Saturday, July 04, 2009

It’s Time To Be America Again

A little over two centuries ago, a young and energetic country was born out of the wilderness of North America. In less than two centuries she grew into a major super power and gave the world that begs for freedom and liberty a beacon of hope.

It never was a perfect country, but one that sought to be the very best that it could be. She had spirit and believed in the innate desire of humans to be free to grow and build on their dreams.

Poor from all over flocked to her shores to take part in the dream of freedom and liberty for all. When she lost direction and denied those freedoms to some, it was corrected and locked doors were opened.

From the cast-offs of every other nation, the non-elite, even the uneducated that thrived on common sense, the mightiest nation the world has ever seen was born. Her might did not come about solely from arms and munitions, but from the heart of the people who settled her. It came as a result of their freedom to build on her and to thrive where so many others before her held their people back, to retain the power in the hands of the elite ruler class.

In fact, the real power of this new nation came from the people to the government, not from the government to the people.

Along the way, though, something happened. Dreams, self determination, reliance on self and looking out for your neighbors took a back seat to easy dependency from the government and not wanting to get involved.

Where dominant political parties came together for the betterment of the country, they now seek only the power of the party over the other.

Where we used to watch movies and our favorite actors and actresses for entertainment, we now look to them to testify before our government and to tell us how to make our lives better, even though they as a class are steeped heavily in divorces, drug abuse, dysfunctional families and most every debauchery known.

Not to mention their livelihood depends on selling fantasy to the public.

I have a big problem with listening to wealthy elitist snobs out of Hollywood complaining about someone else having “more than their fair share.”

We used to not tolerate public officials who violated the public trust or were found to engage in extramarital trysts. Nor did we tolerate those that stole from the people or didn’t pay their share of taxes, while demanding we do.

Today we see elected officials taking extended vacations anywhere in the world and charging us for their pleasures, even though we pay them no less than $175,000 a year and bestow them with generous benefits.

Our Presidents children were considered ‘off-limits’ when it came to political jabs at each other, as was shown in 1950 when President Truman let a critic of his only daughter, Margaret know that he would receive a sound punch in the nose if they ever met.

Today, as we saw during the 2008 campaign season, one candidate’s family was heavily drug through the mud with every mean-spirited nasty utterance her critics could come up with, true or not.

Where the media would exercise self-restraint and avoided such offensive gossip, today they run it as headlines, provided it is against the party they despise. If of the party they support, they oppress negative news.

While humorous jabs and criticisms of politicians has always been our norm, we did not subject them or their families to vitriolic slurs or slanders and would not tolerate “jokes” about one of their teenaged daughters being raped and write it off as “they need to get a thick skin, it was just a joke.”

We did not look upon our Military Service members as ‘cold blooded murderers’ or ‘baby killers,’ but paid them respect and due honors for sacrificing for our freedom and liberty.

That is the America I grew up in. That is the America that led the world towards freedom and liberty for all. That is the America that stood up to tyranny and fought with all she had to help the world end it twice before.

That is the America that today, seems to have been just a dream, unless you lived during those times.

Today, we have a political party that preaches dependency upon them, instead of teaching self-reliance. A party that hands out pittances to minorities in ghettoes instead of encouraging them to take advantage of a free education, to study hard and make something of themselves.

Americans, those who migrated from all over the globe and built this country to her greatness did not rely on government handouts to achieve greatness, they built it with their own two hands.

They planted the farms, built the corporations, did the research and achieved the highest living standard in the history of the world.

None were a success because of handouts from a government.

We now have citizens and officials alike who will tell us what we achieved was wrong and how we took more than our fair share. But, who are they to decide what someone’s “fair share” is?

In the case of politicians, they seem to feel their “fair share” is as much as they can manage to take from us, leaving us with little to provide for our families.

America is on a path of self-destruction and is at risk of being taken over by our former enemies as we continue to borrow trillions of dollars to bailout failing corporations and oppressive labor unions.

As a nation of free and independent people we thrived. We grew strong and prosperous. We opened doors for people that had never been opened before. We set out to win and did not give up or surrender.

We had pride in ourselves without the arrogance seen in our government today.

We can be that people again. We can be a strong beacon of hope for the world again. We can unite and stop the rapid slide into government dependency that is destroying us from within.

We did not get where we used to be by dependence on government handouts, but by our own stubborn self-reliance and determination.

We can stop the hateful words of those that can’t tolerate the greatness we had before or that would stifle dissent and only allow their view to be spoken.

We can demand our paychecks come to us and not go to more government giveaways.

We can elect politicians who will stand up for America’s freedom and our people first.

We can stand up with each other and demand our true constitutional rights be respected and restored.

It can and must be done if we are to retain our freedoms and liberties.

On this 233rd Birthday of our nation, it is time to stand together for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

It is time to be America again!


Angie Lee said...

Well spoken, Lew. Sadly, I think it's going to get far worse before it ever gets better.

Toni said...

Outstanding reminder of who we were/are and where we must go to regain the America we love.

I know that everyone I talk to 'notices' the big FAST changes. Not everyone is inclined to get involved. One even told me to be sure and not include them on any email I send to multiple recipients for fear there is a satellite fixed on me and/or my email and all communication is now being monitored. I chuckled as there are far bigger fish to catch who are making a real dent in the socialist agenda than I.

It is, though, a bit of a commentary on what people are thinking about. They no longer have 'faith' or 'trust' in the government. I am not talking about the black helicopter folk who never trust the government. I am talking those who just a few short months ago really bought into the 'audacity of hope' the 'change now' and the 'yes we can' slogans. They are like deer in headlights right now,CLUELESS. They will actually one day, sooner than later, ask, 'how did we get here?' in all sincerity.

I applaud your keeping America the Beautiful out there!

LewWaters said...

Angie, no doubt it will get much worse before it gets better. It might not even happen in my lifetime.

Toni, the complancency of the American public can never be underestimated.

We are small potatoes but speaking out as many are.

I just don't know what it will take to wake people up from their comfortable slumber.

I just can't imagine my daughters one telling their grandchildren stores of how America once was the land of the free.

Unknown said...

Yeah, it's time to kill a commie for Christ! Let's get started already. Amerika uber alles..
Sieg Heil!

a fellow patriotic nazi

LewWaters said...

Spoken like a true Obama worshipper, Robby.

Ya'll prove everyday how much you actually hate America, as referenced in my post.

Ordinarily I'd delete suh a comemnt, ut I think it important to leave it up and let others see the nature of the Obama people.

Deborah said...

Dittos to you Lew for your comments and your reply to Robby.

tnr said...

Keep up the good fight Lew .
Hopefuly one day , sooner than later the people will wake up and vote for some real change .