Sunday, April 26, 2009

When Will The Voters...

When will the voters of Massachusetts finally realize they have been taken for a wild ride by Barney Frank, and GET RID OF HIM before he manages to destroy what is left of the United States?

It is utterly unfair that an "elected representative" of Frank's caliber is allowed to lay waste to an entire nation (with a little help from his "friends"), destroying the economic viability of America "from sea to shining sea," yet only those in his (blatantly GERRYMANDERED) district have the power to vote him out of office. There should be recourse available to the residents of the other 49 states who had nothing to do with the drawing of district lines keeping him in an office he should never have occupied (or at least should have been removed from during one of his scandalous "relationships").

He is a rotten apple (one of many in the basket sitting in Washington, DC) and a liar to boot.
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LewWaters said...

When will Americans remove the blinders on these socialist Democrats and actually read or watch what they say?

The media will never report honestly on people like Frank, but with bloggers and You Tube showing what these people really stand for, America has to eventually wake up, don't they?

Sometimes I wonder.