Sunday, June 07, 2009

Muslim Protester Crashes Memorial For Pvt. William Long

This woman states over and over how she respects everyone, but did she have the respect to allow people to commemorate the murder of Pvt. William Long without interference?

Fortunately, this woman does not represent mainstream Islam I feel.

One thing I learned many years ago, if you want respect, you have to first give it. Interfering and protesting at a memorial where a United States Soldier was murdered inside America is not the way to gain it.



witchywoman said...

So the NY Slimes and Fox News is owned by Jews?

What a lunatic. What is worse, her antisematism or the media ready to lap up her vomit?

Angie Lee said...

Respect must be EARNED - it is not a right just because one lives and breathes.

How amazing is it, that a massive coordinated effort such as 9/11 (which I would venture to guess took a hell of a lot more than 8 months to plan) fell 8 months into Bush's new administration.... Yet no more attacks occurred - until that "inconvenient" NEXT terrorist attack on American soil (which sure couldn't have taken much planning, to walk up and shoot someone) only took half that time under King Barry?

klatu said...

She was just driving by AAAAAAAAA,
just like the killer of Pvt. William Long, was just driving by.

PS: Great video Lew put it on Victoria's. Hmmm maybe it should be on Foxnews.

LewWaters said...

This woman had no business crashing the memorial. If she really had respect, she would have expressed sorrow that someone claiming to be of her religion committed the murder.

She did not accomplish anything to lessen the distrust between the religions.

Gary Fouse said...


LewWaters said...

Totally disrespectful, Gary.

It isdisgusting that she claims respect for all people, but couldn't show an ounce of common courtesy in regards to this young soldiers murder by one who claims to be her brother.