Saturday, September 26, 2009

Obama, Recognize Honduras!

Some months ago now, the Honduran government deposed sitting president, Manuel Zelaya under legal steps taken in accord with their constitution.

Hondurans have been standing alone , falsely accused of a military coup, denied travel visas and ostracized by the so-called free world, led by Barrack Hussein Obama, Hugo Chavez and Hillary Clinton.

The trio has shown themselves to be inept at virtually everything but strong-arming people who try to remain free.

The story has slipped off of the front pages as Honduras defied the world and stood firm, clinging to their own constitution and as the country returned to calm after ousted leader Zelaya’s futile efforts to breech the borders and return were publicized and the Honduran Courts refused to reinstall him to power, as called for the inept trio above and recommended by Costa Rican mediator, President Oscar Arias who seemed to be more interested in returning Zelaya to power against the wishes of a majority of Hondurans that solving any crisis.

That peace settling in over Honduras was shattered this week as the ousted Zelaya managed to sneak back into the country, hiding in the trunk of a car and sought refuge in the Brazilian embassy, restarting his call for civil insurrection to reinstate him to power.

He has also become quite delusional claiming that "Israeli mercenaries'' are torturing him with high-frequency radiation. Having to sleep on chairs and suffering from a sore throat due to toxic gases.

I am really disappointed in the Brazilian government for allowing Zelaya to camp out in their embassy and try to plunge the country into civil war just so he may be president for another couple months.

A study directed by the Library of Congress has poured over the Honduran constitution and has now determined “that the dismissal of President Manuel Zelaya of Honduras was legal and in full accordance with the Constitution,” according to an article appearing in the Honduran Diario El Heraldo (in Spanish, English translation HERE)

The full issued by the Library of Congress is available HERE (English)

Of interest in the report released by Rep. Aaron Schock (R. Il) is, “The Congressional Research Service, a nonpartisan agency, concluded that the removal of President Zelaya was constitutional and we must uphold that finding. It is unacceptable that our government try to force Honduras to violate its own constitution by cutting foreign aid.”

The report also says they feel the removal of Zelaya out of the country was unconstitutional and that Zelaya should be allowed to “exit the Brazilian embassy, the Honduran interim government should recognize that his ouster was punishment enough for the steps he took and abandon plans to prosecute and issue a general amnesty for all involved in the recall.”

With Zelaya still calling on insurrection and inciting a civil war, I can’t be positive that would workable and apparently neither is Rep. Schock as he even adds, “[Zelaya] as a private citizen, is entitled to campaign for the candidate of his choice in the upcoming elections, but if it incites violence [he] should be arrested and prosecuted.”

It also would appear that Zelaya is not ready for such an arrangement as he was quoted in a Friday September 25, 2009 UK Telegraph article asking his supporters to continue protesting for his return to office.

Zelaya said, “We urge the resistance to maintain the battle until together, people and president, we achieve the constitutional reforms and the fall of the usurpers.”

What sort of man would be willing to plunge his country into a bloody civil war just so he could sit as president for 2 or 3 months?

Honduras’s interim government, led by Roberto Micheletti is continuing with the scheduled November election in spite of warnings from the Obama regime that they may not recognize the winner of the election.

Such actions will surely plunge Honduras fully into the bloody civil war Obama and Hillary claim they wish to avert.

Obama, it is time for you to step and be a man. It is time for you to stand for law & order. It is time for you to take the necessary steps to avert a bloody civil war in Honduras and recognize the interim government as the legal government of the country and accept the results of the citizen’s vote.

Obama has already abdicated the title of leader of the free world to Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu.

What more must be lost as he works to turn the whole world into a false socialist utopia?

Recognize Honduras, Obama. Salvage what little is left of your credibility with the free world.

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