Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The Books Your Child Is Expected To Read By Sept. 8

As we all know, the glorious leader has scheduled a nationwide speech to small children on September 8. It is expected that they read some books on the glorious leader prior to his speech.

From the American Independent Party, here are two of those books.


From inside the books:

"When Barack wasn’t studying he liked to jog along the Hudson River. He couldn’t help but notice the river of hurt and hate and history that separated blacks and whites. Being both, he could not take sides. Don’t worry, said Hope. I will be your bridge. In time you will be the bridge for others."

"Here was a man who spoke of “hope” and “change,” whose strong words lifted up the downhearted people and made them believe that the world was not beyond repair."

More quotes from the books are at the link above.

Obama Clock


Angie Lee said...

No, he's not taking sides. He's busy screwing over every American, regardless of color.

LewWaters said...

All except for the socialist elite that he surrounds himself with.

He'll get to tehm later, just like every other tin horn dictator has done.