Friday, July 03, 2009

Sarah Palin To Step Down As Alaska’s Governor

Liberals are surely delighted, thinking they won and have forced her out of office, but they will surely be in for a surprise.

Palin Quits as Alaska Governor

After stunning the world and being subjected to a before unheard of vitriolic assault on her person and members of her family, Mrs. Palin announced today that she will step down as governor of Alaska at the end of July, handing the state over to Lt. Governor Sean Parnell.

Seeing how she energized the conservatives in the country, detractors set out on a course of mean-spirited vitriol to destroy the woman, politically if not personally.

In a telephone interview with Fox News, her brother stated that due to an excess of frivolous complaints against her and at great expense, she felt she could not devote the time necessary to properly govern Alaska.

15 ethics complaints have been dismissed, but enemies of Patriotic America will not cease their onslaught of a decent person.

This is the America you voted for, politics of personal destruction on steroids.

Liberals, don’t think for a minute you have won, you haven’t. You have only fired the first volley and we intend to fire back like you have never seen.

Mrs. Palin places her constituents above her goals and places her family’s interests first.

The phony you placed in the White House is ripping he country apart and faces scorn now too.

No more nice stuff!

Like General Yamamoto was credited with saying after the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, you are awakening a sleeping giant, decent hard working Americans who believe in fairness and America, not the socialist hand-outs.

Mrs. Palin may be setting up for a run for President in 2012 and believe you me, she will be a formidable candidate if that is her intent.

Regardless of what RINO’s say, many in America love this lady and even some not so mean hearted liberals see the underhanded destruction wrought against this woman and her family, for no legitimate reason other than the left’s fear of her.

Rejoice if you please, liberals, but don’t be surprised to find her sitting in the White House come January 20, 2013.

America won’t forget your vitriol and as often happens, what goes around, comes around.

Palin announces resignation

Lt. Gov. Response to Palin’s Announcement


Steve said...

I think I shy away from thinking she's going to run for President. I believe that she is well suited to run for Senator though. She would still get to fight for the people of Alaska and she'd be able to help de-corrupt the federal government.

LewWaters said...

Only time will tell, Steve. She's holding her cards close to her chest right now and keeping every one guessing - smart move, I think.

Leftists on Democratic Underground and DailyKOS are absolutely giddy, claiming pending federal indictments and any rumor they can.

In the end, I think that once again, they'll be very disappointed.

Steve said...

Very true. They made entire demographics hate her, and they've finally gotten what they wanted. In the end, I don't think people are going to care whether or not she resigned mid term.
I am certainly going to add a link to your blog on my Blogroll.

LewWaters said...

Like everyoneelse, Steve, we'll just have to wait and see. To me, when she was giving her speech, she sounded a bit angry, but in control.

I'm hoping she comes out in time and begins bitch-slapping all those who decided to destroy her and her family.

The vitriol before and after the election was totally uncalled for and showed nothing but fear of her from the left.

Toni said...

Thumbs up for Gov. Palin! She made a decision that puts her at odds with 'lifers' in the political field. She is living the CHANGE people thought they were getting with Obama. I applaud her her convictions and hope her example will flush out others with similar unquestionable integrity!

I posted at my Independence Day message and included her example in my message. I voted for their ticket but was not a fan of hers. The ordeal with Letterman changed my mind. She stayed on him like a dog on a bone standing her ground for a call to morality! And if I needed a nudge in her direction today's press conference did it. She was historical in her delivery and rationale.

I think she and Michelle Bachmann would be the perfect team 2012!

Thanks for the great write up! I can only imagine what Hannity, O'Reilly and Beck will have to say on Monday about her resignation. :)

Toni said...

PS. I loved the graphic. The little inset with Pres. Reagan lifting a toast to her. Nice touch.

LewWaters said...

I cannot take any credit for the photo, Toni, I stole it, LOL.

But, it is appropriate I feel because she exemplifies what Reagan stood for.

The rumors are still flying today as to why she is resigning and the left is just ecstatic over it, thinking they have won.

No one knows her plans as of yet and with all the vitriol thrown at her and pure unadulterated hate thrown up out of fear of her, an indictment wouldn't surprise me at all.

But, as was seen with Tom DeLay, an indictment is not a conviction and from the left today, is just a tool to remove someone they oppose from relevancy, they think.

In Alaska, it seem one hateful blogger is behind it all and she shows no signs of letting up in her hateful smear campaign.

Linda Kellen Biegel

Perhaps the left would be wise to look south to Honduras. People won't keep it taking it forever.

Angie Lee said...

She has what too many on the left lack, something they despise and attempt to undermine at every turn: Family values (I seem to recall posting about the destruction of the family in their mission to destroy this nation....). I think she did this to protect her family, and that pisses the left off even more.

Bitch-slap. ROFL. Yeah, I'd dig coins out of the couch cushions to pay admission to see THAT!

LewWaters said...

Parts of her announcement semed deliberatley vague, which I feel is good.

I'm sure protecting her family is paramount in her decision, but I just can't help believing we will see a lot from her in the months ahead.

WE'll see, though.

Marsden said...

I'm also wondering why she has the right to simply and quickly resign her position after being chosen by the citizens of Alaska to lead them for four years. I think she should complete her assignment, do her job to the best of her ability and then decide whether to become a candidate for office, any office. I don't think she's being fair to her constituents at all. They elected her for four years not 2.5 years. She should withdraw her resignation and serve Alaska if that is even possible.

LewWaters said...

I'm surprised, Marsden. Haven't ya'll been clamoring for months that she needs to go?

And now, you complain that she will be going?

Of course, if she were simply permitted to do the job she was elected for, I imagine she'd stay.

But that isn't the goal of the left, is it? Hinder her job ability and complain she is ineffective.

But, she threw a wrench in the monkey works, so now, complain that she steps down.

Then agaiin, could a liberal even be a liberal if they didn't have something to complain about?

Marsden said...

"I'm surprised, Marsden. Haven't ya'll been clamoring for months that she needs to go? "

No. The premise of your response is that I clamored for her to go. That is incorrect. You must have me confused with someone else. I did no such thing/

LewWaters said...

My apologies, Marsden. I didn't think you were a Sarah Palin supporter.