Thursday, September 17, 2009

It Isn’t Health Care That Needs Reformed

Obama is dead wrong that the high cost of Health Care is what is causing our deficit to rise and bankrupting people. Reforming health care in America won’t really help many people at all.

Never mind the false horror stories he is telling us, he gets most all of them wrong any way.

What bankrupts America is really younger people being strapped in debt when they are struggling to raise families, build homes, have what their neighbors have and bypass their parents in material gain.

Most of these younger people are healthy, live healthy lifestyles today and have no need for expensive health insurance, except maybe when they are carrying and birthing babies. Usually, that is an expense most of them can handle, what with their higher paying college educated jobs they hold.

These kids begin their child rearing lives deep in debt and that debt they struggle to repay is what is really hurting the American economy, not health care costs. They aren’t in debt to hospitals, but to college’s. College’s they attended to earn their degrees so they could hold a high paying job while raising their families.

If they aren’t paying off that debt to a school, a loan company or some other group, they owe it to government student loans.

Gone are the days they could just walk away from those student loans, the government years ago calling them in and demanding they begin being repaid.

If you remember, during the 2008 campaign, it was Michelle Obama who came out and said her and Barack had just finished paying their student loans from 20 odd years earlier. Surely she wouldn’t lie about that, would she?

Average college tuition today is $35,000 a year and I can assure you that is not for such distinguished institutions such as Yale, Stanford, Harvard and other notable universities.

Many of us older folks don’t even earn that in a year, so we cannot afford to pay our children’s way into college for 4 or more years.

So, where is the cry for placing caps on what college’s charge? Where is the cry that professors earn too much money?

Many full professors earn over $100,000 a year and they do not have to carry malpractice insurance. They don’t get sued if they screw up and educate someone improperly; they just shrug their shoulders and move on to the next unwary class.

And look at these colleges. Do they really need such splendor and surroundings, marble statues; ivy covered walls and pinnacled buildings spread out over an area the size of a city?

And, how many of our tax dollars go to them for research grants? With the amount of money they make, why don’t they pay for it them selves? Why rely on taxpayers for pay for studies that have already reached a conclusion?

Why condemn doctors and hospitals for being profitable, when they turn their profits into better facilities and equipment to help the older folks who need care, but say nothing about colleges and prima donna professors who may earn as much as doctors, be more conceited than doctors and mold our children into adults with values we disagree with?

And for this, our kids may be stuck with $100,000 debt or more for student loans?

Let’s leave our doctors alone and let the hospitals rake in profits.

We need to go after liberal colleges and left-winged professors, the real culprits.

Younger people have a right to a college education, don’t they? They’re entitled to receive the best education without going bankrupt, right?

If medical care is a right, why isn’t a college education? It’s the education that will propel society, not health care. The education is what is used to produce wealth to be redistributed, not health care.

It’s time to refocus this debate, America. Rise up and let’s protest what is really hurting us all, high cost education.

We have a right!

Don't we?

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