves among the honest ones. There is no way to find out who is who, unless a screening process has taken place prior to being accepted into the country. There has got to be some kind of regulation and control over who enters the country. Just like you would not allow just anyone unknown into your own house, we should not allow anyone who has not passed some kind of control, in order to avoid finding out later that this person was a criminal with a shady and crimimal past.
Why should the USA be singled as a bad society out for enforcing its own inmigration laws is beyond me. There is a great hipocrisy here because Mexico itself has very strict laws on the books concerning inmigrants entering its territory from other Latin American countries, and when they have run afoul of the law and they get caught, they are quickly deported to the respective country of origin.
So the question is: if Mexico deports those who enter its territory illegally, why is the USA being castigated and berated for following our inmigration laws? This is hipocrisy in a grand scale.

LewWaters said...

Sharpshooter, in one post, Treviño argues for America to stop guns flowing across the border. In another she seems to feel it is America's place to fight the drug wars south and north of the border as they spill over.

Yet, she blasts Sheriff Joe Arpaio for holding ILLEGALS for deportation and upholding immigration laws.

As you say, it is impossible to know who is sneaking in and not all are innocent people seeking a better living.

In the meantime, we have American Citizens facing a double digit unemployment rate in many states and she encourages more ILLEGALS coming in taking jobs at sub-standard pay.

Like too many other "bleeding hearts," she just makes no sense at all.

witchywoman said...

Here is comment that did not make it on her blog:

I have come to the conclusion that this is a hate filled and racist blog. All that is ever brought out is that people that don't believe as you do are racists. Nothing could be more wrong.

Common sense says to anyone that when something is left open, (door, banks, medicine, borders, anything) there is someone that will be ready to take advantage of negligence. That is what is happening with out borders.

I am tired of of being called a racist by the people that post on this blog. BUT, I will start pointing to it at every opportunity to show just how racist a group of people can be.

Whatever happens on the borders is going to happen and is a result of negligence on the part of American law enforcement. Negligence for so long and to the degree that people think they have a "right" to enter our country illegally.

Whatever happens I am sure all that post on this blog will be happy to abide by the laws of a country that is worth death in trying to come here, right?

Here is the deal. Whenever someone disagrees with Ms Trevino she allows ridicule and horrible remarks of racism to stand on her site towards those. She critiques her blog and only allows what she would like to see, which is of course her perrogative.

What Ms Trevino fails to realize is that there is a group of Latinos that are not of the same mind as her and her small group of followers.

Her site is so left leaning and jumbled full of nonsensical posts of blanketing all undocumented workers, legal and illegal, as "immigrants".

Calling me a racist and narrow minded does not coincide with what she claims on her site. She claims she is bringing together latinas from around the world to share viewpoints. Well I am a latina too, and my viewpoint is belittled by her faithfull followers.

She is not doing her followers any favors in adapting to the United States with a positive attitude. Rather she has adopted the "victim" mentality that is nourished by the Democratic party. It is sad to see, and any holding on to that mentality will not be able to grow to their fullest potential.

Angie Lee said...

Leave aside the fact that encouraging people to IGNORE immigration laws encourages them to ignore ALL laws - no matter what the scope.

A law is a law is a law. Ignoring one means none is worthy of abiding by and following.

LewWaters said...

What people like Treviño ignore or neglect to find out, is that those of us she calls bigots are some of the very ones encouraging ILLEGALS to become legal or sponsoring immigrants for citizenship.

I am currently sponsoring a Korean for citizenship and work alongside a Guatamalean, who may have been ILLEGAL at one time, but is legal now.

His English is poor, but he is taking classes to improve and I help him with the language, acknowledging to him that our language is a very difficult one.

Both are opposed to ILLEGALS as they are accomplishing citizenship within the structure of our laws.

I consider both my good friends, but to those like Treviño, I am the bad guy because I encourage working within the law and receiving the full protection of that same law.

The Treviño's do more harm to their cause than they could ever imagine.

But, hatred and bigotry always blind those who allow it to infect their souls.

teaparty said...

You present a reasonable critique of an unreasonable blogsite.

Does your final sentence, however, leave reason behind? Does (almost) claiming that the blogger is a murderer not imitate the less-than-responsible allegations which you exposed and deplored in the rantings of Ms. T?

". . . puts her own mindset on par with that of the “Radical Republican” that brutally murdered those two Chilean Students above."

" . . . puts her own mindset on par with that of the “Radical Republican” that brutally murdered those two Chilean Students above."

LewWaters said...

My words were not intended to label her a murderer. They were intended to point out that her hatred could one day, bring on a similar result.

Hatred is ugly and has no limit on where it could eventually lead a person if left unchecked.

witchywoman said...

This was addressed to me:

I'm a Hispanic, patriotic American and I have conservative values but, unlike you, I will not align myself to a political party that has been overtaken by extremists and have declared war on all Hispanics - legal and illegal. You and some of your Republican friends claim they are only against illegal immigrants but the facts are that Republican pundits have been very successful at putting a Hispanic face to the evils of crime, terrorists, drug traffickers, government handout recipients, and border crossers. Your effort to try to sell the Republican Party to Hispanics is a shameless betrayal to yourself, your mother and your father. For my part, I will fight their evil deeds till the day I die. And I will take my revenge where it hurts them most - in the voting booth.

Is revenge a real reason to vote? These posts are allowed to stand.

witchywoman said...

My response:

The Republican party is not the party of extremists. Nobody has declared as you say war on all Hispanics. By saying that, you are trying to vilify a group of people as Marisa says that I am trying to do. Nothing could be more wrong.

I am not trying to sell anything to anyone. All I said is that people should and can think for themselves.

As long as your hatred for the Republican party exists you will be going around in circles wanting illegal immigration and at the same time protection from drug cartel.

I will vote for whomever has my values and best interests at heart. Be that a Democrat or Republican.

I am surprised that Marisa allows such a hate filled posts as yours towards a fellow latina. THIS FOLKS IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO POINT OUT.

No amount of trying to reason with you will make a difference anyway. Go ahead and wallow in the Democratic think of bad us poor you.

Where was my original post to this thread. You can find it at "Right In A Left World" where I posted it.

Freedom of speech, ain't it great? That is why I love America.

Revenge and hatred is not why I vote. I vote for myself, my husband, my children, and my grandchildren, and for the good of our country. Neither Obama nor McCain embodies that.

"Your effort to try to sell the Republican Party to Hispanics is a shameless betrayal to yourself, your mother and your father."