Saturday, May 02, 2009

Left-Winged Students Try To Ambush Condi

Condoleezza Rice, cool as a cucumber, faces a small group of Left-Winged students from Stanford who try to hit her with a series of "difficult" questions about torture, Abu Ghraib, Guantánamo Bay and US foreign policy under George W Bush.

She calmly puts the "pantywaists" in their place.

Partial transcript and story at UK Telegraph. Don't expect to see this on any American Evening News


Ms Calabaza said...

This was great!

Angie Lee said...

I love this gal, and I love how she didn't take any crap. I about busted a gut laughing when she told the little freak to do his homework before posing asinine questions.

Typical libtard mentality, walking in with half the story and "knowing all there is to know," refusing to listen to THE TRUTH.


She's someone I could get behind, should she ever run for POTUS. She's elegant, beautiful inside and out, and she knows how to use the brain God gave her - and I can't see her bowing/scraping, apologizing, lying, snubbing the opposition, sneering and jeering AT AMERICAN CITIZENS (some of whom put that monstrosity in office - I know there were some p-o'd Dems at the TEA parties and expressing their buyer's remorse in other places), doing everything possible to undermine and destroy every American value we've held dear for over 200 years.....

And she does it all WITHOUT a friggin teleprompter!

witchywoman said...

That was really not fair. It is never fair for a Republican woman to debate a Democrat man. This boy learned nothing from the Biden/Palin debates did he?

Plus, everyone knows, Democratic women run things, and have emasculated their men.

Trying to evoke feelings are never a real match when it comes to safety, facts, life and death.

I would really love to see Dr Rice as President Rice, or Palin as President Palin. I would vote for them. Not only that, these two would blow that Obomba teleprompter idiot out of the water.

LewWaters said...

It is unfair for a conservative female like Dr. Rice to go one on one with a liberal. Ten liberals against Dr. Rice is unmatched and easy for her to take advantage of.

But, it is enjoyable to see a liberal college puke standing with egg all over his face after being taken to the woodshed by Ms. Rice.

In a battle of wits, liberals are so unarmed.