Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Move Over Ehren Watada

Ehren Watada, anti-war Lieutenant who became the sweetheart of the left and Bush haters across the nation in 2006 has company.

Army Maj. Stefan Frederick Cook has refused to deploy to Afghanistan now citing reasons of conscience.

His reason of conscience? Since Obama has never released an actual birth certificate to clear up his party’s and families claim that he was born in Kenya, not America, Obama is not the president and cannot legally send any Military on deployment.

I will be watching with great curiosity to see if the anti-war left will side with a refusal of an Army office to deploy under Obama as they did under President Bush.

Of course, Obama could just show his actual birth certificate, but we are still waiting on failed Democrat candidate from 2004, John Kerry, to open his Military records, as promised, to the public.


Ms Calabaza said...

I would love to know if this has ever been truly investigated. If it hasn't, where were the Republican leaders before Obama became POTUS? This man has done more damage to this country in six months than Jimmah did in 4 years. Where is the outrage? Where are our leaders?

LewWaters said...

B HO has never released an actual birth certificate, just a certificate of live birth, which is available to anyone born anywhere.

Many claim it to be a fake.

Banks of attorneys have been employed to prevent anyone from actually seeking birth records from one of he two hospitals claimed to be his birth hospital.

What I find interesting here is the Army seems prepared to just back away from deploying the Major.

Leaves me wondering just how high up the orders came from.