Friday, April 17, 2009

Saving the Republic

By Larrey Anderson

"What can we do to win back our country?" Conservatives are asking themselves that question -- with increasing urgency -- every day. They are desperately groping for a way to stop the twin avalanches of deficit spending and socialist programs that are hurtling down and shattering the once great mountain of a free republic that was the United States of America.

Most of the conservative remedies offered to date (including mine) have been specific policy recommendations: cutting taxes, imposing term limits, or reforming entitlement programs.

Something is missing in these propositions. Conservatives have some good suggestions for how to fix our runaway government -- but we have failed to convincingly address the issue of why the government needs to be fixed in the first place.

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Larrey Anderson nails it with this one. It has been often futile trying to explain what conservatives need do to save our Republic, while not exactly explaining WHY we need to do it.

We have for too long allowed our nation to drift away from those sound principles that have stood the test of time and made us the Great nation America is.

Nowhere is this better seen than in the sour grapes of those Democrats who have never gotten over their narrow defeat in the 2000 Presidential Election of George W. Bush, as they now try to dismantle our constitution to favor their re-elections over the will of each individual state by dismantling the Electoral College, handing the selection of our President to the heaviest populated states over all states.

Saving the Republic is an excellent read and one we must learn from.

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klatu said...

This dismantling of the Electoral College needs to be taken seriously and placed firmly around THE NECKS OF every elected Democrat Nation wide, especially that Chavez loving MESSIAH in the Whitehouse and FIREDDDDDDDDDDDDDD.
1994 happened. It can happen again.

2009-2010-2012 LOOKING GOOD

oh and Socialists go after Guns and Socialized Medicine also