Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Are Democrats Intentionally Wrecking The Economy?

In 2007, Democrats swept into congressional power on a promise of increasing the minimum wage. They carried out their promise and the increase in minimum wage began in July 2007.

At the time they swept into power, also telling the country just how bad everything under Bush was, unemployment hovered between 4.4% to 4.6%

As the minimum wage increase took effect in July, unemployment began a steady trend of climbing to its current rate of 9.5%

Unemployment rates:

2007: January, 4.6; February, 4.5; March, 4.4; April, 4.5; May, 4.5; June, 4.6; July, 4.7; August, 4.7; September, 4.7; October, 4.8; November, 4.7; December, 4.9;

2008: January, 4.9; February, 4.8; March, 5.1; April, 5.0; May, 5.5; June, 5.6; July, 5.8; August, 6.2; September, 6.2; October, 6.6; November, 6.8; December, 7.2;

2009: January, 7.6; February, 8.1; March, 8.5; April, 8.9; May, 9.4; June, 9.5.

Of course, increasing the minimum wage is not solely responsible for the ever-increasing unemployment, but it must share and accept its portion of the blame.

The meltdown of Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac, triggering massive mortgage failures.

Calling for more and more taxes upon all, but being hidden by calling it only a tax on the wealthy.

Borrowing trillions of dollars from China and Saudi Arabia, while refusing to create jobs and end our dependence on foreign oil.

All and more have contributed to the current economic troubles we face and blaming Bush, while just pushing through more and more Democrat Socialist ideology, just keeps unemployment climbing and shoves the worth of our money further down.

It seems as if this is Obama and his Democrat cabal’s intent.

Obama now says, “The hard truth is that some of the jobs that have been lost in the auto industry and elsewhere won’t be coming back. They are the casualties of a changing economy.”

As one of those “casualties of the changing economy,” I can only say, “go to hell, Obama.”

You and your Democrat cabal continue to wreck the country with your socialism and you look upon us, the hard working Americans, as just “casualties of a changing economy?”

No, we are real flesh and blood people who have worked all of our lives, played by the rules, raised families and some of us fought for our country.

All we have asked in return is the ability of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Under you neo-coms, we no longer have that, but we are just faceless numbers to you.

You are an embarrassment to hard-working Blacks who also work hard and just try to raise their families. You are an embarrassment to the country as the first Black president.

Most of all, you are an embarrassment to yourself as you stumble along without a clue of what you are doing.

America, why do you continue to return these democrat idiots to office?

Are you all just lazy? Or gluttons for punishment?

Boy, do I ever miss George W. Bush.


Angie Lee said...

Maybe it's time for ALL of us to stop what we've been doing (as in working), vote in a 100% Democrat House and Senate, and let them do what they will.... When those of us supporting their unsustainable system are no longer contributing, when all of us are on the dole and no money whatsoever is coming in to the coffers in DC (or anywhere else, for that matter), when they have NO way to pay for ANY of their destructive programs rewarding laziness, incompetence, stupidity, and greed while punishing initiative, self-reliance, and personal responsibility.... Their house of cards will come crashing down because then NO ONE will get a dime - INCLUDING THEM.

There will be no choice then but to acknowledge the truth - that capitalism is not the failure but their policies revolving around socialism and blatant theft.

How does one stop a runaway train?

Only one method works: Derailment.

witchywoman said...

I like your thinking Angie and I agree with you 100%. To do that the nation as a whole will have to be on board.

Just last night I had a job at yet another store that was getting ready to close it's doors. Many overpriced things for the yard. I suppose even the rich don't want to spend $999.00 for four wooden lawn chairs. Could it be that we are almost there and don't know it? Trying to get the rich to fund more and more "programs" through taxes more businesses will have to close their doors.