Saturday, April 18, 2009

Should Michelle Obama Run For President In 2020?

The media fawning over the Obama's reached a ridiculous new height earlier this month as CNN launched an online poll asking Should Michelle Obama Run For President in 2020?

Other than being America's "new Royalty," displacing the Kennedy's temporarily, what experience could she bring to the table to run a country?

Then again, what experience does her husband bring to run the country either?

And, the left had the audacity to call Sarah Palin inexperienced?


klatu said...

I think Michelle Nobama is nothing but another socialist in the mold of Maxine Waters. No wonder the Socialists kept her Mouth under wraps after her (I'm finally proud of America) Comment. The Democrat media would be stupid to put this lady up for President. Michelle is NO Sarah PALIN. As for CNN I haven’t listened to them since 1992. Are they still on the Air?


Kirk T. said...

And all the Lewnies went boohoo. Whats wrong baby, jelious? Michelle Obama has more class and intelligence in her little finger than the whole of the Repubicant party.

Angie Lee said...

Michelle Obama is a bull dyke dressed up in frilly dresses so she can pass as WIFE of the President.

She is a succubus - sucking the life right out of the man.

klatu said...

Abel "ME" Johnson, (who is one in the same) crying cause "IT" can't post at Victoria's site, AND TRYING TO PUT A POSITIVE SPIN ON Michelle My belle who is possibly the worst first lady next to Billary Klinton that America has ever had.

LewWaters said...

MO should stick to what she knows best, preaching hatred of white people and pretending to be classy, which isn't working.

Only the braindead left would even consider her for another TOTUS without an inkling of what she stands for.

Then again, they selected the current TOTUS on the same grounds.

Mini, you fit that description to a 't'

LewWaters said...

BTW, mini, if you honestly think she is so "intelligent," you really should try reading her college thesis. It's so amatuerish, you might make sense of it.

Freddy fetus said...
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LewWaters said...

Spare us all, mini.

Abel Johnson said...

Actually I think the "left" said that Palin wasn't very smart. Or maybe that was the GOP they were referring.

On a lighter note, or at least a bad note for the Oregon GOP, looks like you guys made headlines, again. Talk about intelligence.

Did the GOP in Oregon really send these PSA scripts out to be made

LewWaters said...

mini-abel, why worry about the Oregon GOP and ignore the extraordinary efforts homey has taken to deny any access to his college admission records or birth certificate?

Why not just show them and dispell all the claims of his birth?

BTW, I'm in Washington, remember?

Bill Smith said...


Your post reminded me that it was time for me to drop by and tell an old friend - great job! Between the onslaught of socialism, various political activities & the clean-up from ice storm (still working on it & months to go), I am "dog tired."

But your post lifted my spirits. The recent activities at CNN have evidenced that it is being run by a bunch of loonies. I noted that CNN quick poll yielded a resounding 83% saying "NO." I guess the 17% must have come from her staff, some Daily-Kos kids, and a few nuts (ACORN that is).

My wife said to tell you she read MO thesis and was appalled by its poor quality. She felt that as a professor, I would have failed MO's paper. I started to read it, but my bride of 43 yrs reminded me that I wouldn't have wasted my time reading a former graduate student's paper if it was poorly written and would have either rejected the work after a few pages or failed the student.

I got a kick out of your comment, "I'm in Washington, remember?" I know you are in Washington State. But, a statement like that in the Ozarks might rally some not too happy patriots. By the way, we had over 1500 attend our Ozarks Tea Party.

Best Regards,
Dr. Bill Smith,
Editor, ARRA News Service \
National Political Director, Conservative Solutions "Let's Get This Right"
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LewWaters said...

Thanks for stopping by, Bill. Always great to see you.

Just so you know, the Washington State comment was directed at aomeone from Oregon wanting me to comment on an article about the Oregon GOP.

Your wife is right about MO's thesis. It is poorly written and even MO herself admitted she wasn't the brightest of students, barely squeaking by. If not for her brother and affirmative action, she never would have made it into Princeton.

Portland had their TEA Party th evening of April 15 too and well over 5,000 attended. Here on my side of the river we had a Pork Protest yesterday and had about a thousand or so show up. And of course, the local media mischaracterized it.

In all, people are fired up at what is going on and rapid move to socialism. From what I hear, more than a few have removed the rose colored glasses about who they elected and regret it.

As for me, I too have ben buiser than I like. Work changed our hours to 6:30 AM to 8:30 PM, 3 days a week. At 60, the remaining 4 are spent trying to recuperate from 14 hours a day standing on concrete floors working on car engines and such.

Then, during recuperation, I try to blog, do yard work, keep abreast of party events and meetings, since I'm on the Executive Board in the County and whatever else is on my honey-do list.

Needless to say, I keep busy too.

I'll try to pop over more to your blog as well, as I can.

Jenny said...

Yeah! That's rich, no?