Sunday, April 12, 2009

Michelle Obama, "America's Top Model?"

After continuing vitriolic smears and attacks on Republican Sarah Palin, especially over claims the RNC spent $150,000 on her wardrobe during the failed campaign of John McCain just last year, we now discover that new First Lady, Michelle Obama has added "a full-time makeup artist to her traveling entourage," becoming the first First Lady to do so.


Unlike the RNC using donated campaign money to dress Sarah Palin, this would be on the taxpayers dime as I am sure the cost is taken out of the First lady's "staff budget."

Not only uncalled for, but wrong, is the articles mention of "It took Laura Bush four years to finally look good. It's taken Michelle Obama two months." Laura Bush exudes class, a natural beauty from the inside.

Is it really necessary to employ a "full time make up artist" for the First Lady?

Is this but another example of the Obama's excesses, as was flying in Pizza Chefs for a luncheon for 140 people?

Why are we being asked to sacrifice while they enjoy such excesses? Shouldn't leaders lead by example?


Angie Lee said...

Come on, Lew. It's gonna take a lot more than a full-time makeup artist to make her look "good."

As for the double standards and two-facedness, it's par for the course from libtards.

And the "First Family" and a whole lotta others are going to be doing a whole lotta belt-tightening themselves when they run what's left of free enterprise in this country OUT of the country and no one has a job to pay the taxes that keep them living in style.

LewWaters said...

Michelle O's ugliness is not external, Angie. It comes from deep inside of her. She is one angry Black Woman who seems to be pissed off she was born Black.

I doubt she ever experienced any of the racism that existed so prevelant long ago.

Make up can't help the inside out ugliness.

As for jobs, once the O's get their commuist nation going, we'll all have jobs, just like every other communist country.

We just won't get paid.

Angie Lee said...

That was kinda my (unelaborated) point about M.O. - that's why it would take a lot more than makeup to make her look good.

You're probably right on the money about that job thing - although I can't help but wonder what they're gonna do with lumps like me that CANNOT slave for the state: Is that what's behind the healthcare initiative, so they can "rid" society of the burden of people like me?

Ms Calabaza said...

I can't understand that anger, ya know? Where in the world, except this country could a minority (only 13.5% of the population) attend ivy league schools, make $300,000 a year and be first lady? Only in this mean awful country . . . You want to see racism? Travel around the world a bit and you will appreciate the USA a great deal more . . .


I will NOT argue, Lew, about the PNW being a Nazified (Even the Jews there) dump; I agree 100% but Earth in general is but the PNW is REALLY awful.