Thursday, March 26, 2009

More Change To Believe?

First we have the cap and trade adding taxes to us. Then we see the want to determine executive pay, repeal bonuses and seize corporations. We also see the call for a Civilian National Defense Course and required service to the state. All move us closer and closer to a Socialist Marxist State. Now we see this report about yet another violation of American freedom & liberty.

Although the Bush Administration was castigated for “secrecy” around this, Obama has tightened the cloak of government secrecy around it claiming authority under B.J. Clinton’s Executive Order 12958 citing “classified in the interest of national security.”

No outrage from those who complained Bush was keeping it secret.

While ostensibly claimed as an “anti-counterfeiting treaty,” the imposition of government and intrusion into our privacy goes much deeper than all the claims made about others violating our rights.

You asked for change and it’s coming, if you don’t wake up soon.


Angie Lee said...

How is it that when it comes to CRAP, our government has feet with wings.... but when it comes to something MEANINGFUL, nothing gets accomplished and stuff sits "in committee" forever, to languish and eventually die?

Is it just me, or is this administration moving faster than any other in history to usurp each and every Constitutional right we have in this nation?

LewWaters said...

Yes, Angie, they are moving at lightening speed to subject us to socialism and usurp the constitution. In all too many ways, they have made our constitution null and void and they haven't slowed down yet.

We are primed for a major blow-up in the country once that little spark is ignited. What it will be, I haven't a clue yet, but more and more people are becoming very agitated with Commissar Obama and his Politburo.