Saturday, August 22, 2009

Organizing For America Offends Families Of Troops & Veterans

Saturday August 22, 2009. An announcement in the Thursday, August 20 Columbian caught my eye on Organizing For America, a pro-Obama and decidedly left-winged group, planning on traveling through our county to gather ‘horror stories’ from people with private health insurance, figuring they could shock more people into believing the planned Obama take over of our healthcare and insurance system is best for America.

The group announced plans to gather at Esther Short Park to spread out from there.

Curious as to how they would manage this, my wife and I went down to Esther Short Park to witness the assembling, see what booths they may have set up and to wander through the Saturday Farmers Market held there each weekend.

Although we missed the initial gathering of activists who may have volunteered, we did see that there were not one, but two tables set up by Organizing for America activists.

Bearing in mind that even they have the freedom to spread their malicious lies about Republicans and others opposed to this massive takeover of one sixth of our economy, I especially noted that the sites chosen for both of their tables could not have been more inappropriate or offensive.

If it wasn’t a deliberate act of confrontation to set up where they did, it shows their lack of class and how they don’t care whom they offend to get their way.

The one booth was alongside the booth set up by a brand new chapter being organized for Blue Star Mothers, Moms who have Sons or Daughters who volunteered for our Military and are actively serving America at this time.

That particular booth was almost inactive.

But, nearly directly across the sidewalk from the Blue Star Mothers was an active table of Organizing For America displaying their signs condemning any and every body who doesn’t roll over and play dead to accept this takeover of our healthcare industry.

Most offensive to the Moms manning the Blue Star Mother booth was that Organizing For America chose to put out a sign directly across from their booth saying, “Trillions for Wars and nothing for healthcare?” Of course, this is a blatant lie as we have poured billions of dollars into healthcare and other social programs. But, that doesn't stop Organizing For America in their effort to subjugate us under the rule of Obama.

Offensive because the Moms manning the Blue Star Mothers booth had to look at that sign, with their sons all serving our country today.

These are women who, whether or not they even agree with the war, have sons who are serving in our Military and whose sons either have been to the war or are in training. One Mom I spoke to said her son is currently in Mosul, a hotspot in Iraq and yes, she worries about him every day, like any Mom would.

Blue Star Moms, Stephanie Wesztergom, Donna Eisinger and Crysta Alger look upon offensive sign.

The look on these Moms faces speaks volumes as they have to see that sign, knowing there are people directly across from them that could care less about the safety of their sons fighting for America and who would happily abandon them over there, withdraw all funding that supports and feeds them and divert it to wasteful government giveaways to those not entitled to it here.

And the attitude of the people manning the Organizing For Booth? Happy go lucky, without a care for how their hateful rhetoric may offend those they set up across from.

Organizing For America, have you no shame? Have you no heart? Is converting America to socialism so important to you that basic humanity and thoughtfulness no longer exists in your world?

It seems the only “uniting” your messiah in Washington D.C. encourages is to knuckle under to his dictatorial control.

Shame on you, Organizing for America. You encourage violent acts at townhalls to deny us our free speech. You encourage highjacking of public events to ensure our side doesn’t get heard. You encourage lies about citizens and insurance companies, claiming the wages of top executives is “stealing from healthcare.”

And now, you disparage the families of those serving America and who fight to protect your freedom to spread your filthy lies.

How thoughtless you all have become since aligning with the socialists ruining America and the future of our grandchildren.


Storm'n Norm'n said...

Good post Lew! I was unaware of this faction of the Socialist Party of America...formerly known as the Democratic Party.

SR said...


Seeking Truth said...

OFA does not back Single-Payer for health care as requested by the signs on one table. Wrong group! Also, the Democrats actively work with military families through Blue Star Families. As a Gold Star Mother, I support the right of both groups to be in the park. The Blue Star Mothers could lighten up and tell the others that their children are fighting for the others' rights to free speech.

LewWaters said...

Rosemary, the OFA, or whoever they were, could show a little compassion, or discretion if you will, and not place such a sign directly across from the Blue Star Mothers as well.

Blue Star Mothers are non-partisan, but it doesn't mean they should be subjected to such partisan tactics as having to see such an erroneous sign, which in effect, is a lie that affects their sons & daughters.

My post is not saying that OFA, or whoever the group at the table was, doesn't have the right to be there, but that it is in poor taste to place such a sign directly across from the Blue Star Mothers when they could have just as easily placed it on the other side where they had other signs of disinformation.

Perhaps proponents of this massive takeover of our healthcare system could "lighten up" as well and realize that there are a lot of us who see this as a bad move and pushes us closer to the governmental system many of us fought and lost buddies to years ago.

That being said, as a Veteran myself, you have my sympathies for losing a child.

However, have you any thoughts on the VA under Obama pushing Veterans towards premature 'end of life' decisions with their booklet, "Your Life Your Choice?"

Perhaps there should be more "lightening up" there as well.