Sunday, April 26, 2009

Obama Doesn’t Let Pending Health Crisis Interfere With Golf Game

As reports of the spreading Swine Flu outbreak fill news channels and the government declares a National Health Emergency, how refreshing that Barack Obama is on top of things, swinging his golf club.

Where is his reassurance to the nation that steps are being made to curtail the outbreak? Or, “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself” speech?

President Bush was continually under fire for not preventing Hurricane Katrina, not usurping Democrats in Louisiana to bring relief to those affected, for reading to children in Florida when the 911 terrorists struck and not being immediately on TV to quell fears and such all throughout his presidency.

Yet, as warnings of a potential pandemic of Swine Flu spreads across our TV screens, Obama chooses to play golf and no outcry over his apparent lack of concern or inability to lead the nation through a potential crisis.

Then again, he may just be really tired from spending all of our hard earned money and pushing for tax increases and firing corporate CEO’s to nationalize business, take over banks, dictate what cars will be built and available for sale and such.

Setting oneself up to be dictator can be tiring, I suppose.

Since the outbreak is mostly in Mexico, where is the sealing of the borders to those entering illegally? Why aren’t flights from Mexico being tested for the flu strain, as other countries have began doing?

The Center For Disease Control tells us it may be too late to contain the flu outbreak.

Americans have been urged to wear masks.

And Barack Obama rides around on a golf cart!


Angie Lee said...

He gives a whole new meaning to the word "audacity," doesn't he?

Ben said...

Neither Shrub nor Hussein could or would do anything effective to stop the swine flue epidemic.

Once it crosses the border its too damn late! It has crossed already. We are behind the fire line and the wind is blowing.

No politician will do anything about the porous border because they all hope to get the Mexican's votes.

Due to the combination of dna from human, porcine & avian variants, I suspect human agency in the creation & propagation of this disease. Proving it is probably impossible, and no politician is about to pursue it anyway.

All we can do is pray that it kills more Liberals than Conservatives.

LewWaters said...

Well, Ben, Bush could not stand and prevent Hurricane Katrina, but that didn't stop the looney left from crying he should have.

Bush was prevented by the Passe Comatitatus act of usurping state powers in the relief effort, but that didn't stop the looney left from crying he should have.

Which is the whole point of this. Why go play golf instead of being a leader and making the appearance to reassure the nation all is being done that can be done, even if a lie, as we know it is?

I am disturbed that flights from Mexico are not being tested for infected persons or carrier of this airborne virus that seems to be rapidly spreading.

I am also disturbed that they still will not seal the borders to make every effort to keep the virus out.

But, my intent is to show how hte left would have castigated Bush for playing gold while subordinates held a press briefing instead of him doing it himself.

El doble estandard?

You betcha!

LewWaters said...

As to "human creation & propagation" of this virus, I do not doubt it for a minute. I find it quite curious how fast DHS came out denying such a possibility.

Ben said...

I ain't seen nor heard the denial yet, but I have no remaining faith in anything the DHS says after that idiotic domestic threat report.

I may be wrong, but I believe it is possible to shed virus particles before showing measurable clinical symptoms.

It ain't necessary to be sick, just infected when you cross the border and you can spread contagion.

The spread has happened already; all efforts will be too little, too late. I heard on the radio that the authorities were aware of this flue variety being rife in Mexico a month ago. That was the time to take action.

Because they are LibTurds, they did not take action when it might have had some benefit.

I recognize and do not deny the double standard. Bitching about Hussein's golf game has no benefits, because he is powerless to stop the epidemic. Being a realist, I prefer to keep the focus on reality: the fact that the Idiots elected a Muslim and a LibTurd last November, now we will all suffer the consequences.

Be careful when voting and make no mistakes! Never vote for a Muslim or a LibTurd!!!

LewWaters said...

It was said in today’s press briefing Administration declares 'emergency'“John Brennan, White House homeland-security adviser, said there is “no evidence whatsoever” of bioterrorism.”

While I agree there is not much he can do about it, I also enjoy rubbing the lefts nose in their own double standard when I can.

Storm'n Norm'n said...

I know this post is mainly about Obama but enough has been mentioned about George W and Katrina that I would offer this one more time (I've said this repeatedly in other emails and such).

When Katrina was crossing the Florida Keys George Bush was on the phone with the Mobile Alabama Emergency Management Agency (EMA).
He, GW, asked where all the emergency supplies were and the Mobile EMA stated the supplies were standing by in Orlando. GW kept in constant contact with the Mobile EMA and when it appeared that Katrina was headed for New Orleans, GW asked that the supplies be moved to Tallahassee...and they were moved immediately. All this time he was in communication with the governor of Louisiana who not once asked for any assistance. GW had the emergency supplies at the ready two or three days prior to Katrina hitting landfall and no one in Louisiana asked for any help even while New Orleans was being whacked! Mobile EMA knew this and provided Ozark, Alabama EMA with the info...
As a member of the Alabama State Defense Force (ALSDF) I got this info first hand...ALSDF assists EMA and provides much needed help in emergency situations.
Also, When George Tenet was on the phone with the governor of Louisiana she was asked if she needed any assistance and she said, "No." while the canals were already compromised and was seen by millions on national television.

LewWaters said...

Bush was falsely accused of being on vacation when Katrina struck and was drug through the mud for that false accusation.

"on Aug. 30, the President began his day in San Diego where he took part in an anniversary observance of V-J Day and visited a Naval hospital. Later he flew to Arizona to speak on medicare; after which he flew to Texas. Throughout the day, the President was kept informed of Katrina developments and made decisions regarding relief efforts."

My whole point is how the left attacked Bush mercilessly when there was nothing more he could have done, but praise Obama who plays golf instead of taking the lead.

The double standard is my entire point in this post.

klatu said...

Yea: If this Swine flu was on President George W. Bush's watch the Liberal Stream Media would be all over him about it.

PS: Storm'n Norm'n, (during Katrina and Now) The only news channel I watch is Foxnews but I definitely switch the channel when Whorealdo and Greta are on and I've added SHEPARD SMITH to this Liberal List Lately. Remember Shepard Smith was all over President Bush during Katrina in 2005 and I believe received an award for his bias. I'm still waiting for Foxnews to drop the Balance and just be Fair of the Fair and Balanced. Foxsnews can do alot better then Shepard, Whorealdo and Greta and maybe Chris Wallace.