Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ships Captain Held Hostage Freed

CNN reporting 3 of the four Pirates are dead, the fourth in custody aboard the USS Bainbridge.

Earlier, Bloomberg reported of negotiations where the Captain, "Richard Phillips and the four pirates holding him would all go free, and a “small” ransom would be paid."

While Obama dodged questions on the situation and sent FBI agents to investigate and negotiate and former candidate John Kerry called for congressional hearings, our Military people got the job done.

Undoubtedly, Obama will now step up and claim all credit.

Regardless, Well Done to our Military.


Pogue Mahogue said...

Obama's not even thinking about taking credit for it at the moment, Lew; that'll come later. Right now he's anxiously awaiting word if any of his extended family members were killed or wounded in the operation.

LewWaters said...

As predicted, unnamed officials wasted no time in giving credit to Obama, Obama twice approved force to rescue hostage

Yet, the same article tells us "White House officials say the Justice Department is looking at evidence and considering whether to file criminal charges against a Somali pirate captured during the standoff."

Ms Calabaza said...

Great post Lew. I think we should hold hearings as per John F*^#-ing Kerry ~ did you know he served in Vietnam? :~)