Sunday, March 29, 2009

Reflections On Obama’s “Internet Hooligans”

Andrew Breibart hits the nail square on the head in his Washington Times Op-Ed, Rules for conservative radicals

He brings out how left-winged trolls faithful to "the One" utilize the internet to "spew their talking points to thwart the dissent of the right" and to demoralize us.

Some quotes from his Op-Ed;

"They want to ensure that Pres__ent Obama is not subject to the same coordinated, facts-be-damned, multimedia takedown they employed over eight long years to destroy the presidency - and the humanity - of George W. Bush.

Political leftists play for keeps. They are willing to lie, perform deceptive acts in a coordinated fashion and do so in a wicked way - all in the pursuit of victory. Moral relativism is alive and well in the land of Hope and Change and its Web-savvy youth brigade expresses its "idealism" in a most cynical fashion."

"Obama's vaunted online strategy involved utilizing "Internet trolls" to invade enemy lines under false names and trying to derail discussion."

Jeb Babbin, editor at Human Events said,
"This is nothing more than the Internet version of Soviet disinformation."

Breibart concludes;
"The American right is in a heap of trouble in a media age that doesn't shun the goons and liars that have poisoned the political process and won the American presidency by breaking the rules of fair play. It is time to fight back, but it won't be easy. The enemy is willing to do and say anything in order to win."

Right In A Left World has been fortunate to not have been infected with too many of these “Internet Hooligans” all that often. Still, they sometimes do appear to spew their left-winged talking points and engage in their normal ‘trollology.’ As I have said many times now, we can no longer "play nice" when they are slashing our jugular veins as they do and transforming our beloved country into a cheap imitation of the failed Soviet Union, Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela and any other communist regime out there.

We are losing our freedoms and liberties day by day with Hobama in the White House and those who claim to be the “purveyors of truth,” our own lamestream media, are deeply imbedded in this “Internet Hooligan” conduct in their daily papers and reports.

Even some government officials take extraordinary steps to stifle our dissent, as was seen in a WINK News report out of Ft. Meyers, Florida, where a scheduled ‘Tea Party” has been cancelled due to restrictions placed on it, far different than announced left-winged protests that seem to never endure government restrictions.

It’s time to stand up for America, if you wish your children to have the freedom and liberty you enjoyed. We have to take a stand, much like our forefathers did against King George in the 1700’s.

Oppose these trolls, ferret them out and above all, don’t fall for their lies and deceit.

Take America back and let’s restore our freedoms and liberties.


Ms Calabaza said...


Fox is starting a new website today. I predict it will be huge...There is a silent majority out there that yearns to be heard.

Rightwingsnarkle said...
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LewWaters said...

I haven't heard about Fox's new website. Do you have a link yet?

klatu said...

Lew: The New Fox website is called THE FOX NATION. Its pretty good.