Monday, July 20, 2009

Funeral Services in Detroit For Michael Jackson Stuffed Animals

I have tried to avoid adding to the nuttiness we have seen engulf the nation after the untimely death of Pop singer, Michael Jackson late last month. But, seeing this one and how ridiculous fans have been just has to be mentioned.

Fans and mourners had left a number of stuffed animals and toys outside of the Motown Historical Museum located in Detroit, Michigan. Someone apparently decided that it would only be fitting to memorialize those stuffed animals with a burial in Woodland park cemetery, who donated two plots for the burial.

A headstone was donated and the stuffed animals were driven to the cemetery in two open hearses, filling both.

Unbelievable is that the hearses received a Police escort, at taxpayer expense!

Detroit is city that currently has some of the worst economic downturn in the nation and highest crime rates. So, instead of protecting the cities citizens, two Police cars were diverted to escort two hearses filled with stuffed animals!

Stuffed animals! Toys!

Debbie Schlussel has 3 news videos up on her site covering the burial and procession.

The Detroit News ran an article criticizing the use of taxpayer paid Police vehicles Saturday, July 18.

Seeing and hearing the gushiness of fans who felt this to be the most appropriate way to handle those stuffed animals left outside of the Motown Historical Museum leaves me wondering about the sanity of some people in the country.

Not only was Michael Jackson just another entertainer, although a popular one, our Soldiers, Sailor, Marines and Airmen sacrificing their lives to protect America barely rate scant mention in the media, where Jackson’s death received weeks of coverage.

What really makes me wonder, though, is that since fans claim Jackson cared so much for children, wouldn’t it have been more fitting to have donated the stuffed animals to abused children, orphans and children’s hospitals to bring a smile to their faces instead of burying them in the ground?


Angie Lee said...

C'mon, Lew. It's Detroit. When was the last time anyone saw anything rational or reasonable come out of that city?

BTW: You catch our unemployment data lately? We're up over 15% now with predictions of hitting 20%.

Great, huh? All the more reason to waste taxpayer money on police escorts for toys.

LewWaters said...

And I thought all the jokes about Detroit were just jokes.

Angie Lee said...

Uh.... nope.

Kilpatrick, Conyers, all the rest of them - they're par for the course, the rule instead of the exception.