Sunday, September 20, 2009

Obama: ACORN Not A Major National Issue

Barack Obama, himself a former ACORN operative, told ABC's 'This Week' that while the video's taken and shown by James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles "was certainly inappropriate and deserves to be investigated," it is not a major national issue he pays much attention to.

Obama said, "Frankly, it's not really something I've followed closely. I didn't even know that ACORN was getting a whole lot of federal money."


Yet, he follows state elections close enough to ask a sitting Black governor to step-aside in favor of a white candidate?


Angie Lee said...

And he didn't know about the TEA parties, and he didn't know about the NYC fly-over, and he didn't know about...

Pretty clueless for the smartest President evah, ain't he?

LewWaters said...

Although I am not a huge fan of Mitt Romney, I have to appreciate what he said recently, "I'll bet you never dreamed you'd look back at Jimmy Carter as the good old days."

Carter very likely will be only the second worst president in history by 2012.

Romney taunts Democrats with memories of Carter

Ron Russell said...

The number of people that are beginning to see the real face behind the mask are increasing and each time Obama opens his mouth the lies and the half-truths continue to flow, but Americans have seen the truth and in the end that will carry the day.

Angie Lee said...


I know I've flogged to death the fact that I'm an independent, but I gotta say the Republican party needs to move "toot-sweet" on getting a viable option out there for the 2012 race. In 3 years' time, the fire under this pot will have burned down to embers and those who might consider abandoning the liberals in DC might become that much more complacent and compliant, accepting with mind-numbing stupidity the corruption that is this current administration and all O! and friends have to offer them (or giving up willingly what remains of freedom and rights in this country).

The course of events of the past couple of months has left me with a feeling of fear (and a bad aftertaste in the mouth) about where this country is headed - rapidly. We no longer have a government of the people, by the people and for the people but of, by and for the political elite. It's only a matter of time before enough people awaken to the reality of what is happening, but by then it could be too late.

Angie Lee said...

BTW: Lew, did you see my news, that I finally had that baby?

Whew. That was a lot of work, too!

LewWaters said...

No, Angie, I missed that, sorry.

Congratulations too.

I hope all went well and you have a beautiful child.

Mike said...

Obama was never a member of acorn. He was director of the DCP (Developing Communities Project), a church-based organization.

LewWaters said...

Sorry, Mike, but who said he was a member of ACORN?

Does the claim of him being "director of the DCP" somehow lessen the corruption seen in ACORN or dismiss the fact that all of a sudden, what with all of the other micro-managing going on, he claims to have known nothing about it?

Mad William Flint said...

Not only a liar but a coward.