Saturday, August 08, 2009

Victim of Union Thug Beating Speaks**More Thuggery in Denver

Kenneth Gladney, the unemployed Black man who was viciously assaulted and beaten by a gang of White SEIU Unions thugs in St. Louis appeared on Fox News with Neil Cavuto to speak of what happened to him.

Fox News Video

Gladney was there just to make some money and receive some information on the issue, as he was undecided on it. But, as has been shown, he had the audacity to step off of massah Obama's plantation and was attacked for expressing his free rights.

Gladney later appeared at the protest outside of SEIU's office in St. Louis.

For all the cries of how it is Republicans organizing to disrupt and drown out others at town halls and elsewhere, proof is surfacing of who actually is orchestrating violence and disruption across the Nation.

Nancy and the Astroturfers

Democrats claim they want a peaceful discourse, yet organize to beat, shout down and insert their selves in front of every honest American displeased with the course the country has taken.

Democrats, STOP THE LIES!

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