Wednesday, September 09, 2009

David Hedrick ‘Sets The Record Straight’ On Brian Baird

By now nearly every American knows or has heard of the name, David W. Hedrick, the Marine Veteran who confronted Washington States 3rd District Congressman, Brian Baird at our August 18 townhall in Clark County.

The right has embraced his confrontation as representative of our anger and frustration as government moves us further and further away from our constitution.

The left, choosing to ignore the foundations of our country, sees him as a threat and representative of hate and to some, bigotry. They have lashed out at him and those of us who support his “rant,” as our local paper, the Columbian so eloquently put it.

As fate would have it, or maybe a set-up by the Baird camp, David received a second chance to confront the congressman, as I noted in my earlier post, Congressman Brian Baird Cheap Shots U.S. Marine At Town Hall.

It was my pleasant surprise to see that David Hedrick stopped by and left the following comment on my other blog, Clark County Conservative, ‘setting the record straight.’ A comment that I feel deserves to be a post of its own.

There has been some comment about my reaction to Brian Baird’s response to my 10th amendment challenge. Please allow me to set the record straight.

The rules of the event were clear. Audience members who were selected to speak had three minutes to make a statement and/or ask a question. Then Brian Baird had three minutes to respond.

Brian Baird knows that creating a government health care entitlement program has nothing to do with the regulation of commerce between states. If it does, the power of the Federal Government is limitless because it could apply to anything and everything. If this is the case, why did our founders bother writing the rest of the Constitution? The fact is, liberal extremists have been abusing this clause for many years and taking advantage of the apathy of voters and a complicit judiciary. What’s next? Will Brian Baird claim that the second amendment gives us all the right to free ice cream on Thursdays? This would be just as absurd. What’s more, he knows it, but is hoping the average American voter doesn’t.

And yes, he did anticipate my question. In fact, at the beginning of the event, seeing me in the audience Baird pointed to me, made a comment to the moderator and handed him a folded piece of paper. When my number was called and I got up, the moderator said something to Baird and handed him back the piece of paper. This was an obvious signal.

I was also being closely watched by the police at the event. I thought this was strange at the time, but did not find out until last night why. I was notified by a police officer (that I have never met) that local law enforcement had been given my picture and told to keep an eye out for me at the Centralia event. One would assume that Olympia was no different and this explains all of the eyes on me. I am working on getting proof of this out to the media without bringing scrutiny upon the law enforcement officer who did the right thing by notifying me of this.

Since when does a Veteran and American citizen speaking his mind to his elected representative warrant special police scrutiny?

As for my reaction to what Baird said; I didn't intend to show how much I wanted to grab that mike and expose his deception. In a debate, Baird would not get the protections built into the format he designed. Unfortunately, this was not a debate.

Our freedoms guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution will survive the night.

As for this event, the fix was in.

Thank you all for your support and lewwaters for this write-up.

David William Hedrick

There’s not much I can add to that other than to thank David for taking his stand. I do know that he has received some pretty hateful comments and calls from the left and I’m sure threats as well.

Can you imagine the uproar if we conservatives called Democrat commenters in support of this massive healthcare takeover and threatened them or had the scrutinized by police at townhalls?

David says, “Our freedoms guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution will survive the night.” He is right, but only if you take a stand and vote out those who have become comfortable in ‘ruling’ us instead of ‘representing’ us.

David has followed in the finest example set in 2004 by the Swift Boat Veterans and POWs for Truth, who exposed the Democrats presidential candidate, John ‘F’in Kerry for his treasonous activities during Viet Nam. He stood up.

The question now is, will you?

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