Saturday, May 23, 2009

Obama Urges Liberals To Honor Veterans This Memorial Day

In his weekly radio address May 23, 2009, Barack Obama reminded all Americans of Memorial Day and why we have it, to pay homage to those who fought and died to grant us the freedoms and liberties we have long enjoyed.

I find it ironic that he feels the need to remind the country of this as so many of us have been steadfastly supporting and thanking our Troops for a long time now. We have stood behind them and supported them in their mission, even as Obama carefully tried to denigrate their mission while acting as if he really appreciated those same Troops.

In full confidence I say that the vast majority of conservatives have never swayed in our support, while liberals have tried to walk a fine line in claiming they “support the Troops, but not the war,” a canard to make them feel better after the shameful way they treated returning Veterans from Viet Nam years ago.

That leads me to believe this address was directed at his fellow liberals who usually miss no chance to denigrate what our Brave Troops do and stand for.

In his address he said,

Our fighting men and women – and the military families who love them – embody what is best in America. And we have a responsibility to serve all of them as well as they serve all of us.”

Yet, hasn’t it been Obama’s own party who during the past 8 years has used every trick they can muster to minimize their mission, calling it a failure and lost? Is that how Democrats are “responsible” in their homage to our Troops? Comparing them to Nazi’s, accusing them of cold-blooded murder, abuse and being broken?

He also says,
“…we must also do our part, not only as a nation, but as individuals for those Americans who are bearing the burden of wars being fought on our behalf.”

Does that include slashing defense spending while these Brave Troops are fighting a war?

Does that include invalidating their sacrifices by closing down Guantánamo with no feasible plan on what to do with those terrorists held there and considering bringing them into civilian courts where slick ACLU attorney’s will pull every legal trick imaginable to have them exonerated?

Most hypocritical is where he said,
That is what Memorial Day is all about. It is about doing all we can to repay the debt we owe to those men and women who have answered our nation’s call by fighting under its flag. It is about recognizing that we, as a people, did not get here by accident or good fortune alone. It’s about remembering the hard winter of 1776, when our fragile American experiment seemed doomed to fail; and the early battles of 1861 when a union victory was anything but certain; and the summer of 1944, when the fate of a world rested on a perilous landing unlike any ever attempted.”

Yet, he has no qualms highjacking the June 6 D-Day Commemoration to further his own Socialist Healthcare plan.

He is correct when he said,
It is about recognizing that we, as a people, did not get here by accident or good fortune alone.”

Many have sacrificed much and others sacrificed all to give us that freedom and liberty that he slowly is removing. What did he sacrifice?


He served no time in the Military, even during peace. Many of his Cabinet selectees also have never served any time or made sacrifices either. He has sacrificed absolutely nothing to get where he is today and no, I do not believe he arrived there by accident, either.

Obama ended his address with,
And that is a lesson I hope all Americans will carry with them this Memorial Day weekend and beyond.”

Most Americans have been, Mr. Obama. Where have you and the Democrats been these past 7 years we have been at war?

Wasn’t it you who sat in a Church for 20 years listening to a hate-mongering preacher who had no qualms shouting out “Goddamn America?” Oh, that’s right, you never heard any of that.

Hasn’t it been you who aligned yourself with a Domestic Terrorist now teaching college who, on the very day we were attacked savagely by radical Jihadists, had an article published regretting he had not done more bombings in opposition to our Military during Viet Nam?

Wasn’t it you who swore an oath to uphold the United States Constitution, yet refuses to clear up the claim from your own party members and members of your fathers Kenyan family that you were not born in America and may not even be eligible for the office you now hold?

Was it not you, who as a candidate canceled a planned visit with wounded Troops at Landstuhl Army Hospital in Germany when it was learned you could not take your press photographers in with you?

Was it not you who made campaign promises to push off gays on the Military with no regard as to how those who do fighting might take it or feel about it?

Is it not you who is applauding the very leaders who preach hate for America and wish to deny their own citizens the freedoms we hope to continue enjoying?

Was it not you, who as a US Senator, continually referred to the Troops mission as “another tired and failed policy?”

Wasn’t it you who called for a Civilian National Security Force, that's “just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded” as our Military citing, “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we've set?”

Was it not you who once faulted The Warren Supreme Court for its failure to “break free from the essential constraints in the U.S. Constitution and launch a major redistribution of wealth?”

And now, you feel we need reminded to pay respects and homage to those who sacrificed their youth and lives for our freedoms?

Conservatives have been all along and standing up to you liberals who denigrated those very Troops. We don’t need reminded of their sacrifices and in many cases, our own.

That leaves me believing this whole address is intended to remind liberals that they too need to pay respects and put on the front of support, while Obama craftily dismantles our liberties in order to instill his Socialist agenda.

When it comes to “Honor the Service of the Troops and Their Families,” Barack, we have been.

Where were you and your fellow liberals?


witchywoman said...

Hey!! I got a comment! Why do I see this pompous face everywhere I turn???? Are we being run by a dictator? Is this Iraq? Where am I? Is this America? I don't want to see the person who is throwing away my freedoms at every corner.

This guy is running the car companies! He is telling banks how they are supposed to do things. CEO's and execs are not supposed to get paid, no bonus'. Credit Card companies are getting, I think I heard on the radio "fixed". To put it in real English, he is controlling them too.

I refuse to do anything this disgusting excuse for a president says to do. I was an American before he was elected and I will remain an American when he gets voted out. Oh, and I don't have to become a re-born American. What about this President? Can he say the same? I can produce my birth certificate at any moment and PROVE I am an American citizen. What about the elected Socialist Democrat Obamba?

He is nothing more than a facade. He is doing what Saddam Hussein could not do. He is bringing Capital America to its knees. Soon the White House will be running all of the major companies.

He doesn't care about our men in the service. He is merely creating his wonderful PR persona.

He is a true reflection of Hitler.

Taking Issue said...

What an outstanding article Lew! You have captured what so many of us hold as opinion, doesn't matter what part of the country a person lives.

I am so glad others are starting to see this guy is herding us towards totalitarian rule! There is NOTHING about his regime that does not exude totalitarian rule. Nothing!!! He is way past socialism.

Anonymous said...

Don't like his look? Well, get used to it because it's gonna be around for a very LONG time. And then, after him, Hillary or someone else will follow suit and then after her/him, another one of us from the sane America will follow.

I know you can't stand it but tought poopie.. ROFL

Last November we won, you lost, case closed...

LewWaters said...

Don't boast and brag too much about the Socialist Democratik Dicatorship, Raoul. The American people have a very long history of rebellion when their liberties are taken.

Get used to it? People never get used to being enslaved.

Pete said...


"I find it ironic that he feels the need to remind the country of this as so many of us have been steadfastly supporting and thanking our Troops for a long time now."

I find it ironic he bothered. But our troops definitely deserve a Commander in Chief, who is not simply a demagogue

LewWaters said...

It's just for show, Pete. Like Clinton, the Troops will be there for his convenience when he can use them as Bell Hops or other servants.

I wonder how the Military's retention rate will be under this phony puppet?

Pete said...

Lew -

Actually, while Clinton had limited occasion to commit troops he didn't get many military personnel killed other than during the Mogadishu disaster.

I fear this President will make a number of decisions that will ultimately cost a significant number of unnecessary military lives. My suspicion is that O's "nice guy" approach to intelligence and his reluctance to confront adversity, instead relegating it to the UN, will ultimately escalate several emerging conflicts, not to mention the worstening Afganistan situation. Given the UN's past history, we will ultimately be dragged in and probably will end up overextended.

I also suspect that the military will continue to suffer budget setbacks and will ultimately face the prospect of shrinking expenditures, lessening Administration support and will likely be downsized during the next four years unless crisis management dictates otherwise.