Sunday, September 06, 2009

Congressman Brian Baird Cheap Shots U.S. Marine At Town Hall

David Hedrick, the U.S. Marine Veteran who made news by confronting Washington State Democratic Representative Brian Baird at an August 18, 2009 Town hall in Vancouver, was fortunate enough to receive a second chance to address our congressman for the 3rd district.

At a town hall event held in Olympia, Washington, Monday evening August 31, Hedrick again confronted the congressman and unfortunately, didn’t do as well this time. From the video below, it would almost appear that Baird was anticipating his question.

As you can see, Hedrick, knowing the congressman carries a small copy of the constitution around in his pocket, asks Baird to read the 10th Amendment from our constitution out loud, which reads, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.”

You can obtain a pocket constitution of your own at

After it was read, Baird, who had already gotten Hedrick to agree that he felt Medicare was also unconstitutional, went on to state that many scholars and others had also read the amendment and was of the opinion it was constitutional for government to give health care. He ended by telling Hedrick “you are not the only one entitled to interpret the constitution.”

Basically, he had Hedrick and was obviously prepared this time. Which is why I find it to be an awfully cheap and uncalled for shot for the congressman to inject what he did at about the 3:23 mark, “I don’t see where in here it says we have a VA health care system.”

How tacky is that for a congressman, who never served a day in the Military, to tell a U.S. Marine Veteran, or even to hint, that the Veterans Health Care initiative is either a free entitlement or something unearned.

As a Viet Nam Veteran, hearing the congressman stoop that low is more than offensive to me.

For the record, congressman Baird, we Veterans have paid for that health care which just a short time ago, your own party was labeling as sub-standard care in the effort to blemish President Bush in any way they could. Many paid for it in blood, sweat and severed limbs.

Those of us not severely disabled due to combat wounds gained protecting your privileged butt, pay for the coverage we receive, in dollars.

While you are off “studying” coral reefs on expensive snorkeling vacation trips, on our dime, we Veterans were standing in Harm’s Way, being shot at and all too many receiving wounds. All for sub-standard pay much less than we could earn as civilians and much, much less than the $175,000 a year salary you congressmen start off at.

In fact, those of us who do face America’s enemies will never see the amount of wages you make in the beginning of your political career if we stay in the Military and retire.

And you begrudge us a health care system that we didn’t ask for, but was made available long before we were born as a way to repay a small portion of the debt we are owed for keeping America safe?

I know the fringe left thinks that system is just a freebie we receive, but it is not. Some Veterans receive substandard care, depending on location and staff. I have been fortunate, but have not had a major problem yet either.

But, to stand up and appeal to the fringe left, who applauded your answer, is beneath the dignity of a sitting United States Representative and elected by the very people you face.

Congressman Baird, you are a disgrace. You cannot wiggle your way out of this, as you did the Ryder Truck comment you made here at the Rotary Club. Kathie Durbin cannot run to the rescue and throw up her smoke screen or claim you were just describing some alleged threat you received.

No sir, you continue to sneer at and offend constituents without a care. You continue to twist words and lie to the public.

We know you have already made up your mind on supporting this massive healthcare take over. Your continual supportive comments and defense of every aspect of it betrays your lies. Your 1996 survey answer stated you supported a Universal Health Care system.

But, throwing the VA Health System in a Veterans face is over the top and offensive.

To quote the recently resigned Democratic ‘Green Czar’ Van Jones, in his earlier description of Republicans, you’re an asshole.


witchywoman said...

Is Brian Baird actually suggesting that for a soldier to have VA health care, which is in no way free by the way, is not constitutional? Does he not know to try and slap one veteran of war, is slapping all Veterans? This angers me to no end.

I will do everything I can to make sure this scumbag does not get elected again. To me he is nothing more than a stinking sack of shit. I can not even come up with ugly enough words to describe his symbolically spitting on a Veteran.

Brian Baird never gave thanks to this young man for serving our country the last time he spoke to him. Now he just invalidated his support for our troops by treating Mr. Hedrick the way he did.

LewWaters said...

Baird had no logical reason to throw out the VA Healthcare reference.

Like most liberals, anything to slap people who disagree with you.

Baird made his point with there are others who interpret the constitution.

Invoking VA Healthcare was a personal slap towards all Veterans and even though Baird never served, he receives much better healthcare and pay than do our Troops who willingly fight our enemies. Baird deserves to be voted out.

We deserve better representation.

He said in 1996 that be supported term limits of 12 years. 2010 is his 12th year in office. Will he remain true to his word and leave?

Don't bank on it. He is enjoying our dime for his own enjoyment too much.