Thursday, April 30, 2009

Democrats Cause Closure of Bend Factory

An article in today's Oregonian under the headline "Bend loses Cessna plant Citing the recession and public anger," admits, "Few could have predicted that fury at Detroit executives for riding private jets would buffet central Oregon's free-falling economy months later."

Bend, Oregon now pays the price for the contrived outrage expressed earlier this year over Detroit Automaker Executives flying into Washington D.C. in private corporate jets fanned by the Obama administration and Democrats.

In January 2009, Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs answered a question on Citigroups cancellation of the purchase of a new airplane that Obama does not think business jets are the "best use of money."

Bend, with the nation's second highest unemployment, 17%, now feels the effect of a "bright and articulate" politician whipping up public furor to build support for his socialist takeover of American Business.

Bend, as well as several other communities, are realizing that elections do have consequences after all and, within the first 100 days.

In the meantime, the administration has no problem panicking Lower Manhattan by sending a VC-45A (a Boeing 747 used for presidential transport) on a low level flight, followed by F-16 Fighters, over New York City for a photo op, at a cost of just under $400,000 in taxpayer money.

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